May. 25th, 2015

xparrot: Chopper reading (books)
Playing/replaying Mass Effect got [ profile] gnine and I in the mood for more space opera. So instead of watching all the anime and other shows we were intending to catch up on while we were together, we found ourselves rewatching Babylon 5 instead.

I was going to write a long rambling thing here on how B5 remains one of my favorite shows ever, but then I got sidetracked watching bloopers on youtube, and, well...out of everything I love, Londo and G'Kar are still and always the best thing in the show. Their performances are simultaneously completely over the top and yet spine-tinglingly nuanced; they have lines that give you chills, or reduce you to tears of hysterical laughter. And whenever they're together that impact is squared, the characters' relationship is so complicated, and the actors have so much chemistry...

...and then you have this outtake, and just, I can't even. "Great Maker, your eye...I have smuggled in some Wheat Thins for you. Wait, wait--and a banana!"

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