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So, according to the most recent update, the seiyuu (VAs) for the Supernatural anime will be the same as the Japanese dub of the show - Uchida Yuuya as Sam, Touchi Hiroki as Dean. I'm only passing familiar with either of them - you can hear their dubbing in this vid, starting around 7:40. Dean's voice is not quite what I would've expected and Sam sounds like such an uke, but I think they could both work out.

...Of course what I'm really hoping this means is that if/when they do get to Castiel (the first run of eps is only going to covers seasons 1-2, but if it does well they'll likely do more) they'll keep his dub voice - can't embed this vid, but listen to it here.

(That's one of my favorite seiyuu, Tsuda Kenjirou. As I coincidentally was just talking about, Tsuda's voice is the sex. He's perfect for Castiel, just the right balance of controlled reserve and arrogance, with a touch of vulnerability. Also did I mention the sex?)

ETA: (And Cas uses "watashi," of course. Mmmm, somehow guys using "watashi" always sounds way hot to me...)
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