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So [livejournal.com profile] gnine has been here for a month, a stopover before she heads out of the country again, this time to the wilds of Middle Earth Ancient Greece New Zealand. Naturally, in between hosting friends & family come to see her off, we have partaken in much television.

Supernatural's premiere was epic! One of my favorite eps of the show, honestly...Which isn't to say it was good by any means, but it was awfully entertaining, between spoilers! for 7x01-02 )

Also have been keeping up with Doctor Who - enjoyed the second half of the season overall, didn't especially love it but I think that's more me than the show. It's a different show than it was before; while it's funny and cute and clever, it doesn't touch me in the way it used to, and I can't even say exactly why. I feel like if this had been the show it was from the start, that I very well might have loved it for what it is; as it is, I still haven't quite gotten over expecting something that it's not. Which isn't to say I wanted either RTD or David Tennant to stick around; RTD had overstayed by at least a season, and I quite like Eleven and Matt Smith's take on the Doctor. But I need to put myself into a different mindset when I watch it now - like when I'm watching other kids' shows, don't think about it and just enjoy the nifty adventures. (And Rory. Much <3 for Rory and his amazing go-with-the-flow-even-if-it's-off-the-edge-of-a-cliff-and-plunging-into-a-bottomless-abyss practicality. And he and Amy are adorable. Though I'm hoping for new Companions next year - maybe someone not from Earth? - and give the Pond-Williams their happily-ever-after...)

(Speaking of kids' shows and adorable couples, Ben 10 has started again, and aww I love my mindbogglingly silly superhero cartoon, and Kevin/Gwen is still one of my favorite het couples ever. <333)

Then after we watched the Who finale [livejournal.com profile] gnine wanted to see the Merlin premiere, which I watched with her despite having quit the show early last series - said watching proved a mistake, because the ep ended in a spectacularly teasing place and now I badly want to see next week's - even though it's Merlin and with SPN in the regular watching roster, my stupid TV meter is already hitting critical...but maybe it'll be worth it? The premiere had some cute character moments, Arthur seems to have grown up, and he and Merlin are inching closer to actual friendship (in that it's a satisfyingly reversed Smallville, the chars destined to become great friends and allies, rather than nemeses). And with Morgana gone all supervillain, I can accept the Morgana/Gwen as entirely ended, mourn it and stop hoping for more tantalizing moments that the show cruelly refused to deliver on (not that I'm bitter or nothin' :P) And of course I am and always will be incredibly weak to h/c, so...

Also [livejournal.com profile] gnine has showed me all 4 seasons of In Plain Sight (Mary is an awesome char, Marshall is nearly as awesome, I still love Paul Ben-Victor and miss I-man, and the show desperately needs more h/c), and last night we saw the first couple eps of Suits (cute, now where's the crossover fic with Harvey Specter going up against Barney Stinson in a business deal?)

Now I'm just mopey about the lack of space opera. As far as I'm aware there aren't any shows currently on the air that are set in outer space/other planets - Who is the closest, but that's still on Earth more often than not. Recently happened to rewatch a few eps of Firefly and Farscape, and yeah - along with Star Trek and B5 those are still some of my favorite TV ever, and I want more. Gimme my spaceships, dang it!
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Okay, given the way this season's gone, I have a personal theory that Moffat purposely put bad writers on the team to make his own eps look good :P

That being said...spoilers for 'A Good Man Goes to War' )

In ex-Who news, David Tennant & Catherine Tate are playing master & mistress of snark Benedick & Beatrice in a new adaption of Much Ado About Nothing - PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF TARDISES AND LITTLE FISHES PUT A PERFORMANCE ON DVD!!!!
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The love: Doctor Who 6x04 spoilers )

The hate: Smallville show finale more spoilers! )

And the DAMMIT ODACCHI HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME: up to Water 7 in OP. Not even to Eneas Lobby yet, but the fate of the Merry still makes me cry. WHYYYYYYYYY~~~ ;____;
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So at [livejournal.com profile] naye and [livejournal.com profile] shayera's insistence the bro and I watched the One Piece Strong World movie, which was totally awesome and fun and proves that Odacchi should've written all the movies, because no one else has a handle on his chars like he does. (I really do have a bizarre....respect? for the Gintama animators, who actually stopped making the show until they had more manga to adopt. My theory is that absolutely no one understands exactly how Gintama manages to be as popular as it is, so they don't dare monkey with Sorachi-sensei's inexplicably magical formula.)(With One Piece, on the other hand, everyone knows why it's as popular as it is, but it's impossible to replicate because about 80% of the formula is that Oda Eichirou is a storytelling god.)

So that inspired me to finally catch up with OP (I'm two years behind the manga at this point - though not entirely unspoiled, which is part of why I'm so behind) but I decided if I was going to do that I might as well just go ahead and reread the whole manga, all 600+ chapters. Thanks to plane flights and airport waits and my Kindle (I <3 my Kindle) I'm now up to the Drum Island arc, and yep, I stand by previous assertions, this is maybe the best damn manga ever written. brief squee, no spoilers )

In other manga news, read 20th Century Boys a couple weeks ago - quite enjoyed that one, too; I do like a good apocalypse tale, and I very much appreciate Urasawa Naoki's clean, strong art. The plot's not quite as tight as Monster but it's just as hard to put down - Urasawa's storytelling style seems to be to crank the suspense up to 11 in the first chapter and then keep it there for the next 20-whatever volumes. Curious about the live-action movie trilogy now - don't expect it makes much sense, with the amount they had to condense, but would like to see the imagery and casting. Wonder if it's been subtitled...

Speaking of movies, [livejournal.com profile] gnine and I, being together in San Francisco this weekend for a wedding, caught Fast Five, no real spoilers )

In San Fran we also visited [livejournal.com profile] spacealien_vamp who provided us with wonderful personalized manga recs, and also shared with us a bit of Scarecrow & Mrs. King (babyfaced John Sheridan Bruce Boxleightner, aww!) and the latest ep of Who.

Lots of spoilers here for New Who 6x02; warning for low squee count )
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Back from Japan! Visited some of my favorite places, and while we were mostly staying in Kansai we went to Tokyo long enough to confirm is in fact still standing, mostly unscathed (though the lack of tourists feels weird) - went to the lovely Ghibli museum, gawked at Sky Tree already dominating the skyline and took the DRRR!!/IWGP tour of Ikebukuro (and dropped by Otome Road on the way, to refresh my doujinshi collection). And back in Kyoto we saw sakura on the Kamo river and climbed up to the monkey park at Arashiyama and on the last day we wandered down to Toji and lucked into a flea market.

More than anything it's great to know that I can go back to Japan and even if I forget most of my words (oh man...I can still understand basic Japanese but speaking it... orz) but I still remember how to use the trains, and Kyoto Station is still bogglingly enormous, and the Loft off Shinkyogoku has moved but the little Manraku used book shop and the Sanjo-Keihan Book Off are still right where I left them, and FamilyMart still sells FamiChiki (mmm grease!) Even if I've been gone a few years, Kyoto is still my city.

Also got to see [livejournal.com profile] naye (<3!) and [livejournal.com profile] shayera in Tokyo, and a bit of [livejournal.com profile] crashtestskater - not all together, so not quite a Saturday-nights reunion, but we did spend Saturday night watching stuff (note: gathering four Gintama fans in a small room to watch the latest episode is an ill-advised evening activity in a nice quiet hostel. Especially if it's the second ep of the 2-years-later arc (anpan-huffing! XDXDXDXD)

(Really, though, the new eps, ZOMG!!11!! Gintama in gear makes me laugh/giggle/hysterically shriek about as hard as any show I've ever seen...)

So, yay Japan, and have almost recovered from the jetlag!

In unrelated news, new new Who has started up - Moffat's in fine form, really bringing his A-game! spoilers for New Who 6x01 )
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Since I think I'm not alone in needing a smile these days - here's crack. Much-longer-than-it-should-be crack. Warnings for stealth crossovers, backstory angst, and technobabble. Also Fourth Wall? What Fourth Wall? This is Sparta Gintama!

Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor)/Gintama: No Time Like the Present (No Present Like This Time) {8,221 words}
PG; gen; Crossover, crack, blatant metaing
The Doctor embarks on a rescue mission for a young Time Lord lost in another universe.

Read it on AO3

vid rec!

Jan. 3rd, 2011 10:52 am
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[livejournal.com profile] shayera made an awesome Who vid, featuring all the Doctors and most of the Companions across time, to a song that could've been written for the Doctor (any Doctor):

Gone in the Morning

Also in Who-news, watched the Christmas special with [livejournal.com profile] gnine a few days ago. Enjoyed the awesome fog-fish imagery and LOLed at some of the lines (finally told a lie too big, XDXDXDXD) and the Doctor channeling Holmes; found the story intriguing while having some issues with it, but really that's par for the course for all the specials. (With RTD's specials I tended to roll my eyes at the plots and enjoy the character moments; with Moffat I find the plots delightfully clever and pass the characters by.)

Having a good vacation, but must get back to writing soon~!
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So, I finally saw the final two eps of the latest Doctor Who...finale spoilers, mostly squeeful )

In unrelated news, there is no Ben 10 fic at all! (At least none I want to read, because of the teensy tiny fandom out there, the slash pairing doesn't do it for me and the het canon pairing I adore apparently is not so popular with anyone over sixteen and I mostly want gen anyway...some cute teen superhero h/c, is that too much to ask?. ;_;)
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Regarding Xena (which we're watching now, my first time, minus a couple random mid-season eps way back when they first aired, and "Been There, Done That" which I've seen a dozen times because it is one of the funniest Groundhog's Day time-loop eps I know of), about halfway through s2, and, putting aside the delicious, delicious cheese and camp (honestly, I wish more TV was willing to sacrifice "quality" for the sake of sheer absurd fun):

not really spoilery squee )

Then, regarding new New Who, Mildly spoilery through ep 5, rather critical and un-squeeful. Sorry! :( )
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So, I've had a week to process, and spoilers )

...and my lj account expired, I've lost my pretty icons! Come back, preciouses~! Man, I need money >.>
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While I'm not really fanning, I've been enjoying this season of Supernatural - angels in trenchcoats are a major button for me, so the increased Castiel presence is much appreciated, and otherwise the show seems determined to not so much jump the shark as pole-vault over it with a rocket pack, which is if nothing else entertaining - better a bang than a whimper, no?

Concerning the latest episode, 5x09: Spoilers )

And then there was the new Doctor Who, "Waters of Mars"...yup, more spoilers! If vague ones. Including mention of the X-mas special preview )
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I got into a discussion elsewhere about female characters, how they're often not as well-written as the guys. But that gets to be a depressing topic. So rather than talk about how female characters lose out, here's some winning female characters!

10 fandoms' worth of awesome women:

pics below! )

PS. Yuletide nominations are open! I'm gonna be signing up for the first time...should be fun!

DW 4x12

Jun. 30th, 2008 12:17 am
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Doctor Who 4x12 )

Went to Indiana Jones 4 tonight. Ahahahah huh? Why were they interdimensional aliens? Seriously, regular spacemen just aren't good enough for Spielberg anymore? And why wasn't Nicholas Ballard mentioned even once? Because Daniel Jackson's grandfather discovered the alien-communicating trans-dimensional crystal skull. I know. It's one of my favorite episodes!
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I'm sick, and it's coming out as negativity and squee-harshing all around. You know I don't mean it, right, shows? Despite your flaws, I love you all! (Except you, Smallville; you I always despise. Still <3 the fandom, though! *hugs Lex & all his psycho fans*) That being said...even my beloved agent-of-all-that-is-good-and-fun-in-TV Doctor Who isn't safe.

Everyone on my flist has been thrilled about the news that Steven Moffat will be taking the reins of the DW franchise in a couple years; it seems like all the Whos in Whoville like Moffat unreservedly, which makes me...the Grinch? It's not that I dislike him, or that I'm disappointed he's going to be in charge. But I do have reservations, and the most recent eps didn't put them to rest.

On Moffat's trends; warnings for spoilers for Who 4x8-9 and squee-harshing, unpopular opinions )
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So, don't know about the rest of the 'net, but I have been loving the new season of Doctor Who. Loving. I don't know how I forgot how freaking unbelivably adorkably lovely David Tennant's Doctor is. And Catherine Tate's Donna is absolutely everything I wanted her to be, and maybe a bit more than that.

(This is a post of squee, so if you're not so enamored, please to be politely covering your ears and moving along. Doctor Who is my happy place; it makes TV fun the way it was when I was nine years old and loved the exciting happenings and people and didn't know or care about evaluating dramatic intent or analyzing plotholes. It's not so much that I turn off my brain when watching, but that I'm so swept away in the craziness that nothing bothers me. It's a kid's show and the plotholes are entirely in the service of taking shortcuts to the fun and I love it, in all its brilliant cracktastic cheesy glory. And the bits I don't love *cough that last X-mas special cough* I prefer to just forget.)

So, yeah. The squee. I was hopeful about Donna when I heard about the casting decision last year, because she had the potential to be something different, nothing like the previous two Companions. Who I both liked (very fond of Rose, for all her foibles; and Martha is, well, I mean, Martha Jones, it's just another way to spell A-W-E-S-O-M-E.) But three eps into season 4, and Donna, oh man, Donna = <3333!

Why Donna is brilliant! (spoilerish through New Who 4x03) )
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Been busy with work and family visiting and also, of course, my shiny new SGA obsession - may I just say how good it feels to be fanning hardcore on a show I actually enjoy watching. --This is the norm, really; SV was the exception, being in fact painful to endure. Though I'm enjoying it more now that I've gone back to my original method of watching the Lex Show and fast-forwarding through anything not Luthor-esque.

And this show has lately provided surprising satisfaction...A few comments regarding recent SV, through 7x07. Vindication on two fronts! )

But enough about SV. Onto the squee! You all have seen the new Doctor Who Children in Need special, yes? Yes! Excellent! a few spoilery things that have to be said )

And last but by no means least, there's SGA. Spoilers through 4x08, plus for the end of SG-1. Warning: may contain unpopular opinions? )
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See, this is why Doctor Who so totally trumps Smallville - DW's head writer, in the podcast episode commentary for "Last of the Time Lords", on the Doctor's relationship with his arch-nemesis (a one-time friend gone crazy-take-over-the-universe evil, sound familiar?)

Executive Producer Julie Gardner: "It's about two men who could be friends, who should be friends..."

Exec. Producer/Writer Russell T Davies: "...Or husbands, even!"
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For some reason, drabbles come as easily to me in this fandom as the full fics are hard. This was true of One Piece, too; it's a quality of my Type A fandoms, perhaps.

100 words of Tenth Doctor silliness:

A Maddening Quirk of Time Lord Biology )

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