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While I'm not really fanning, I've been enjoying this season of Supernatural - angels in trenchcoats are a major button for me, so the increased Castiel presence is much appreciated, and otherwise the show seems determined to not so much jump the shark as pole-vault over it with a rocket pack, which is if nothing else entertaining - better a bang than a whimper, no?

Concerning the latest episode, 5x09: I had issues with it, but they were all canceled out by the "we're partners," which, I don't care if it was a poke at slash played entirely for laughs, it was still awesome - non-stereotypical gay characters who actually survive the episode! You go, show! And that also answered my biggest question, which was why the heck would a SPN convention be attended mostly by guys? Obviously within the SPN universe, the book fandom - or at least the part of the fandom which organized the convention - is primarily gay men. Shame we couldn't have seen some of the other panels...

And then there was the new Doctor Who, "Waters of Mars"...

[spoiler space]



The ep itself was entertaining, if a bit "more of the same". Yes, we know, the time-space continuum needs a general warning label: COMPANION-LESS DOCTOR: APOLOGIES, YOU VERY LIKELY ARE BONED.

Gah, though, does Ten hurt pretty. And there is nothing quite like David Tennant when he pulls out all the angst-stops.

And coming soon...the Christmas special.

I thought I was ready. I'm honestly very curious about where the series is going to go, and despite my trepidations re: actor choices and writer control, I'm looking forward to the next season. But David Tennant is my Doctor, and the closer we get to the Christmas special, the more I become aware that I am going to bawl when I finally have to say goodbye.

The one thing that gives me hope is Donna. Because if the special fixes her, then whatever else happens, it's worth it. Give my favoritest Companion the future she deserves, and all is forgiven - O PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE~~!

(more Simm!Master is not exactly going to hurt, either. Especially since I've now seen Life on Mars and am looking forward to the brain-break.)
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