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SPN 2x22 - short reaction: O.M.G. I LOVE MY SHOW.

Long reaction: )

It's good I have SPN. It washes out the taste of SV.

Finale spoilers. Bitter finale spoilers. )


May. 11th, 2007 11:31 pm
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The non-spoilerery reaction to SPN "All Hell Breaks Loose Pt.1":


(--and it doesn't count! not if he's--because--argh! AHHHH!!)

And now a few comments on Smallville 6x21 "Prototype" from [livejournal.com profile] gnine and myself:

spoilerish )
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Firstly, there was Supernatural 2x20 breaking our hearts. squee for the camera )

Then, Smallville 6x20, which should have come with a surgeon general's warning, because everyone was smokin'. Literally, in some cases... )
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SPN 2x19 was terrific fun as always. We caught John Shiban's writing credit at the beginning so didn't bother watching for plotholes, just enjoyed the ep. Loved Dean especially, fitting into the prison environment so uncomfortably easily, so determined to do the job. Sam questions the merit of helping convicted criminals at such risk to themselves, but Dean is blind to human evil, except when it's directly targeting his family. As far as he's concerned, it's Us vs Them, and while he's relentless and ruthless in his pursuit of Them, when it comes to Us he is solidarity all the way. If Agent Hendricks was in danger from a ghost, Dean might bitch about it, but he'd save him in an instant without hesitation. The only exception are people who are deliberately using ghosts/spells/etc.; they're siding with Them. (And folks who go after Sam, naturally!) Everyone else in the human race is part of Dean's extended family, and gets the protection that implies.

Of course the other reason the plotholes didn't bother me is because after a steady diet of Smallville, I'm becoming inured against the common garden variety of logical inconsistency. SV doesn't so much have 'plot holes' as it has 'a few tightrope strands of plot suspended swaying over the void'. Which doesn't mean that "Nemesis" wasn't awesome.

Not that I liked it unreservedly. Spoilers for SV 6x19 )
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Scrubs is batting two for two. Hysterical to heart-touching in zero point five seconds. Cox/Jordan is one of my very favorite het pairs ever. Just, aww. In their own special ex-spouses way. Also the football group guy-lie slayed me.

Supernatural "Heart" was...well, first of all, it was crossover central. SG-1's Dr. Frasier didn't actually die, she moved to San Francisco and became a mortician! And Lex's not-so-dearly departed ex-wife Helen, oh we did wonder about her - she in fact survived jumping out of the plane, also moved to San Fran, became a...an executive assistant, and got it on with a junior ghostbuster!

Speaking of which, I am calling for a new law to be passed. Specifically the Jared Padalecki Enforced Barechestedness Act, which would make it illegal for Sam Winchester to wear a shirt. Covering up that body? Ought to be a felony. Yow. Holy guacamole. Bringing it out only once a season is not fair!

One issue I had with the episode (fully accepting that this is SPN and I have no right to expect the plot to make sense, and I promise not to harp too much on you, dear show, because you will always and forever deliver us the angst - if not the hugs - but still): spoilers )

And last but not least, Smallville "Combat". Was so very terrifically much better than last week's. Considering it was a pro-fighting/wrestling ep, I should not be saying this. But seriously. Tom Welling looking gorgeous in black leather, getting artfully bloodied by a super-powered bruiser for like 10 minutes? They could have had this be the whole ep - heck, the whole show, and dude, I would so watch. Especially if you made the bald guy he was fighting Lex! Also in black leather! --Oh wait, they have. Hee. Hey, there's a reason I liked "Zod" (even if that battle is far too short. The fight choreography on this show...rather sucks. Either that or I'm spoiled by too much shounen.)

spoilers regarding Lex and his spawn, and 33.1 )
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Non-spoilers: Scrubs just felt good and comfortable and like a regular ep; the last couple have been inhaling from the crack-pipe a bit but this one had the right balance of LOLs and aww.

SPN "Roadkill" also made me aww, in a 'oh, show, you're so cute when you're being obvious' way. (They gotta watch those 'previouslys,' they keep giving stuff away...) Also I <3 Tricia Helfer, though I love her more when she's bleached and crazy-hot with Baltar.

And then there was Smallville "Promise." okay, here's the spoilers. Also some rage. It sort of is self-generating the more I think on the ep. )
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Supernatural? Is totally screwing with my head. They know I just got into Scrubs. They know.

spoilers for SPN 2x15 )

Smallville 2x15, meanwhile, was regrettably un-Clexy. Though I have to say, evil!Lex is smokin'. Otherwise - again, I don't watch most Lana scenes, so maybe that's why most of the ep didn't make sense to me. Does anybody know spoilers )
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So, Supernatural 2x14 leaves me with nothing to say. (And anything I would say, [livejournal.com profile] astolat has already said, at eloquent length.) Just. Fanfic, people. I know I've said it before, but yes. I don't see how there can even be fic for this show that isn't Wincest or AU or something, because if what you've written is a decently spooky gen story, true to canon but with quadruple the normal expected levels of classic angst and brotherly smarm, then you're probably actually a writer on the show and have just forgotten. In case you were wondering why CW keeps sending you checks in the mail.

(I also have to note that I liked Jo in this ep. little bit of spoilers )

Then there's my all-[livejournal.com profile] naye's-fault latest habit, Scrubs, which is just, gah. Good. So good. Not only is it clever and funny and touching and surreal and oh, yes, funny, but it joins the short list of TV shows that have actually made me cry, not just a little moisture in my eyes but genuine pull-the-blanket-over-my-head tears. It's the comedies. They always get me because they catch me off-guard. Dramas, I'm ready for--and Scrubs goes dramatic enough I should have been braced, should have seen it coming, but--the ep is 3x14, spoilers, in case there's another poor deprived soul like me who hasn't been enjoying this show for years. )

And last but not least, special mention to Smallville 6x14, because ladies and gents, the HoYay has returned. In all honesty I can't tell you about most of the ep, as it was Lana-focused and thus, per our honor code, we didn't watch most of it. (Though I'm seriously starting to wonder if they actually are going to make her an obsession-inspiring krypto-freak, the number of guys she's turned dark-side for "love" of her is becoming alarming...) But that doesn't matter. All that matters is the final scene, because bitter snarky Clex - is still Clex. And that scene was Clex like first season Clex was Clex. Seriously - the gay, he is back )
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Watched Smallville. Watched the whole episode. I believe this is the first episode of this show I have watched straight through with no fastforwarding. Entirely not coincidentally, this is the first episode with no Lana whatsoever! Anyway, it was fun. Not so fun as to get me regularly watching the show, but fun. I love Lex, and I love evil, so, yeah, great tastes that taste great together. The ponytail line killed me.

Except that it's also sad, because we've been watching first and second season SV lately. And TPTB made this tactical error with Lex. Now, Lex (other than the movie interpretations) has always been the coolest of the cool, the most kick-ass supervillain, because he's ruthlessly ambitious enough to do anything and brilliant enough to be able to do it. He's got brains, wealth, power, and charisma, and Smallville went and gave him the one thing he was lacking, which was The Sexy. Bald is beautiful: Smallville's Lex can seduce the white off a cue ball. And that's cool. The appeal of Hot Evil is something anime cottoned onto a while ago and it's always been a matter of great regret that Hollywood is behind on that particular curve.

But Smallville didn't stop there. Nor did Smallville stop with the one-time melodrama of Superboy and Lex Luthor's broken friendship. Instead, they went on to make Lex himself a sympathetic figure. More than sympathetic; they made him tragic. In fact, they made him so tragic that rather than finding his future crimes reprehensibly unforgivable (if deliciously entertaining), a whole bunch of us find him totally forgivable no matter what he does. The problem? Well, it's hard to be rooting for the hero when you're spending much of the time shrieking at him, "You asshat! This is all your fault!"

The Tragedy of Lex. In which I wax on for Way Too Long. Did I ever mention that one reason I fell so hard for Kaiba was that he reminded me of Lex? Because, yeah. I love my crazy hopeless completely f-ed up poor little rich boys. )

But enough of that depressingness. There's always Supernatural. Which is still apparently confusing its show bible with Mama BNF's Great Big Book of Yummy Fanfic Cliches. (When it's not being creepy as hell. Have I mentioned I hate horror? I hate horror. The trick with SPN is that I always forget I'm watching horror, being too distracted by the beautiful brotherliness, up until the point it has freaking creepy dolls - dolls! dolls are worse than clowns, even! - and swingsets moving by themselves and I wig out, because I'm a total wuss.)

concerning SPN 2x11 )

SPN 2x10

Jan. 14th, 2007 03:49 pm
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Oh, this show. This show! Fanfic, I tell you. Fanfic. They have abandoned most pretenses of horror and suspense in favor of going straight for the angst jugular, and I for one am loving it.

Oh, Dean! )
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Oh, Dean.

...that is all.
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Storytime! [livejournal.com profile] immicolia has started sharing her threatened Winchester Brothers & the Case of the Boy with the Haunted Bling (yay!), so now I, myself an attention whore of the first degree, am getting antsy to post what I've been poking at for the last month, my own unholy crack-induced crossover. I finally have a title for it (always the hardest part of these thing. No, really), so should be getting up the first chapter soon. In the meantime, here's the prologue, to give you an idea of what kind of crack I'm talking about.

Supernatural/YGO. And please forgive the opening melodramatics. The fic is shaping up to be lighter from here on out. Despite the proliferation of really top quality angst in the SPN canon and fanfic alike, whenever I try to write the Winchester boys they go all squishy and cheerfully dorky. It's GetBackers all over again.

Four Knights Game. Because the one thing Kaiba-kun doesn't have enough of in his life is aaaaangst... )
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re: the Supernatural finale: AARGJNWTYVPt24NESNEKLZ!!111!!! )

In conclusion: any smarm fen not yet watching this show, you are doing yourself a disservice. Get thee to bittorrent and share our pain. Four months? (Or forever, if it doesn't get picked up for a 2nd season. But I am flatly refusing to consider that possibility. So. Four months, give or take.) Nooooo~~!!!
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AHHHH I hate cliffhanger finales! And it's not even the finale!

Spoilers ahoy...
and it's all I have )
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(Forgot to mention before, ye olde webpage finally got updated with near all my fic, so those allergic to ff.net can read without risking anaphylactic shock.)

In brand-new all-[livejournal.com profile] gnine's-fault-so-don't-blame-me fandom news - ah, Vancouver. I've missed your gray skies on my screen. And watching the crew credits of Supernatural feels like an X-files class reunion. David Nutter, Kim Manners, John Shiban - now if only they could haul Darin Morgan on board. It's not the greatest of shows, but it's not bad, either, in that it doesn't try to be anything more than it is, a spooky little classic horror story anthology. And oh, the brothers. They are cute. Irresistibly, irritatingly, inspiringly cute...

sappy drabbling about the Brothers Winchester )

What? It's a drabble! Only a hundred words! ...stop looking at me like that.

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