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My fic for [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang is live!

And being as I'm ridiculous, I just had to go and write a gen fusion/x-over for it - an anime fusion, effectively reducing my audience to sliiiightly above zero. But 12K has been one of my favorite series forever - it's always been a very much a Type A fandom for me, though, nothing I ever felt up to writing fic for. Fusions, however, are fair game, and so much fun! (I should mention that the fic is actually not crack in spite of the premise. Which was basically me realizing that Loki's name was too perfect to resist.)

Great thanks to [livejournal.com profile] beckerbell and [livejournal.com profile] gnine for the beta/pre-read/cheerleading/telling me that yes it was a ridiculous idea and I should totally do it anyway, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] neptune47 for the lovely fanart!


Sea of Storms, Bridge of Colors (30,785 words) by faviconXparrot
Fandom: Thor (Movies)/Juuni Kokki | Twelve Kingdoms fusion
Teen And Up Audiences | Loki & Thor gen

Asgard was once a province in the kingdom of Lo, until its people were driven out, forced to become a wandering mercenary tribe. As the sons of the All-Father, Thor and Lopt are raised as brothers and Asgardian warriors, never guessing how their destiny is entwined with the kirin of Lo, the mystical creature born to choose the emperor who will save the realm from ruin.

(Or, the one where Loki is a magic black unicorn.)
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So after almost (but not quite) five years, I'm finishing Tiger Hunt. After my recent One Piece reread, it just seemed like the time. After writing for the past month, I have the first draft almost done (am on the epilogue, planning to finish it this weekend) so I figured I could risk posting and seeing if anyone out there actually remembers this fic exists.

(in unrelated news, AGGHHH I don't think I can read Homestuck as it's updated (never mind that that's often daily, and several pages a day, because Andrew Hussie is clearly insane and also possibly a Hero of Time) - TOO FRICKING STRESSFUL AGGGHHH NEED MORE NOOOOW! Did Karkat kill Gamzee himself?? He's covered in purple blood...how?? are we gonna get an animation?? agh more more now now now now!!)
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Here, have some angst! (I'd say that now I have to write something cheerful - but really, do I need to, when we've got the new season - one ep in and Gintama' is already going strong with the epic crack of cracktastic epicosity!! \o/)

Gintama: Resuscitation, 3/3 {6,660 words}
R; Gintoki/Katsura, Joui war-era

"Some things are more important than cold principles."

Read it on AO3
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This chapter is...not as angsty as the last one will be. Sorry, Katsura-san...

Gintama: Resuscitation, 2/3 {6,447 words}
R; Gintoki/Katsura, Joui war-era
"For a while Katsura tells himself that it's no more than the camaraderie of the battleground."

"He hates the feeling that the Joui cause is held back because of him, is being further delayed by his weakness."

Read it on AO3
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So I've written GinZura - but not happy OTP-compliant GinZura. Er, sorry? It's the same character continuum as "Everyone's got to write their own happy ending," but with far more sex and angst. Joui war angst, so about as un-Gintama in mood as it gets. Yeah, I dunno. Warnings for that and sadness and misleading fluff and not-very-graphic consensual sex between young men. Also potential OOC - since there's so little canon backstory to work with, the characterizations are mostly my own invention, though they may betray influence from various Joui-4 doujinshi I've read.

Gintama: Resuscitation, 1/3 {3,362 words}
R; Gintoki/Katsura, Joui war-era
"For a while Katsura tells himself that it's no more than the camaraderie of the battleground."

"The first time Katsura encounters an Amanto stun-shield, he literally doesn't know what hit him."

Read it on AO3
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Since I think I'm not alone in needing a smile these days - here's crack. Much-longer-than-it-should-be crack. Warnings for stealth crossovers, backstory angst, and technobabble. Also Fourth Wall? What Fourth Wall? This is Sparta Gintama!

Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor)/Gintama: No Time Like the Present (No Present Like This Time) {8,221 words}
PG; gen; Crossover, crack, blatant metaing
The Doctor embarks on a rescue mission for a young Time Lord lost in another universe.

Read it on AO3
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Not quite sure what to say about this one, though I feel I should say something. First to warn that it is rather joke deficient and thus not in the proper Gintama spirit. Moreover it's quite uncanonical, as it's a few-years-in-the-future fic and it's an established part of Gintama canon that the chars don't age, being the stars of an episodic gag manga/anime. Various character interpretations and relationships are equally uncanonical. There's allusions to a few 'ships, while the story itself is kind of anti-ship, at least when it comes to Gintoki pairings. Not trying to diss on anyone's OTPs, and this isn't necessarily how I think the chars are; but it's how they look to me sometimes, in certain lights. I like that light, and this story is cotton candy fluff for me, but maybe it could be a little sad, especially if you find unrequited love painful.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gnine and [livejournal.com profile] naye for reassuring me that it wasn't as pointless as all that. Any comments as always appreciated.

Gintama: Everyone's got to write their own happy ending. {~6,700 words}
PG, Futurefic
In which Shinpachi is married, Gintoki is not, Kagura is all grown up, and the Yorozuya will always be the Yorozuya.

Read it on AO3
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Yes, you read correctly - it is done! \o/ (*wild cheers from everyone on the flist who's patiently waiting for me to get out of crack!Edo and back to anything else* Eheh, sorry? ^^;) Those who have been reading, hope y'all enjoy!

Gintama: Pandemonium, 20/20 {3,110 words}
gen; PG-13; Yorozuya, the Shinsengumi, plus Zura and most of the rest of the cast

Chapter 20: All's not always well that ends; but at least everything does, eventually.

Read it on AO3


Congratulations to anyone who made it all the way here to the end! And my greatest thanks to everyone who's left comments or recced or bookmarked this story. This is, to my knowledge, the longest Gintama fic online, as well as the longest story I've personally written in years; when I started it I wasn't sure if anyone would read it except for me, so it makes it all worthwhile to know I'm not alone in loving these cracked-out characters in their cracked-out world. I can only hope I did them justice!
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First off - just heard from [livejournal.com profile] naye that Madhouse anime studio is going to be making a Supernatural anime. ZOMGWTFBBQ THIS IS GOING TO BE LEGEN - waitforit - DARY. On the one hand, SPN is wildly popular among Japanese fangirls (hawt incesty brothers ftw!) so how can they go wrong; otoh SPN is so very very American, how can they go right? I can't wait to see. Also crossing my fingers that the seiyuu casting will break my brain.

In related news, have been feeling adrift of late, not really having a fandom. And in my drifting I floated back to past affections, and after happily paddling in Clex for a bit, I, um, somehow seem to have gotten back into Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah, don't ask. I have no excuse - I've seen and read dozens of better anime and manga (like, most of them...) before and since, and I originally got into it before YGO: The Abridged Series even existed. Yet somehow Kaiba Seto and his little brother manage to maintain a target lock on my fangirl heart. (I can't help it. Kaiba manages to hit nearly every favorite character button I have - bad-ass arrogant asshole cum reluctant redemption character codependently loyal to his sibling/only family. Also manga!Mokuba is as awesome as he is adorable. Also also Tsuda Kenjirou's voice is still the sex.)

So I've been flipping through my YGO manga and watching my HK bootleg DVDs (and fixing up the subtitles of some of my favorite bits, good translation practice since the "English" on a lot of them is somewhat less than comprehensible.) and fastforwarding through all the %$*@(% card games, naturally. And then ficcing - I've at long last finished my not-really-dead-Mokuba WIP "Safeguard," am posting the final chapters now. And maybe a bit more after that, if [livejournal.com profile] gnine has her way.

Have also rediscovered an old trouble writing anime-based fic - while my Japanese isn't anywhere near good enough that I could write fic in Japanese, I can mentally compose dialogue. When I fic I often try to "hear" the character's voices speaking the lines, and it's no different with anime fic, except that since I never watch dubs, the voices are in Japanese. Which means that on occasion I find myself sitting before a story trying to figure out how to best render kudaranai in English, and writing "Of course" when the char is really saying Touzen da.


Sep. 25th, 2009 06:24 pm
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Have done a batch of ficlets for my open "drabble" season (though not a single true drabble among them.) Still working on the others (and yup, it's still open, if you're interested.)

I have learned two things from this: one, my flist is inspiringly creative and also nuts (oh, the crossovers! <3 you guys) and two, I write for way too many series. Some of these characters I haven't hung out with for a while; was fun to drop by...

Gen and slash, humor and other; comment-fic, 100-800 words

SGA, One Piece, SGA/One Piece, NCIS, MUNCLE, Who/Numb3rs, Saiyuki )
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First of all, I have posted Hakkai's epilogue to "Remembering to Breathe", thus finishing the fic, (minus the short sequel story which I might post on ff.net sometime.) My inexpressible gratitude to everyone who's read it, those who came back to it after two years, or those who just discovered it. And extra hugs to [livejournal.com profile] rgbrobbie, [livejournal.com profile] menuriko, [livejournal.com profile] y_sanada, [livejournal.com profile] ditch_gospel, [livejournal.com profile] cerisier and the usual gang of idiots (<3 you!) for all your support, encouragement, prodding, lovely long reviews, and everything else. Couldn't have done it without you!

Remembering to Breathe
Saiyuki, gen, angst/suspense/drama
Chapters 1-21 [complete] on ff.net | On AO3

And in the category Blast from the Past, I've finally posted one of my old RGB zine novellas at [livejournal.com profile] rgbrobbie et al's request. This story is going on eight years old, and not, I feel, as strong as some of my more recent fic, but it was my baby at the time and I'm still fond of it. At over 80,000 words, it's the second longest thing I've written, and probably the purest hurt/comfort (it's a toss-up between this and "Seven Deaths".) Poor, poor Peter. Maybe I'll get around to putting "Brothers in Limbo" back online next. For now, enjoy!

The Real Ghostbusters
gen, drug-induced hurt/comfort

And now, off to write Lex Luthor...
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Fic, because I adore the original Devil Bats trio, and Kurita doesn't get enough love.

I should start a team practice series, so no one notices that this is the exact same ES21 fic I already wrote with a different main character. (But it's gotta be either practice or a game itself; where else do you see Hiruma?) This was intended as a drabble to open a longer story, a few snapshot moments of the Maoh Devil Bats. But I've been having a hell of a time writing anything lately and it felt so good that I let it go where it would. Luckily I can blame any OOC on them being younger.

Warnings for hypothetical pasts which future canon might disavow (the eternal problem with writing flashbacks) and as always for Hiruma's language. And a distressingly lack of firearms. Oops. Next time.

Read it on AO3
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Okay, yes. I am weak. Move along, move along, nothing to see here.

This isn't the start of anything. Just a character piece set sometime before the Shinryuuji game, concerning Yukimitsu, because I luffs him muchly; and featuring Hiruma's squishy side (...it's a very short fic.) Warning only for such language as befits Hiruma. (Oh, and a complete lack of understanding of proper practice techniques, because, dude, football. Usually I'm a stickler for accuracy but I'd be embarrassed to know 'em. Besides, Hiruma's practices are hardly standard anyway.)

Read it on AO3
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Regarding Princess Tutu: yes, whatever you've heard of this series is true; it's fairy tale crack, a cracked fairy tale that will tiptoe in on little ducky feet and steal your heart. (And does anyone have a full listing of the soundtrack music? I recognized most of the pieces but there were a few I don't know, and want, badly, from the penultimate episode especially.)

And I wrote fic. Which I know I shouldn't have--I liked the ending, very much, really it was just how it should have been. But. Well. Yes. So. Fic:

Series: Princess Tutu
Warnings: Spoilers for the anime's finale, + gruesome quantities of sap with my newest het OTP. (Which is something of a spoiler in itself, I think; at least it would have been for me.)

The Night Winter Ends

gb ficlet

Mar. 18th, 2006 01:30 am
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Was reading the latest chapter of GetBackers and the last page tickled a ficlet out of me. No fears, there's no spoilers in this, it was indirect inspiration only. I just haven't written any GB in a while and I missed these boys. 'sides, I need to get back in the spirit if I'm ever going to have a hope of finishing DV. Or that h/c drabble promised back in October.

So, here: BanGin, naturally, because it's me; stickily sappy, naturally, because it's them. Warning for gratuitous Kipling quoting.

"And it’s worth while seeking him half your days, If you find him before the other."

YGO fic

Oct. 25th, 2005 11:27 am
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Brief Kaiba's b-day fic writ for the [livejournal.com profile] kaibabros contest, originally intended as borderline parody but it might not have turned out that way. Angst/humor is a perfectly legitimate category. Sure it is.
Gen, immediately pre-Duelist Kingdom, featuring a recombination of anime and manga canons which may or may not fit with either timeline. I couldn't figure it out, so please just pretend the chronology works.


YGO smut

Oct. 22nd, 2005 06:37 pm
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I almost was going to write crack darkfic, had an idea and everything. Then I realized I didn't want to write YGO darkfic. And I have been wanting to write this, er, pairing. So here's fluffy crack, or possibly cracked fluff, of the pr0nish variety.

Y/S-M/Y, or some variation thereof (what would you call that, sandwichshipping?) In character? What is this in character of which you speak?
Warnings for consensual sexing stuffs, yaoi, voyeurism, advancing the timeline, willfully ignoring canon, crack, etc. Also please to be remembering that X-parrot is a gen writer for a reason, and has no business writing smut.

In which Seto is up for a new challenge...
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So. My dear sainted fic-writing yaoi-loving mother has joined the ranks of lj. Hi, Mom!

In practice this won't change anything, since she's been reading my journal regularly anyways. But naturally for her debut she went and stumped me at my own meme game. (Might be owing a few more drabbles for this, too. Everyone is welcome to play!)

Thus, a drabble, per her request. Except it turned into a ficlet. Saiyuki, post-"Remembering to Breathe," so I suppose it counts as a spoiler of sorts for the as-yet unwritten ending (which will be written! honest!)
Gojyo/Hakkai. Who I haven't written in far too long, so please forgive how rusty I am.


bit of fic

Sep. 27th, 2005 07:23 pm
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At under 600 words, this drabble's too short to bother posting elsewhere. YGO, sap, I'm not apologizing, this fandom needs more fluff, dammit!

"Seto has changed after Death-T."
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[Would post this on ff.net, but figured I'd wait until Monday, since they're apparently doing some massive overhaul and I want to see how that goes down first.]

Yes, I still prefer gen OP fic, dammit. But I've had the germ of this for a while now; last night it finally reared its head and bit me, and since I've been a bit blocked in my writing of late, I let it run its course in hopes of jumpstarting my system.

One Piece; Zoro/Nami, but possibly not romance, possibly not what you think. Less a story than simple stream of thought, really.
Rated borderline R[M] for non-explicit sex.

Read "Because" on AO3

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