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Finished it tonight! Overall, definitely enjoyed it, am wanting more. Jessica Jones is better, but Daredevil maybe hits my fannish buttons harder...?

Enough that I might go looking for fic, though am unsure of whether I'll find anything like what I want...as my favorite things about the show is the trio, but I don't really ship any combination of them - Foggy/Karen is the only ship I can see, and even then, I've decided my favorite pairing for Karen is actually shipping her with Malcolm from JJ - they would be so supportive and adorable and just, awww!

Foggy and Matt, I like their friendship as a friendship, want to see more of it, but also really badly want Matt to actually apologize. Which he didn't have to do because Matt is terrible and Foggy is way too nice and cares about him too much to let him go, but at the end it feels like they've put a band-aid over a wound not yet healed. Though they're both guys and they have one of those guy-friendships that means that talking about things seriously is very difficult and they're both content to leave a lot of stuff unspoken. So Matt telling Karen that it was all his fault almost counts as an apology, and hopefully Karen can convey how broken up he was, but yeah, Foggy deserves better...

(...which comes down to me wanting Bad Things to happen to Foggy in s2 and/or fanfic. I'm so sorry, Foggy. It's all Matt's fault. If he would just tell you what you mean to him...)

(At least they have Karen, who balances them so perfectly - like, Matt falling apart in front of Karen and finally getting that hug he so badly needed, he just couldn't have done that with Foggy, that's not the way their friendship works. But I hope Karen told Foggy all of it and then they can talk about it obliquely in their way later...)

Meanwhile, speaking of talking, Karen needs to find out about Matt! At least there's some balance as right now Karen has secrets from them (on top of what she did to Wesley - !!!!! - there's her past which Ben Ulrich alluded to, and then with Wesley she had that line about not her first time shooting someone, and in her dream of Fisk he was talking about how it gets easier to kill???). I wasn't expecting the reveal to happen this season, no time, plus Matt doesn't actually know how to tell people his secret...so far the only method he's got is dropping three-quarters-dead at their feet. --Which, given his habits, is likely how Karen will find out as well. But I'm hoping it might be more honest than that. Will see next season!

Also am hoping Claire will be back - would like to see her and Foggy talking (am really curious how their first meeting went - I'm glad we didn't see it, that they kept the focus of that ep on Foggy and Matt, but I want to know...)

Plotwise, I did like how the show switched things up - there were a number of predictable elements, but some of them used that very predictability to go unexpected places. Like, Karen getting kidnapped but not damseled. And Wesley being the one fridged instead of Vanessa.

I spent the whole show trying to figure out what the deal was with Fisk, what the story was trying to do with him, but I didn't get it until I read [livejournal.com profile] sholio's comment here that the show is also Kingpin's origin story - that Fisk isn't actually a supervillain but is becoming a supervillain, just as Matt is becoming a superhero. Which makes a lot more sense, because otherwise it's a weird story - Fisk is the big bad but he spends pretty much the whole show losing, he's in damage control with a crumbling criminal empire from the first ep. But it's Fisk's crucible as much as Matt's. Which doesn't make him that much more interesting to me, I still found his parts the least compelling in the show; but it's an improvement.

--Also, Sholio, you are totally right on the totally shallow bit, maybe I'll get used to Matt's new costume but I preferred his original look. Not sure about the helmet and the new costume doesn't cling to his torso in quite as appealing a way. (And doesn't look so much like he's cosplaying the Dread Pirate Roberts. I spent the whole show expecting a Princess Bride joke...unless Wesley was it?)
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