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Okay, so I've been watching Supernatural since its first season. For the first couple of seasons I was there for the pretty boys and brotherly h/c, but for years now I've been into it for the trainwreck factor, as the show doesn't so much go off the rails as blow them up, with big sticks of dynamite, twirling its metaphorical mustache as it pushes the plunger to send everything spiraling down into the abyss. It's bad, is what I'm saying, on nearly any axis of bad; and I laugh when I watch it, in between fits of screaming OH JOHN RINGO NO.

As of this last episode, though, I'm starting to suspect that the showrunners themselves are not only out to make bad TV but are actually intentionally trying to kill the show off, in a brutal and sickening way. Or maybe that was just the episode? Because, all jokes aside, what the everloving fuck, show.

When I said, "Oh, Dean gets to stab Jewel Staite!" I WAS FUCKING KIDDING.

...Yeah. Jewel Staite. Was on Supernatural, playing the monster of a week. Who is also a sweet single mom who gets stabbed by Dean, while she is begging him to spare her (because the killing she did was to save her young son's life.) Oh, and did I mention she was going by the name "Amy Pond"?


It's almost brilliant in how horrifically wrong it is. Not satisfied with killing off every single female character who's ever appeared in more than a single ep, now they are actually going out and finding beloved female characters in other properties to kill off, too. It's just. Wow.

I'm seriously wondering if the game plan is that by the end of this season the Winchesters are the monsters everyone is hunting down. (Crowley gets together a heroic gang of past monsters resurrected from Purgatory, and they save the world from Dean?) Because by now? I would genuinely enjoy that!
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