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Just finished catching up with Steven Universe, after [livejournal.com profile] naye and [livejournal.com profile] doctorskuld introduced us when they were visiting (for far too short a time, siiigh!)

I feel sorry for the kids growing up on this. Anyone who sees SU as one of their first formative TV shows is going to have far too high standards to enjoy most adult TV - they'll be expecting thoughtful, consistent world building, with coherent character development and nuanced conflicts with satisfying resolution. It's setting them up for a lifetime of entertainment disappointment (or else, [livejournal.com profile] gnine and the bro argue, it will lead to a demand for better TV writing...)

Seriously though, great stuff, and I love how much pleasure the show takes in being a kid's cartoon, in telling its story in that format.

I love how there's at least one person on the writing team who clearly loves DBZ and thought fusion was the most interesting thing about the story, but realized it was criminally underused and dedicated themselves to fixing that. Garnet was my favorite even before the first season finale reveal, which was just WOW *___* I love reveals that are carefully laid out such that when you get them it makes everything make more sense, and yet you don't see them coming. --Or at least none of us did, even though it explains half the mysteries, like why there are 5 gems in the star and Garnet's size. And everything about fusion, and what it means to gemkind, and how it's an analogue for sex and children and can be used to explore those themes in a children's show without being directly either, and how Garnet feels about it...I love a lot of things about the show, from the slowly uncovered explanations of gemkind, to getting all these different female characters (and female bodytypes!) in a cartoon, to how surprisingly likable and understandable Greg Universe becomes as you get to know him - but what they're doing with fusion, that element is just, ahhh, it satisfies me deep in my fangirl soul.
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