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[livejournal.com profile] naye just posted this link; it's a month old and I'd heard some of it before, but this was my first time reading it:
Eric Kripke and the Fannish Concerns: "We Won't Be One Tree Hill with Monsters!" [warning: contains spoilers], in which he proves himself to be a ginormous adorable X-files/LotR/Buffy-referencing fangirl fanboy, and states outright why Supernatural rocks:

"But the difference between us and other shows is when they make missteps, they say, 'Go f--- yourself.' When we make missteps, we pay attention to the fans and we course-correct. So, fans, I love you all, but stop worrying. "

Judging by Jo last season, this is actually true. If anything the show is too fan-conscious, really; it panders to fangirls at the expense of plot, storyline elaboration sacrificed for a few more minutes of aaaaangst. But hey, I'm all for a little pandering! I didn't sign onto SPN for the plot, and as long as all shows don't start doing it I'm tickled having a weekly filmed fanfic.

As for the spoilers regarding the next season, is it bad that my first thought upon hearing there were two sexy new chicks coming, was starting the countdown to the femmeslash? One new girl is pairing-peril...two is fannish opportunity!
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