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I have spent the last few months trapped behind one of the worst writing blocks it's been my misfortune to encounter. Am finally, finally feeling like I might be chipping my way through it - hopefully to really get going on my [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti fics (omg I am so sorry, I have not forgotten, I swear! orz). In the meantime I am latching on like a leech to the slightest bit of inspiration that comes my way, and the latest Identical story seems to have stirred up my Clex fangirl (not difficult, she's never deeply buried.)

So, here's a new story in the Subterfuge universe, my fluffy future fic AU (and this addition rates a feather-tucked-into-a-cottonball on the Lint Scale of WAFF.)

Smallville: The Best Laid Schemes {~9,000 words}
PG; Subterfuge 'verse; Clex + Conner, h/c, fluff
Even the best superheroes and -villains can't cover every contingency; sometimes things just go awry.

(posted on AO3 like all the cool kids are doing, feel free to comment here or there. Or both! You know me, any feedback is appreciated and admired and cherished like a dragon with her gold.)
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SV's been giving us angst, but not the fun kind. So. Totally gratuitous Clex angst, written at [livejournal.com profile] gnine's plea, thus I disavow any responsibility. It's set in the Subterfuge universe, after the death of Superman and before Kon's birth, as mentioned in "A Constant Struggle". Right now this is less a complete story, more a couple snapshot moments. See, I've never read those comics, am just going by Wikipedia and a few random tidbits I've picked up, so...do any of you comic fans want to point me to summaries/scans/collections to buy? Please? As this 'verse is all about reinterpreting canon, I need to know what canon is, in order to warp it! Any help you can offer, I'd be much obliged.

Warnings for cliche and unresolved aaaaangst (it does have a happy ending, as it's a prequel to the other Subterfuge stories - that ending's just not written yet, is all), and AU Kents - in this 'verse, Jonathan never died.

Smallville: Freefalling {8,997 words}
PG-13, Clark/Lex, AU futurefic, angst
The death of Superman, and Lex deals. Or not so much.

Read it on AO3
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My first non-darkfic dip into Smallville canon proper rather than futurefic, and my second time with Clark's POV. This is actually a distant prequel to the Subterfuge universe, but stands on its own without any obvious relation in plot or tone to those later fic. It's a 5th season episode tag, taking place an hour or two after the final scene of "Mortal," and might be the first of a sequence of AU ep tags. I quite enjoyed 5th season overall, but in a "what it could have been" way more than a "this is the way it was" way, and AUing it amuses me.

Title from the Scrubs soundtrack, a musical number far too lovely for a silly comedy, which is just one more reason why Scrubs rocks so hard; when I was deciding what to call this story, my playlist shuffled to this song, and I'm not one to look a gift title in the mouth.

Smallville: Waiting for My Real Life to Begin {5,136 words}
PG; pre-slash (hints of Clark/Lex; references to canonical Clark/Lana), ep tag to 5x02, "Mortal"
Clark runs home from the Talon; Lex is waiting for him.

Read it on AO3
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Beware of sap. (And falling typoes! [livejournal.com profile] gnine tried to give a beta but we're both still under the weather and easily distracted.) I'm terribly fond of this variation on Lex and the Clex, so this is likely not the last you'll see of this universe. Or Conner, because he is really far too much fun.

Smallville: A Constant Struggle, 2/2 {5,467 words}
PG-13; AU futurefic, Static Shock x-over; mild Clex and V/R
Robert and his boys are invited over to family dinner with Lex Luthor and three generations of Kents.

Read it on AO3
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At last, not darkfic!

This is part of what I've taken to calling the Subterfuge universe, now with added comic canon to leaven the AU Smallville and JLU blend. It's the direct sequel to "According to Plan" and like that story is technically a Static Shock crossover, but this is much more a Smallville story. The SS characters are mostly there to be observers; Robert Hawkins's down-to-earth understanding makes him a convenient foil to the totally functional dysfunctionality that is the Clex in this universe.

Smallville: A Constant Struggle, 1/2 {6,610 words}
PG-13; AU futurefic, Static Shock x-over; mild Clex and V/R
Robert and his boys are invited over to family dinner with Lex Luthor and three generations of Kents.

Read it on AO3
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And here we are at the end of the story. Now is probably the time to point out that this fic is actually a direct sequel to this fic, which was written some four years ago (and thus no longer matches with current SV canon, but what can you do? Besides ignore current canon, which is the most satisfying way to deal with it anyway, imho.) I may have neglected to mention this earlier to avoid giving away most of this story.

I might write more in this general universe. It's one of my fave explanations of Lex, and I rather wish more fics would write him thusly. It's such a fun way to handle canon. And hey, it makes at least as much sense as the smartest man in the world failing to figure out that Superman + bad glasses - extra-strength hair mousse = Clark Kent.

According to Plan, all parts
PG, futurefic; Smallville/Static Shock crossover, + vague mentions of Justice League

Read it on AO3

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