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Hysterical blink-and-you'll-miss-it fannish shoutout in Numb3rs 5x14 - a computer password that flashes onscreen for a second is "leonardsheldon4A". Well, I laughed, anyway.

Ah, Numb3rs - it's my safe place, the show I can count on not to disappoint me. I like every character and every character relationship, which means that no matter what combination of characters is in a scene, I'm happily looking forward to seeing them together. mildly spoilery musings for the last couple eps )

That being said, Show, any more David/Colby hints you want to toss my way, I always am there. With bells on.

And Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has started up again. We watched the rest of it during its hiatus, and I admit to being really interested in it. I can't recommend it wholeheartedly; it's definitely flawed. Terminator scifi has always been sketchy and the show makes it worse (their timetravel paradoxes are headache-inducing; they arbitrarily change what kind of temporal rules they're working with every ep, whether it's a fixed-destiny loop or multiverses or what...) The writing is uneven and often BSG-style overdramatic, the acting is decent but not great, and I get that itchy X-files/Lost feeling that the writers don't know where they're going with their grand conspiracies, but are just winging it. And while the characters are interesting, I don't find them fannishly squeeworthy; they're difficult to fall in love with. (Also, as an old Sentinel fan, every time the FBI guy is called "James Ellison" it tweaks me out.)

All that being said, I'm still enjoying the show, because some of what it sets up is fascinating, particularly in regards to female characters. Watching the credits, there are multiple women on the writing staff and elsewhere in production, and it shows (in truth I wish it had more; I kind of wish this was a female-created show...not that it'd be that different if it was, most likely; but there might have been even more conscious awareness about the things it does, from the start.) The thing is, everyone's about saving John, but Sarah Connor is the show's protagonist - and Sarah Connor is John Winchester as a woman. She's the everywoman thrust into a private, unseen war, and she's not just risen to the occasion but blown it out of the water for the sake of her son, but gone a little mad in the doing. She's as competent and strong as any male hero in her situation would be - but she's not a man. And the show doesn't forget this - can't forget it. Because this isn't future scifi, or the other side of the galaxy, when no one questions that Aeryn Sun can kick any man's ass. This is modern American culture, and Sarah is living in a different world than John Winchester - and not just because she's up against robot apocalypse instead of demon armageddon.

The most recent ep illuminated this sharply. Minor spoilers through ep 2x14 - no major arc events, just single-episode details )

Of course, this being a FOX show, it probably won't last another season anyway. Which might be a blessing in disguise, if they don't know where they're going with it anyway. But I hope to see more shows like it, and more characters like Sarah Connor.
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The winning show this week was Numb3rs, with Avatar coming in at a close second.

What can I say about Numb3rs except minor, shallow spoilers and shameless slashing )

Then, Avatar, which I haven't really mentioned much before, so a few words: more mild spoilers, and lots of love. )

Supernatural also premiered, of course! Liked the ep, generally; didn't think it as strong as last year's opener, but... a few more spoilers )

And last but not least...wait. Yes, least. Though it actually wasn't as bad as all that, all things considered. Anyway, a few random comments on Smallville! even more spoilers )
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Haven't commented on SV because, well, whatever. It was what I expected. As is Avatar in the total other direction (awwwwesome!)

Concerning Numb3r's premiere:

spoilers, natch )

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