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So there is a lot of new TV on right now! And I am watching all of it! (it feels like...this is too many shows for me, really, I'm hitting my televised fiction saturation point. But I don't want to drop any of them, not yet! Stop being so watchable, TV!)

Roughly in order of most-looking-forward-to to least, expect spoilers for all:

Elementary - okay no spoilers here, still loving it - premiere was a little slow but Joan Watson is amaaaaaazing, love JLM's Sherlock, that is all! <333

Once Upon a Time - Spoilers for OUaT 3x01 )

Sleepy Hollow - yeah, yeah, I've jumped on this bandwagon (or rather was dragged on it - usually I wait until a show has aired at least half a season before watching, but came back from vacation and housemate had watched the pilot 3 times and insisted it be added to the weekly roster, so!) Sleepy Hollow 1x01-1x02 spoilers )

Person of Interest - don't have much to say, but spoilers for POI 3x01 )

Agents of SHIELD - which I'm mainly counting on to keep me distracted from Thor 2 long enough to, y'know, breathe...fanning on a movie franchise is SO STRESSFUL, especially when the next movie is most definitely going to smash all my headcanons (and 150K words of fic omg why) to tiny shards...(Lokiiiii~~~) Spoilers for SHIELD 1x01 )

Legend of Korra - my rant here got long so I'm going to make it a separate post. But yeah, it's on the bottom of the list for a reason, siiiigh...
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So, not an isolated incident, apparently? Lalalala don't stop me now, having a good time, burning through all the cliches...

For any old-school fans out there, this isn't pre-slash; it's smarm, fit for the heyday of the Senfic list. For all of you who don't know what smarm is...sure, it's pre-slash :P

Random Access Memory (4503 words) by Xparrot

Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences | Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harold Finch & Nathan Ingram, Harold Finch & John Reese
Characters: Harold Finch, Nathan Ingram, John Reese
Additional Tags: Sickfic, Fevers, Angst, Smarm, Friendship, (possibly to be jossed) backstory, adventures at MIT, Reese can read too, as well as cook breakfast

"You're running a fever of 104," Nathan says.
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So, um, yeah, I kind of not-quite-accidentally ficced. Can't say yet whether this is an isolated incident or the start of a trend. Either way I want this ep...

One Stone (7322 words) by Xparrot
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences | Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harold Finch & John Reese
Characters: Joss Carter, Harold Finch, John Reese, Lionel Fusco
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Angst, Presumed Dead, Hospitals, Carter POV

Carter knows she cares too much, she's been told so by every commanding officer she's ever had; and that caring keeps her sharp but also puts her in danger of burning out. So once in a while she takes a moment to breathe, to remember who she is when she doesn't have on a badge.

So she doesn't feel guilty about it, when Fusco calls and says, "Carter, sorry, know it's your day off, but I think we're going to need you down here--"
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So [livejournal.com profile] gnine and I are caught up on Person of Interest and now desperately need the next episode. Not because it's on any kind of cliffhanger but because we somehow slipped into fanning 3rd gear.

I can hardly rec POI; it's...it's fangirl catnip, is what it is, for a particular sort of fangirl, and everybody else is wondering why you're rolling around giggling in a pile of weeds. I almost find it easier to list its flaws, starting with GOD I am tired of two-white-men-saving-the-world and going on from there. And yet, and yet. This isn't like Smallville, hating the show while loving the Lex; I don't hate POI in the least, though it bores me at times and at its best it's still...pretty dang cliche and shallow; for all it has vague pretenses of deeper meaning, it is eagerly quick to put action over theme.

...And I'm in love all the same. squeeful rambling; a couple mild spoilers for s1, none for s2 )

So I guess what I'm saying is, watch Person of Interest! And write me gen fic! Y'know, if you're into action shows with co-dependent clams.

(Also, [livejournal.com profile] talitha78 has now vidded for it! Which, seriously now, do you need a better reason to get into something?)

(Also, in the wider social context, I do want to mention the one ep with a doctor being threatened by putting her wife in danger, and it wasn't played as a joke or a surprise reveal or fanservice, and there was nary a blink from any character that she had a wife instead of a husband - it's things like this that give me hope, that a straight-out action show with a fairly conservative ideology is now including gay marriage as an assumed, normal thing. Which is how it becomes normal, to show it so, and it cheers me every time to see it!)

(On the other hand, if you're in the mood for strongly written drama with great female characters (and male characters - great everybody!), I highly recommend The Good Wife. If you, like me, have seen the previews for years and gone 'No, thank you' - give it a shot anyway; the show's victim to the most misleading advertising of anything I've ever seen. It's presented like some tawdry political scandal soap-opera; it's actually a sharp legal drama starring a (totally awesome) woman in her 40s with two kids, which is something more TV shows should star. It's not a fan show for me but it's an excellent watch. Even if, as an American, it does make me kind of terrified of our legal system, and how very capricious and political and personal it can be (especially because from what I've heard, it's more realistic than most shows...))
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Just started watching Person of Interest because everyone else is doing it!

Have watched through 2x03 - potential spoilers, though nothing major )

I also am wondering where the POI/White Collar/Burn Notice crossover is - you know, the one where Peter Burke's number comes up, and then Reese discovers that Burke's partner Neal Caffrey is also aware of the trouble and is calling in a favor from an old Agency acquaintance of his down in Miami...(Michael Weston and Reese both served in Eastern Europe, and by my calculation had at least an overlapping year before Michael got burned...)

That, and the Sentinel AU (The show reminds me quite a bit of The Sentinel, between the comic-book cops-and-robbers and the bugfuck ex-Ranger hero + weird nerdy sidekick, and having diamonds of pure fanbait squee buried amidst lots of urgent and somewhat nonsensical action...)

(Also, if there's any good Finch h/c out there, I, uh, wouldn't mind being hooked up...)

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