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From the Ground Up (157104 words) by Xparrot
Chapters: 32/32
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Carlos/Cecil Palmer
Characters: Carlos (Welcome to Night Vale), Dana (Welcome to Night Vale), Original Strex Characters, Kevin (Welcome to Night Vale), Cecil Palmer
Additional Tags: Drama, Angst, Drugs, Dystopia, Strexcorp, Present Tense, Memory Alteration, Canon Divergence

"The colloquial name is bloodstone," says the man from StrexCorp's Acquisitions division. "Heard of them?"

Carlos shakes his head. "No, but I'm not a minerologist. Are you certain this wasn't intended for the geology department?"


Carlos is a loyal company employee, who has never been to any place called Night Vale and never met anyone named Cecil…which doesn’t explain the mysterious woman appearing in his lab, or these dreams he’s started having…

Longest fic I've ever written; it beat the Loki fic by a good 10K words, and took twice as long to write. For the record, I hold [livejournal.com profile] gnine entirely responsible for this; she refused to read any of my WTNV fic (she liked the show fine but it was a bit too surreal for her to get into the fic) and thus I was deprived my primary plotting partner, which meant the plot spiraled to ridiculous bulk and I was constantly writing myself into corners. I don't know if I've ever rewritten any story as much as this one; I think it shows, though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing? There were several scenes I made stronger, but then I would lose patience with the editing after I'd spent so much time on them. And without any beta'ing I fear my sentences ran on and on and on, as is their wont (curse the irresistible allure of the semicolon...)

On the other hand, I've gotten some amazing comments, some of the best I've gotten on AO3. The fandom's dwindled to lesser-medium by now, and even if most of the people who were reading the fic when I started posting, have drifted by now, WTNV's still got some dedicated fans. For all the tension on Tumblr, just about everyone I've seen on AO3 has been great. I'm pretty much out of the fandom myself now (...I haven't actually listened to a full episode in nearly a year...) but it's been one of my longer lasting, and I've had a lot of fun with it. The surreally fluid canon just allows for so much room to play. ...Actually, according to my stats, I've written more words for WTNV than any other fandom (the majority in this fic.) Wow, how'd that happen? (Don't kill me, [livejournal.com profile] gnine! *hides*)

Now it's time for the regular sit-here-and-compulsively-check-email-for-comments-as-I-stress-about-everybody-hating-the-ending! (I can't be the only one who finds posting final chapters stressful...)

--I got a comment! They liked it! \o/
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