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So eventually one looks at one's lj, realizes that that one has waited so long to do 'that big post covering everything' that it is in fact too long to do at all (if one even remembers half of what one meant to put on it, which one doesn't) and so, one just posts this. Mostly to say hi! Contrary to popular opinion I have not been abducted by aliens! Nor have I been swallowed alive by an errant gif on Tumblr (in fact I've managed to trim my Tumblring down to less-than-daily and just for fun, so don't rely on that to get in touch with me, as odds are I won't see anything there at all.)

I was away on vacation for a couple weeks (holidays in Australia is an amazing experience - New Year's Eve in Sydney was like the Fourth of July, hot and sunny and fireworks! ...And enormous flitting fruitbats freaked out by said fireworks, which is not like any New Year's I've had before. There were sulfur-crested cockatoos nesting outside our hotel window, and rainbow lorikeets flocking everywhere, and ibises in the park and prehistoric geese on the golf courses, and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef was beyond amazing. I've wanted to go to Australia for the animals since I was about six, and it did not disappoint on the creature features! I also got to meet [livejournal.com profile] alasen who is a lovely (non-marsupial!) creature herself, along with a batch of other marvelous fangirls whose names and screennames both I have...entirely managed to forget. But it was great fun!)

Then I celebrated my recovery from the jetlag by getting an awful cold which I'm only now recovering from (rather screwed up my fic-posting schedule - for anyone who is waiting for it, the end of the Loki fic is coming, soon!) and plunging into AO3 wrangling business for the year.

Also watched the end of Fringe! Which I...I don't know how I feel about it. But then I don't actually know how I feel about Fringe in general, so that's par for the course...some spoilery nattering ) In the end I would have to recommend Fringe as a show worth seeing, original in a lot of ways (and a lot of different ways, being one of the few shows I know that managed to pretty much change its entire concept with every season, while still remaining recognizable and true to its characters all along...)
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I either picked an absolutely terrible or a totally awesome time to catch up with this show...whichever it is, watching it in real time is stressful, yo!

spoilers for Fringe 4x19 )
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So I have caught up with Fringe, to the current ep (4x18) and I am...confused?

--Though especially after this past season, I have to say, the show is honestly worth watching for John Noble's performance alone. There are times that one of the versions of Walter hasn't been around for a while and I actually will start musing about whether the actor was unavailable, before I remember that no, wait, it's the same actor. It's not that he looks or sounds that different; it's just that all of it, the way he speaks, the way he carries himself, everything, are different people. Who are all totally different from his real self as well, judging by the couple of interviews I've seen. Whatever Walter is doing, whichever Walter it is, he doesn't disappoint.

As for the rest of the show...

Here there be spoilers! and way-too-late-at-night ranting )

--And I could rave on more but I need sleep! I will leave you with bloopers - it's always fun to see the cast of a serious show being OOC (especially if it involves crazy cute hugs!)
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Up to 3x10 on Fringe and yes, it's true, this show definitely moves into a higher gear, starting midway through s2. I admit to feeling the twinges of genuine squee. It's odd, too, that a show so terrible with science (though that's enjoyably moved more into the established comic book mad science realm of ridiculous metaphors and established MacGuffins) and geography (it's become clear that in the Fringe universe(s) Boston is in fact a suburb of NYC, or possibly vice versa) is surprisingly good with characters and relationships - in spite of the absurd circumstances they act like actual real adult people. A recent ep especially impressed me by doing what I've almost never seen done in TV: one of the heroes, rather than trying to keep a very difficult secret, actually stepped up and told the truth without delay or prevarication, fully knowing the damage it would inevitably cause. Honesty! On a TV show! Astonishing!

More rambling, squee and some not; also spoilers for a show that's definitely worth watching unspoiled )
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Your show is cute (if still not as clever as you think it is) and fun and I liked the s1 finale twist*, but just so you know (because [livejournal.com profile] gnine's head is exploding as if from radiation), Boston to New York City is at minimum, a 4 hour drive. And Pennsylvania is even further than New York.

Look, I know the states of New England are small compared to California. But Massachusetts is actually bigger than a single city, and takes more than 15 minutes to drive through. Maps.google is your friend! (and those maps are to scale. The size that things appear on your screen? The actual states are a teensy bit bigger. Just so you know.)

The brother points out that X-files established the existence of Secret FBI Tunnels, by which you can get anywhere directly, no traffic or speed limits. It helps, of course, that all FBI agents are given Bugatti Veyrons as their company cars.

(This is putting aside all the little wrong Massachusetts details, such as Worcester has no buildings over 25 stories, and there are no redwoods anywhere in the Northeast. And there's been no characters speaking with Boston accents, and yes, in real life people actually do pahk their cahs in Hahvahd Yahd. But that's just standard TV-nitpicking; it's always fun when a show is set in one's home turf.)

(Of course, around the time of the giant cold virus, the brother posited that the writers are actively trolling us - perhaps in a cunning effort to generate buzz, knowing that nothing gets geeks talking online like blatant violation of basic science; perhaps merely because they get off on driving fans nuts - but it has to be deliberate; we can't see how anyone who could correctly use the word epidemiologist wouldn't know that viruses aren't cells?)

* Really, in spite of this, I actually am enjoying the show! Have now seen a couple eps into s2, and oh, Walter...you didn't happen to have instigated an inter-dimensional war, did you? Stealing a son from another universe is never a good idea. And you are going to have to tell Peter sometime, and I do wonder how that conversation is going to go down. I liked that twist, and didn't see it coming until the finale itself, for all that it had laid the groundwork eps before, all those childhood anecdotes that ended with Peter going, "I don't remember that," and Walter answering, "I do."

We also are enjyoing playing 'Where's Baldo?' and the cute nod to the FBI's 'old X classification'. (Also, the Futurama connection - Philip Broyles? as in, broiling? which is like frying? Like Philip J. Fry? XD)
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So we are on the last dozen eps of FMA: Brotherhood and omg sooooo gooooooood *_* LING LING LING LING (not to mention, Greedling!!! <33333) and of course must love Roy Mustang. To say nothing of the awesomeness of the ladies (Hawkeye! Izumi! Olivier omg omg Olivier~~~~!) and of course Ed & Al still hit all my devoted sibs buttons and just, everyone, all of it, eeeeeee! (FMA poses a difficulty because I often tend to pick favorite characters - have favorite characters picked for me - based on who is the most badass, only in FMA that is EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER EVER. It makes it haaaaaard~~!)

...Of course getting down to the end wire here (just saw Roy take out Envy and am starting to get REALLY REALLY STRESSED about who actually makes it and how it's going to end for everyone, because at this point I love everyone enough that losing any of them will hurt (including certain minor characters who initially seemed to be introduced as minor villains to test the good guy's no-killing resolve, and then just seemed to be there as canon fodder, and now I don't even know but yeah, I love them too, ahhhh!)

Looking forward to reading the manga after this, too. (Normally I would wait a bit, so all the plot is not so fresh in my mind, but I'm sort of already getting an urge to rewatch the series, so yeah, manga...)

In fanning from the other side of the globe, we've started watching Fringe - only about halfway through first season and, hmmm. It would be better if the show didn't think it was ~so very clever~ and unique (uhhh guys X-files already did this over a decade ago, on the same network even, you're not exactly breaking new ground!) - especially since the pseudoscience routinely threatens to MAKE MY HEAD EXPLODE (JUST LIKE RADIATION APPARENTLY DOES IN THEIR UNIVERSE.) Listen, I grew up on Star Trek, I love me my technobabble; and I'm all over comic books and their wacky amazing magic SCIENCE. And sometimes Fringe goes far enough that I can enjoy it but sometimes it tries to give 'clever'-sounding explanations that anyone who took high school physics (i.e. me) clearly can tell are wrong and also insane. Which they don't need to do! It's simple enough to handwave these things - just call on a MacGuffin! Ancient technology! Nanites*! Dark matter! Anything! Just doesn't say it's electromagnetism when clearly NO NO IT IS NOT!

OTOH this does have the effect of making me rather fond of Peter Bishop, since about 50% of his dialogue is saying aloud whatever I was just shouting at the screen. And so far I'm liking both his relationship with Walter (estranged parent-child relationships ftw) and with Olivia (their UST has been nicely and maturely underplayed thus far, to the point where I might be brought around to shipping them, if that's where it's going?)

...And then the brother has pointed out that the show is actually an AU Futurama - Walter is straight-out Prof. Farnsworth! Olivia is two-eyed less-tempermental Leela! Peter is pretty much exactly Fry + a brain! Astrid is Amy! Broyles is, uh, Hermes? Leaving only the question of who is Bender...

* ETA: Me, I just think Cesar Salazar should show up sometime. He and Walter are so on the same wavelength (Generator Rex's end was actually pretty decent, resolved enough to be satisfying but maintained enough status quo to easily continue it later, if they get the chance. Also I love Cesar for always; he is such an oddly special take on the comic book mad scientist...)

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