Aug. 24th, 2007

xparrot: Chopper reading (supernatural everything)
[ profile] naye just posted this link; it's a month old and I'd heard some of it before, but this was my first time reading it:
Eric Kripke and the Fannish Concerns: "We Won't Be One Tree Hill with Monsters!" [warning: contains spoilers], in which he proves himself to be a ginormous adorable X-files/LotR/Buffy-referencing fangirl fanboy, and states outright why Supernatural rocks:

"But the difference between us and other shows is when they make missteps, they say, 'Go f--- yourself.' When we make missteps, we pay attention to the fans and we course-correct. So, fans, I love you all, but stop worrying. "

Judging by Jo last season, this is actually true. If anything the show is too fan-conscious, really; it panders to fangirls at the expense of plot, storyline elaboration sacrificed for a few more minutes of aaaaangst. But hey, I'm all for a little pandering! I didn't sign onto SPN for the plot, and as long as all shows don't start doing it I'm tickled having a weekly filmed fanfic.

As for the spoilers regarding the next season, is it bad that my first thought which is cut because it's spoilerific )

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