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Finished watching the new Netflix series last night. Short reaction: am surprised how much I liked it considering it was way darker and more violent than what I generally go for.

Long reaction - the reason I enjoyed it so much was because unlike a lot of grimdark gritty shows, most of the main characters managed to stay likable. Even when they were going through horrible things or forced to do horrible things (not just by Kilgrave but by circumstance), they didn't lose their humanity. Or their senses of humor, and the moments of unexpected comedy were some of the best parts, kept everything from being so relentlessly awful that it became painful to watch. A lot of that was thanks to Krysten Ritter's performance, she's fantastic, just the right combination of snarky hard-boiled PI and angst-ridden superhero.

And a lot was thanks to the villain. Kilgrave is so morally pitch-black that almost anyone else looks bright against him. David Tennant did a great job with the character, reining him in more often than not, which made him more frightening because it kept him just on the side of believable. He's one of the scariest will-controllers I've seen in anything (the only one I can think of who gives him a run for his money is Legato Bluesummers from Trigun, but you don't see as much of the aftermath of Legato's power.) As a villain he's really in the force-of-nature, act-of-god category - you can't reason with him, ending him is the only option. I like natural disaster stories, everyone united against a common force of destruction, and a lot of Jessica Jones plays out like that, only times a million in the psychological trauma.

I love most of the characters who were united by him - or before; Jessica and Trish's relationship was one of my favorite things about the show (I was so worried Trish wasn't going to make it, and so happy she did - though no surprise, she's like the most competent person in the show. Her handling of Simpson once he goes on the red pills and off the rails was just amazing, and the end of course.) Also I did not call Simpson becoming a major character - and maybe a villain later, depending on where these series goes? The series was great at unexpected twists - Malcolm's evolution into Jessica's much-needed sidekick was just awww, and yeah, never would've guessed that from his introduction.

And I really like Luke Cage (he was one of the reasons I've been looking forward to the show; after watching Mike Colter on The Good Wife for years I am so excited to see him playing a good guy.) I enjoyed his chemistry with Jessica, want to know where the relationship is going - especially as at the end we don't actually know how he feels about her, since for their last interactions he was Kilgrave'd. He clearly cares about her still given what he said when he woke up, but has he forgiven her yet? And will she ever be able to bear hearing him say that he does, given how Kilgrave twisted that?

Am not sure how I feel about Luke's wife's murder. The fridging is so annoyingly cliche (and I don't really want Luke Cage's series to be all about that and from this it seems like it might be.) On the other hand, I liked...or, not liked, but appreciated? that her death was Jessica's catalyst, and her greatest pain - as opposed to Kilgrave's sexual violation, because there are a lot of stories that pose rape as the worst thing that can happen to a woman, and while that was clearly part of Jessica's trauma, it wasn't the main portion of it. I'm also curious what exactly Luke Cage's wife was researching, and why - something related to Luke's powers, or something else?

There were a few details of Kilgrave's powers that I was curious about...the biggest one being, if you can't hear or understand his commands, can he force you to do anything? It seems like he doesn't have to verbalize everything - like, you rarely hear him tell anyone "don't hurt me" but it seems like that's a default for everyone with him. But if you don't understand English, can he command you? Or if you can't hear him at all? It wasn't until the last episode that Trish actually went in with headphones, which I'd been thinking about since the second or third ep, and it seemed like they worked. And are deaf people immune?

Am debating watching Daredevil now (I was avoiding it due to the violence - but I managed to get through JJ by strategically covering my eyes, so maybe I can do the same for DD...)
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