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Regarding SPN 5x12 and 5x13:

5x12: a criminal waste of a good body swap. Phooey.

5x13: DANGIT SHOW, why'd you have to go and do that? I liked Anna, quite a lot - rebellious angels of all stripes are a major draw for me. Having her go evil (and stupidly evil no less - she actually achieved her objective, she killed Sam, and then rather than go and immediately scatter his atoms across the cosmos - back in time, no less, it probably would've taken some effort to straighten that out - she continued to go for the brutal murder. ARGH.) and then get killed is just annoying.

I also believe this means that every single female character who appeared in more than two episodes is now dead. Seriously, show, the hell? Even Castiel h/c can't make up for that.

(not to say that I didn't enjoy those bits. But I would've enjoyed them a lot more in a different context.)

Also finished s4 Buffy/s1 Angel. Yay friendship! Yay h/c! Yay Spike in tweed on a swingset! (Joss Whedon is a Twin Peaks/David Lynch fan, y/y?)
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