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First off - just heard from [livejournal.com profile] naye that Madhouse anime studio is going to be making a Supernatural anime. ZOMGWTFBBQ THIS IS GOING TO BE LEGEN - waitforit - DARY. On the one hand, SPN is wildly popular among Japanese fangirls (hawt incesty brothers ftw!) so how can they go wrong; otoh SPN is so very very American, how can they go right? I can't wait to see. Also crossing my fingers that the seiyuu casting will break my brain.

In related news, have been feeling adrift of late, not really having a fandom. And in my drifting I floated back to past affections, and after happily paddling in Clex for a bit, I, um, somehow seem to have gotten back into Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah, don't ask. I have no excuse - I've seen and read dozens of better anime and manga (like, most of them...) before and since, and I originally got into it before YGO: The Abridged Series even existed. Yet somehow Kaiba Seto and his little brother manage to maintain a target lock on my fangirl heart. (I can't help it. Kaiba manages to hit nearly every favorite character button I have - bad-ass arrogant asshole cum reluctant redemption character codependently loyal to his sibling/only family. Also manga!Mokuba is as awesome as he is adorable. Also also Tsuda Kenjirou's voice is still the sex.)

So I've been flipping through my YGO manga and watching my HK bootleg DVDs (and fixing up the subtitles of some of my favorite bits, good translation practice since the "English" on a lot of them is somewhat less than comprehensible.) and fastforwarding through all the %$*@(% card games, naturally. And then ficcing - I've at long last finished my not-really-dead-Mokuba WIP "Safeguard," am posting the final chapters now. And maybe a bit more after that, if [livejournal.com profile] gnine has her way.

Have also rediscovered an old trouble writing anime-based fic - while my Japanese isn't anywhere near good enough that I could write fic in Japanese, I can mentally compose dialogue. When I fic I often try to "hear" the character's voices speaking the lines, and it's no different with anime fic, except that since I never watch dubs, the voices are in Japanese. Which means that on occasion I find myself sitting before a story trying to figure out how to best render kudaranai in English, and writing "Of course" when the char is really saying Touzen da.
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I said it before, that I fell for Kaiba because he reminds me of Lex. Brilliant and deeply disturbed, casualties of their sadistic fathers' damage and their own ambitions. Kaiba is the more culpable of the two, having chosen his path rather than being born into it; ironic that he's the one to eventually rise above his darkness, while Lex is ultimately damned. Maybe it's because Lex is destiny's puppet victim, while Kaiba has always forged his own. Or maybe Lex just needs someone to shatter his heart.

Anyway. They're obviously a match made in some dark and deliciously twisted place.

I might've futzed with the YGO timeline; the story is set in the spring of '95, with Lex at 15 and Kaiba at 14 (for anyone flummoxed by imaging the real with the animated, please follow [livejournal.com profile] praiseofshadows's lead and picture Kaiba as played by Gackt). The idea is that Gozaburo sent Seto to an American boarding school for a semester to practice his English; Seto took the opportunity to learn some other valuable life skills from the school's expert. I'm not confident of the characterizations of either one of them, but hell, they're just kids here. Seriously fucked up kids.

Exchange Student {9,795 words}
NC-17 (Warnings for underaged sex and references to child abuse), Lex Luthor/Seto Kaiba
Sometimes broken edges can almost fit together. Lex meets a boy one semester at Excelsior.

Read it on AO3
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Storytime! [livejournal.com profile] immicolia has started sharing her threatened Winchester Brothers & the Case of the Boy with the Haunted Bling (yay!), so now I, myself an attention whore of the first degree, am getting antsy to post what I've been poking at for the last month, my own unholy crack-induced crossover. I finally have a title for it (always the hardest part of these thing. No, really), so should be getting up the first chapter soon. In the meantime, here's the prologue, to give you an idea of what kind of crack I'm talking about.

Supernatural/YGO. And please forgive the opening melodramatics. The fic is shaping up to be lighter from here on out. Despite the proliferation of really top quality angst in the SPN canon and fanfic alike, whenever I try to write the Winchester boys they go all squishy and cheerfully dorky. It's GetBackers all over again.

Four Knights Game. Because the one thing Kaiba-kun doesn't have enough of in his life is aaaaangst... )
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Told [livejournal.com profile] nenya85 I'd do these a while ago - translations of half of Takahashi-sensei's interview in the YGO character guidebook. (The first half, because those are all the Kaiba questions - might do the rest later, but these are the ones I most wanted the answers to!)

Being my own translations, I won't vouch for the accuracy of any of them; I have a long way to go before I can claim fluency in Japanese. [livejournal.com profile] gnine helped with some sticky questions but there were still a few phrases that flummoxed me. Hopefully I got the gist. I've footnoted parts that especially confused me; anyone who knows Japanese is welcome to correct me. Please.

On KaibaCorp, Kaiba vs Gozaburo, and whether Kaiba and Yami are friends... )
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Contrary to rumors of homicidal ghosts in badly photoshopped paintings, or disappearance down a whirling vortex to a strange new world, I am in fact alive and well and still living in Kyoto, and since I have succeeded in finding a job (at the most infamously evil of the eikaiwa co.'s, but let's not get into that; a job is a job and a visa is a visa and the important thing is I am not getting deported. I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming from my Book Offs and combinis and kaiten sushi places, not to mention my imouto-tachi, and it would be terrifically embarrassing) I'm likely to be here for a good long while yet.

April is apparently International Guilt the Author Month; in the course of a week I received two convincing inducements to continue with various unfinished projects, in the form of lovely fanart, a rare piece for Illicit Miracles (well-timed; my webmanga's annual hiatus ends next Monday) and this one from Ru for Tiger Hunt. Which I will be posting a new chapter to. Uh. Soon. Marvelous bribes, at any rate.

Meanwhile, looking at these last two months in Japan...I have a problem. The first step is acceptance, right? My name is X-parrot, and I'm addicted to doujinshi. Cut because I am still pathetically obsessed with YGO/Kaiba. )

YGO AE arc

Jan. 6th, 2006 11:21 pm
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So I've been laid low by a passing winter cold, am taking it easy in hopes of a quick recovery (I have waaay too much to do this month to be sick now) and what better way to relax than to melt one's brain with some poorly translated cartoons? Meaning, I'm finally watching the last arc of YGO. Fun stuff.

A few comments in passing )
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Should have been studying for tomorrow's Japanese final last night - I've managed to forget more kanji this semester than I'd ever learned before - but instead I was poking at fic, readying a new chapter for upload. Only to discover upon attempting to post that ff.net's doc manager is currently refusing all documents - gives me a random error message when I try to upload. Is this just me, or is everyone feeling the hate?

Anyway, on the off-chance someone from ff.net pops over to my lj, here's chapter 6 of "Legally Insane". Mokuba torture, Kaiba angst, all that good stuff. Though geeze...it was supposed to be like a 20 page story, it's now 45 pages and counting. Have I mentioned I'm having far too much fun with this fic? What can I say, unrepentant h/c'er here - the classic 'loved one gets abducted, big brother proceeds to completely lose his mind', it never gets old!

edit: Ah-hah! Works now. The old "bitch about it to others" trick, never fails!

edit the second: Next page NOW plzkthx! Presumed dead! *squeal* (Benjamin/Caprice = absolute OTP, yo!)

YGO fic

Oct. 25th, 2005 11:27 am
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Brief Kaiba's b-day fic writ for the [livejournal.com profile] kaibabros contest, originally intended as borderline parody but it might not have turned out that way. Angst/humor is a perfectly legitimate category. Sure it is.
Gen, immediately pre-Duelist Kingdom, featuring a recombination of anime and manga canons which may or may not fit with either timeline. I couldn't figure it out, so please just pretend the chronology works.


YGO smut

Oct. 22nd, 2005 06:37 pm
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I almost was going to write crack darkfic, had an idea and everything. Then I realized I didn't want to write YGO darkfic. And I have been wanting to write this, er, pairing. So here's fluffy crack, or possibly cracked fluff, of the pr0nish variety.

Y/S-M/Y, or some variation thereof (what would you call that, sandwichshipping?) In character? What is this in character of which you speak?
Warnings for consensual sexing stuffs, yaoi, voyeurism, advancing the timeline, willfully ignoring canon, crack, etc. Also please to be remembering that X-parrot is a gen writer for a reason, and has no business writing smut.

In which Seto is up for a new challenge...
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Finished v.16 (Duelist v.9), and couldn't wait until next month, so I picked up my Japanese v.17 - and found I could read it! Admittedly it takes me as long to read a single chapter as it does to read the entire volume in English, and I wasn't looking up words so was missing bits. But a couple hours of Japanese studies a day is paying off! I can read manga intended for 12 year old boys! ...Er. Yeah.

Still! Too cute, the beginning of the volume, with Yugi beating Otogi - "Otogi-kun, I wasn't thinking about inheriting the power of the puzzle; I just wanted to see my other self...that's all I wanted." Seriously. So Canon. And then Jounouchi staying behind and carrying Yugi out of the fire...now that's a friend. Aww.

And now some Japanese manga scans, with my translations below the scans. (And naturally corrections on my translations are greatly appreciated.)

But first a cute Y/Y pic from v.17.
omgTheirLoveIsSoHungAroundTheirNecks )

A couple pages from v.27, on Alcatraz. In which we find further proof that Kaiba has more issues than my grandma had of National Geographic. )

And v.31, the end of Alcatraz. Notable for the brief chibi-Kaibas flashback, death by the tragically adorable. )
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--But there was a polar bear in Lost this week! "He like bears?" *giggles* Also the Michael-Sawyer stuff, awwww. This show does bring on the hurt/comfort. (and the pretty boys. Add Desmond to the list - look at those big crazy puppy eyes!)

And I got the YGO movie in Japanese! Er, without subs. But all the same. ...Yes, I realize it's probably better in the English in this case, because something this bad could only be funnier dubbed. But I really am that allergic to dubs. And in lust with Tsuda-sama's voice enjoy hearing Kaiba boast. Need to watch the whole thing, but at least the end is not quite as stupid as in the American version of the movie ani-manga. (and Mokuba bandaging Kaiba's arm! awww!) It's interesting how they...umm...translate these things. "You're still the true Duel King, Yugi, I will defeat you," (and he uses omae! I didn't know Kaiba knew any other form of "you" besides kisama!) becomes "Enjoy your last days of being champion while you still can" and "You really are a true Duelist, Kaiba-kun," becomes "It's nice to have the old Kaiba back!" and Yugi talks about his friends and his mou hitori but doesn't have that irritating line about Kaiba not having people he loves to share his victories with, which ticked me off because, uh, what is Mokuba, chopped flarn?

bit of fic

Sep. 27th, 2005 07:23 pm
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At under 600 words, this drabble's too short to bother posting elsewhere. YGO, sap, I'm not apologizing, this fandom needs more fluff, dammit!

"Seto has changed after Death-T."
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Obligatory Advent Children reaction:


You're unlikely to get more outa me. Except did the toss-the-Cloud sequence remind anyone else of OP, Arabasta arc, with the clocktower?

And, fic. Finally finished the Static Shock Summertime; started posting a new YGO, Safeguard, because no one is writing me the squishy fluffy gen that I desperately want to read in that fandom. So I'm writing it for myself. And then there was a challenge on a comm and hallucinations were too good to pass up, so now I'm writing Legally Insane, too, only I doubt that one will be terribly popular there, as it's not angst except in the most contrived and shallow way, nor is it incest (I'm terrible about following rules) - it's an incest comm, most of the fic are dark and creepy, disturbing angst, often extremely well-done. But I have no urge to write creepy & disturbing for YGO, because that's what most of the good writers are doing for it already. The series has a definite potential for dark, and since that side's only briefly touched on in canon (the chars are all too busy playing cards to dig into how messed up they might be), it's not surprising that fen enjoy exploring it. But I doubt I could do it any better than others already are, and since my darkfic itches are getting scratched, I'm not particularly inspired to try. And dammit, sometimes I just want an unabashed happy ending that leave me with a silly grin.

...Okay, most of the time that's what I want, even if I enjoy and appreciate other sorts of fic. I'm a hurt/comfort addict. There probably should be a 12 step program for that. As it is, I'm writing all - fluffy angst? Or angsty fluff? Pseudo-angst, the sort that puts the chars through much stress and worry and physical/emotional torture but it all gets entirely and cheerfully resolved by the story's end. With hugs. Because there can never be too many hugs.

Yo, [livejournal.com profile] gnine, [livejournal.com profile] naye? We absolutely have to get that h/c comm off the ground!

ygo eps

Aug. 24th, 2005 11:34 pm
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Anyone who's wanted to hear how sexy Tsuda Kenjirou's Kaiba really is see some of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh - I had no luck finding eps online myself, but as I've ripped some for a friend anyway, I thought I'd share. Only two are available now (the first couple eps of Malik-brainwashed Evil!Jounouchi vs Yuugi) but if anyone's interested there'll be more later.

YGO 75
YGO 76

Subtitle warning: I edited the bootleg subs, but my Japanese being what it is, or rather isn't, I can only vouch for the accuracy of maybe 60%. And I tend to tune out at the duels, so some parts of those remain in delightful Babelfish-ese. But I've tried to make sense of the lines that weren't translated at all, and at least Jounouchi is now called "Jounouchi" and not "Serenity" as he is in the originals subs (usually he's "Wheeler" - they apparently decided a full translation meant to the English dub names as well - but for these particular eps, the poor translator got very confused.)

And, fic. The good news is, I finished "Worst Case Scenario". The bad news is I'll be starting posting another one within a few days...
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Is this the future of One Piece fic? There are 35,000 stories now listed on ff.net's YGO section. Of the first 100 fics (all posted/updated within the last 24 hours or so), there are 20 without spelling or grammar mistakes in either the title or the summary (my favorite is "Kaiba becomes a supper hero" - he starts volunteering at a soup kitchen?). There are surprisingly only 11 obvious Mary Sues, mostly going after Kaiba - Seto-sama gets a lot of action, of the 63 romance/pairing fics, 31 list him in the pairings. Shizuka narrowly beats her brother in bagging everyone's favorite asshole CEO, 8 SetoxShizuka to 7 SetoxJou. Impressive, considering in the series I don't think Shizuka and Kaiba have ever actually exchanged words.

And yeah, I'm still posting there anyway - here's my latest fic, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] gnine, who came up with the whole thing. Featuring time travel, Kaiba angst, and people who take their card games way too seriously...
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EEEEEK - I just downloaded an ep of YGO. A dubbed ep. BWAAHAHAHA now I am going to go stab out my ears.

Why do they change the soundtracks in dubs? WHY? YGO has good BGM (pretty standard videogame-esque, but there's several overblown orchestral tracks, I am so very weak to those.) No god card theme? Tragic! Then they rewrite the script, which is already pretty talky, to narrate every single bloody event on the screen. Because American children are too stupid to interpret moving pictures, apparently.

And then there's the voices. Will not even mention Kaiba. Will not will not will not... okay, so Tsuda Kenjirou is a new favorite seiyuu (thanks to his almost-not-quite crying in episode 116. And his mad laugh. And every single Blue Eyes attack. --Speaking of which, what the hell is this "White Lightning" shit? "HOROBI NO BAASUTO SUTORIIMU!!!") This guy? Not so much. And "virus" is such a cooler word when contorted into Japanese pronunciation.

I'd been warned about Jounouchi's Brooklyn accent before, but still, yeah, that's pretty bad. Wait, who's talking now? )

Mokuba: "Oh no!"
Yami: "Oh yes!"
X-parrot: "Oh god!" *gets fork for ears*

I am weak

Jul. 12th, 2005 10:52 pm
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I'm confessing here so certain people can holler at me, as I well know you will, though I swear it's not my fault, I didn't want to do it, I can't help that Kaiba is such a compelling SOB.

...which is to say, yeah. I wrote Yu-Gi-Oh fic. Moreover, I didn't even write good YGO fic. No, instead I had to retell the same damn flashback story I'm sure has been done a thousand times before on ff.net. Only with overextended metaphors and in second person, just to be contrary. And while I drew a little on the anime filler, most of it is based on what we've thus far seen of Kaiba's backstory in the manga. So it was essentially inspired by all of three pages of manga.

What can I say. They're a really interesting three pages.


Now, leave me to my shame. And my incredibly cute if stupid filler arc.
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To all those watching the Yu-Gi-Oh dub, wondering what you're missing--I can assure you now, it's not just the dub. The show really is that bad. Do I keep watching it? But of course!

That being said, even in the bad little kid shows, in which most of the action is moving mouths and monsters duking it out in recycled footage, the Japanese seiyuu still act their little hearts out. They maybe can't compare to the talent of One Piece, but definitely worth listening to.

In which I fangirl on seiyuu. )

I also just picked up v.6 (or rather v.13. Confusing, much?) Definitely prefer the manga to the show. Not only are the wretched card battles shorter, but the characters have more edge. Yugi's resolution to become stronger than his 'other me' (and Jounouchi offering to beat up the other Yugi, if Yami let his pride get in the way of what Yugi needed to do!), Honda asking Yugi to save the Kaibas because he owes Mokuba - good stuff. It's a shame the anime didn't have Death-T, because it set up a lot of running threads, and the story is weaker without them.
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I don't like card games. Solitaire, go fish, poker, none of that has ever been terribly entertaining to me. This carries over to the fighting card games, excepting a brief flirtation with Magic: The Gathering in high school, and even then it was more for the pretty pictures than the gameplay. Card games bore me. And do you know what's even more boring than playing a card game? Reading about a card game being played!

So why, for the love of little fishes, do I like Yu-Gi-Oh so darn much?

Obviously, because I am weak. Warning: gratuitous overuse of the word cute. Minor spoilers, but mostly in the incomprehensible fangirl squeeing way, nothing that's gonna ruin it for you. )

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