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Catching up on Homestuck and omg Ed Emberley! Those were the only "learn to draw" books I liked or respected as a wee thing, they were so much fun! Aww...

In other news, it's weird to be watching shows from the pilots. I never do this - I hate shows getting canceled out from under me, so generally I wait at least until the 1st season is at least half done to start watching. But now I'm watching both Sleepy Hollow and Agents of SHIELD, and it's weird to be reading episode reactions from the get-go. I'm used to taking a while to warm up to a show (if a show manages to grab my fannish heart within a single season I'm impressed; some of my favorite shows didn't really catch me until s2-3) and being really critical initially, which is why I tend to reserve judgment until I've seen at least that much. So it's odd to me on the one hand to be reading about how much people love Sleepy Hollow (I've enjoyed it, there are things about it I really like, I could definitely see myself feeling fannish about it in the future; but there's just not enough there yet for me to love...plus I haven't seen enough to trust it not to do things like kill off chars I do like...), and on the other much of my flist is really disappointed in SHIELD, while as for me what we've had of SHIELD so far reminds me of the weaker starts of a lot of shows I've later come to really enjoy (SGA, Fringe, Warehouse 13 - not to mention things like ST:TNG and Babylon 5 which had actively awful pilots!), and I'm curious to see what it's going to develop into.

(I do wonder if the slow start is why no one on my flist seems to be into Arrow, because that was a show that started out dumb but got better with every episode, until the season finale was downright AWESOME, and it's doing one of the better semi-realistic takes on superheroes I've seen, and tragically it seems that no fans I know are watching it, or (even more tragically) writing me Oliver/Diggle/Felicity OT3...)(Speaking of which, remind me to pimp Arrow before s2 premieres next week! If for no other reason than the season finale had like three different points that we were yelling at the screen "TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM, DO THIS!" and then the very next scene was the characters doing this, which was awesome...)
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Specifically the latest page.

Which doesn't seem like much until you know what went on before it and what we have been waiting (FOR TWO MONTHS) to see and then it's all WHAT NO ARGH HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US HUSSIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

(...yeah, I've caught up with HS. It's still agonizingly tl;dr and obnoxiously self-referential and often just obnoxious. And totally, totally worth it.)

(Also you gotta give props to a series where the universally acknowledged coolest guy in the (at least 4) universes is openly gay. OMG Dirk <333)
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So the brother marched into my room yesterday and informed me that I had to catch up with Homestuck OR ELSE (or else being a massive spoiler dump). So now I am caught up (through this page for anyone visiting from the future/alternate timeline) and:

Spoilers & speculation & capslocking )

Also, not spoilery, but I still love that this is a story where a girl can say "I love you" to another girl, and then clarify that she means it in a BFF way - and then quickly and concernedly apologize that she's not sure how the other girl feels about her and she hopes she didn't put her foot in something. That everyone considers and acknowledges same-sex attraction being a thing, as valid and worthy (or unworthy) of note as opposite-sex - it's just nice to see (plus there are two confirmed canonically gay characters, in addition to more than half the main cast being bi/pan, which is also nice.)(and one char who I personally have decided to take as asexual even though he might just be not old enough/not have the time for romance now. Also I ship him with pretty much everyone but OH WELL.)


Nov. 11th, 2011 11:11 pm
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--Yes, this post is just to have something posted at 11:11 11/11/11 :P

...and of course to say ZOMGZOMGZOMG HOMESTUCK UPDATE! Which is pretty much exactly how I expected it to go, but still dying to know what happens next!

(also, seriously, how the hell does this fandom have such amazing fanfic? The baseline quality is higher than average - especially since I'd have expected HS demographics to be similar to the anime crowd, which tends to be weighted toward the badfic. There must be badfic in HS, too, but then there's stuff like ňÉConnect which is seriously awesome. ...And I'm not just saying that because it practically OT4s the kids. Or because it has John and Jade double-black-romming Karkat, which I didn't even know I wanted until I was reading it. But seriously, even putting that aside, awesome O_O)
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13+ minutes of animation - yeah, that was worth the couple months' wait. Especially since I'm going to have to watch it half a dozen times to grasp what the hell happened (is happening? will happen? was to have happened?)

(kitty doggy ears!!!!! ...I might've teared up a bit.)
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The latest update left me with my jaw on the floor (as it so often does) and while it's too late at night for me to have anything coherent to say, I just have to mention that I am so glad this thing has the unexpectedly large fandom that it does, because it would be a shame and a genuine tragedy if all this fannish fodder were going to waste. (The last page basically SQUARED the possibility for insane semi-canonical alt-history AUs in a fascinating way that I haven't quite seen done before in extant fic/art, but now that the idea has been planted I have no doubt the fandom will rise to the occasion - I await it eagerly!)
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Regarding the latest HS update:

spoilers, as nonsensical as ever! )

Have also been watching the Nodame Cantabile j-drama - have seen the show and the specials, just the 2nd movie left. It's thoroughly delightful, and of course the music is gorgeous (Hiroshi Tamaki as Chiaki is also gorgeous - plus his voice reminds me of Tsuda Kenjirou's, deep sexy arrogance, mmm). Maybe doesn't quite supplant my favorite dramas ever (that would be Odoru Daisousasen, for being perfect for what it is (even if the last movie was VERY VERY WTFFFFF); and Tiger & Dragon for its amazing and unique storytelling style, which I've never seen anything quite like in any other TV show, Japanese or other) but it's great stuff, and the balance of absurdism to earnest Japanese-style melodrama is perfect considering it's all about the classical music world (really, does it get more melodramatic than, say, Verdi's Dies Irae - which is a recurring theme in Nodame, and only gets more hysterical as it goes along). Definitely recommended if you like your romantic comedy with classical music and lots of ridiculous and surprisingly touching crack.
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And the latest update isn't even fully posted (XDXDXDXD to the "panel isn't done yet" that pops up when you click on the unfinished pics now, OH, AH, YOU SPECIAL SPECIAL LUNATIC.) but I just have to say spoilers for those reading; probably incomprehensible ravings to anyone else )

[livejournal.com profile] shayera coined the perfect word to describe the reading of Homestuck updates: squimper, to simultaneously squee and whimper so loudly that one scares one's cats. SQUIMPER.
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The last week was pretty spectacular - [livejournal.com profile] gnine was here, because [livejournal.com profile] naye and [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper were also coming to town, and we gathered together for several days of wild fangirling and squee and general hijinx. So much fun, I can't even say! (Even if [livejournal.com profile] skuldchan sadly couldn't make it, so we missed the opportunity to tease her and [livejournal.com profile] naye about being overly adorable)(okay, we got in a little teasing anyway, because seriously, adooooorable! XD) (And [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper's husband happened to hit it off with my bro; they spent most of the time jabbering in computer-geek lingo at least as incomprehensible as our fangirling and playing Go.) So yes, definitely have to do it again sometime!!

There was White Collar squee, and Highlander DVD extras (multiple takes of the Comes a Horseman car confrontation are all the more interesting when [livejournal.com profile] gnine & I still have the original scene memorized. Eheheh.) We also inflicted a bit of Gintama on [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper (she laughed! Though we didn't get to either the drama or the real crack...next time!) And she in turn subjected us to Sanctuary: The Tesla Edition (on the one hand, omg such a bad show; the writing makes SGA look like...well, not Shakespeare, but Star Trek, at least? OTOH, Tesla is indeed made of snarky swishy vampiric awesome. Plus Amanda Tapping! And Chris Heyerdahl! And Peter Wingfield!! I would so be watching the show anyway if it were all about them and less about pretty young people who can't act.)

Now I have to settle back into regular life. ...And catch up on the last Homestuck update. (in which OMG spoilers!! )
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So if you're not subscribed to me on ff.net or AO3 (erm, and if anyone is subscribed to me on AO3, my profound apologies for all the random test-archive spam you may have gotten - there is a major deploy coming within the week and I've been rather busy with the testing, and the bug of notifications going out from Test was just discovered ^^;) - there are 2 more chapters of Tiger Hunt posted - it took me a bit to get back in the groove, but this is about the point it picks up again, I feel.

Otherwise I have succeeded in dragging more victims into the dark abyss getting a few folks into Homestuck, to which I can only say MWAHAHAHAHA TRIUMPH umm, sorry if you actually wanted to, y'know, do anything besides read webcomics for a week solid (but really, why would you?)

(Or you can be like me and put Descend (a.k.a. the end of Act 4) on loop six times in a row! And then boggle at the guy playing it on a keyboard by ear.) (Actually Umbral Ultimatum is what I've been looping lately - better known as the music for the animation of OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.)(Youtube dude plays that one too. Someone needs to get this kid a grand piano and a concert hall.)

If you're curious about fic, I've got bookmarks on AO3 (for a smaller fandom the amount of quality fic is seriously impressive.) If you love Karkat as much as me check out askvantas (Tumblr, I have discovered, is possibly more dangerous than Pixiv. If you are not careful you may lose several more hours to going through all the archives of certain blogs and wondering how squeeing over thirteen-year-old kids making out with six-sweep-old trolls is apparently now your fannish life.)(but come on, AWWWW!)(Though honestly this is the most beautiful JohnKat that will ever be.)(This is a close second.)

(John/Karkat is not in fact my OTP; my fannish soul continues to confuse and baffle by not offering me one. I love everybody and everybody with everybody. Especially if there are hugs. Need more hugs!)


Jun. 21st, 2011 02:04 pm
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So I kind of wrote a Homestuck fic. "Kind of" because it's not really a story so much as a writing experiment. And figuring I might as well give myself a challenge it's a chatlog. Between Karkat and Dave. Just to see if I could pull it off. ...Short answer: no ^^;;;;

[ Long answer on AO3 ]

...omg so much red, Terezi would be going into artificial cherry flavored sugar shock. For those in the habit of clicking random fic links, this is not so much spoilery as utterly incomprehensible out of context. Also warnings for IC language (i.e. 1 out of 100 words is an expletive.) And in lieu of plot I went for squishy friendship fluff. Which upon looking at this morning might be mistaken for angst. Erm how does that happen to me?
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So after almost (but not quite) five years, I'm finishing Tiger Hunt. After my recent One Piece reread, it just seemed like the time. After writing for the past month, I have the first draft almost done (am on the epilogue, planning to finish it this weekend) so I figured I could risk posting and seeing if anyone out there actually remembers this fic exists.

(in unrelated news, AGGHHH I don't think I can read Homestuck as it's updated (never mind that that's often daily, and several pages a day, because Andrew Hussie is clearly insane and also possibly a Hero of Time) - TOO FRICKING STRESSFUL AGGGHHH NEED MORE NOOOOW! Did Karkat kill Gamzee himself?? He's covered in purple blood...how?? are we gonna get an animation?? agh more more now now now now!!)
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Yeah, I'll get off this eventually. For now, regarding the most recent update:


In conclusion I picked a VERY STRESSFUL TIME to start reading this thing 0_0;;;

(also someone on my flist who's seen Durarara!! needs to read Homestuck, or else someone who's read Homestuck needs to watch DRRR!!, because someone else has to appreciate the unbridled terror amazing crossover OTP that would be Izaya & Vriska trolling one another (shifting between redrom and blackrom and no one knows which is scarier and either way the world is probably going to end). And John & Mikado could chat nicely and save the world from them, and Dave & Masaomi could have a coolkid-off, and Rose & Anri could discuss struggling with darkness. And Shizuo and Equius could commiserate on being STRONG and Dotachin and Bro probably already hang together in some transdimensional cafe and really this needs to happen okay?)
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Addendum to my Homestuck pimping: Go watch this to give you a taste; it's basically a preview, a remix of some of the original music matched to some nicely remixed animation. Will only take you a minute and it's totally worth it.

Homestuck has a crazily huge and active fandom for a webcomic cartoon production thing. In addition to remixes and original animation (obligatory Carameldansen!), there's some standard music vids, with varying amounts of creative vid editing to accommodate the media. So we get Weird Al's That's Your Horoscope for Today - starring the trolls, naturally. ...and then there's Lament, a Karkat vid to Mumford & Son's "Little Lion Man", and yeah out of context I'm sure it looks ridiculous with the oft-goofy art and all...but, erm, it's actually kind of perfect? No really. ^^;

And then there's the fic (broken 1,000 on AO3 and counting!) Which I've mostly just poked at from afar (and am not feeling particularly inspired by it myself - partly it's the media; partly it's teetering on type-A fandom for me anyway, so...) but have already found some first class writing. Though I get a bit weirded out by the chat logs - it's the same reason I have trouble reading fic for novels; there's something about reading fic that's the same format/media as the original canon that confuses me. Almost like enjoying the fic is betraying the original novel, because why would I read one when I can read the other? I don't know, ask my crazy fannish brain. (While you're at it you can inquire as to why doujinshi for manga doesn't do this to me. Maybe it's because most doujin-ka don't try to imitate mangaka's styles, and those that do, even the best, I still can tell? While as prose can be less definite? I dunno.)

Homestuck is a particularly odd case because regular prose fics don't throw me, but chat-logs do (though I'm also finding that they illuminate just how, er, unique the writing of Homestuck is, because while imitating the colors and typing quirks is relatively easy, getting the dialogue to sound right is tricky - haven't found anyone who can pull off a convincing Dave, for instance.) That being said, SeptimusMagistos's "We're All Doomed" has a lot of spot-on moments of characterization, most of them hysterical. And urbanAnchorite rocks the prose with both comedy and completely OTT delicious aaaaaangst.

(Bonus mention of this for featuring my One True Blackrom for Karkat - totally canon, yo! Just ask Nepeta's shipping wall...)(...Really, I haven't figured out if I have any actual ships. Mostly I just want Karkat to get lots of hugs and am happy seeing him with anyone who might provide such, platonic or otherwise. :P)
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As threatened! And because I can't be the only one who's been noticing the growing number of fic on AO3 and wondering what was up with that (I got it confused with Homestar Runner for a good couple months there...) and then if/when you do look it up, you end up on MSPaint Adventures baffled (or possibly worse, the MSPA Wiki, which in my experience is terrifying to the uninitiated.)(And then I spent two hours on it last night when I ran out of new pages...)

The brief explanation: [mostly spoiler-free, provided you don't click the links; I mention a few future things but trust me, there's a lot going on and I'm not giving any of the surprises away.] Homestuck is the latest and longest-running story on MSPA (unrelated to previous adventures, none of which I've read.) It's nominally a webcomic, insofar as you have to call it something; it might be easier to think of it as a detailed walk-through to an illustrated text adventure game that doesn't actually exist. It's not particularly interactive (with the exception of a few fun little RPG-style flash mini-games); it's not a game but an unusual narrative device, with the story being told mostly through text-adventure style descriptions and commands, and chat logs.

This got long, so I'm cutting to spare you. )

So, that's Homestuck. If you're still not sure, I'd suggest going to the beginning and starting to read. The opening is mostly nonsense; the story takes a bit to get going, and you can skim until you get to the first chat logs. I'd recommend going through to the end of Act 1 before you really decide how you feel - that's only a fraction of the full work, but it'll give you a decent impression. (Oh, and I'd try looking at it in different browsers, or else turning off fonts - for some reason the primary fixed-width text is bolded weird and hard for me to read in Firefox, but looks fine in Chrome.)

on Karkat

Jun. 7th, 2011 04:58 pm
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Okay, in some short time from now I will make an honest attempt to pimp Homestuck, because I think actually quite a lot of you might enjoy it for a variety of reasons. But that will wait until I'm entirely caught up, which I'm not yet, because Act 5 is looooooong. (also that this page made me laugh hysterically for a minute straight says things about my sense of humor, none of them complimentry.)

Right now I just have to mention that at present, a good 50% of my Homestuck reading experience is me going (sometimes aloud):





on presents

Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:32 am
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*yawn* Kitties woke me at 7 AM, a couple hours before I had to be up - they'd somehow gotten into a bag of Christmas ribbons and bows, and Anna was coming and depositing bows on my chest. Christmas ribbons are surprisingly loud when pushed into your face by an eager kitty. After the second or third one I staggered out of bed to find the bag and stash it in the closet where I thought it had been all along (how they found it now, months later, is one of those feline mysteries.) I should consider myself lucky that they weren't just eating the bows (Anna especially loves eating shiny things and plastic. We have to be very careful about not leaving plastic bags around because she will, given the chance, tear them up and devour them. Unsurprisingly her digestive track does not appreciate such avant garde gourmet.)

...Also am lucky that we don't have mice. Or tarantulas. Because I suspect Anna would want to share those spoils with me as well, and that would be a much less adorable way to wake up.

In mostly unrelated news, in the pre-cat morning I was dreaming that I was reading/playing Homestuck. It actually made significantly more sense...

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