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I wish I were in the habit of talking about my inspiration as a personified muse. Then I'd have somebody to blame for the current state of fangirl affairs. The dark December doldrums are never a good time for me writing-wise (or much else for that matter); usually if I manage to write anything at all it's by desperately grabbing at the brightest spark of inspiration that flares up, no matter how pointless or ridiculous.

...Which means that right now all I seem to be writing is fic for my silly kids' cartoons. It wouldn't be so bad it were for something like Avatar: TLA, a series that many on my flist appreciate as much as me, and that I'd have no compunctions about telling everyone else to watch (watch it!). Or RGB with its adult characters and adult following, for all it was geared toward children. Or Static Shock, one of the gayest (in the best way) cartoons of all time (Road to El Dorado levels, no lie.) But no, my hypothetical muse passes them by, and instead I am writing about series starring not-very-gay teen superheroes that I can't fairly rec to anyone who doesn't share my taste for ridiculous, not-very-well-plotted or -animated or -anything else action cartoons.

It wouldn't be so bad if I were writing total crack, or horribly brainbreaking smut, and having the satisfaction of knowing I was destroying childhoods (if not for my generation, for today's kids) and doing my part to fulfill Rule 34. But noooooo, my metaphoric muse demands quiet relationship pieces! G-rated cuddling! Classic hurt/comfort! Just because the writers of these shows don't take them seriously doesn't mean that you shouldn't! Just because you're twice the average age of the main heroes and most of their fans won't stop you from ficcing them! And who cares if most of the fandom agrees that Ben 10's primary canon 'ship is baseless and poorly conceived and executed, you are still going to find them one of your favorite het pairings of all time! (GWEN/KEVIN IS ADORABLE ~LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU~) Who cares that the Six + Rex smoosh-pairing-name is naturally SeX, that's hysterical but you still can't slash them because dude, mentor-father figure - so you shall only crave gen!

...Stupid nonexistent muse.

So far I have committed unnecessarily dramatic Generator Rex fic (one of those confusing-to-class stories in which the principal interaction is between a canonical het couple, but the core relationship focus is gen. And hey, at least Six and Holiday are more my age!):
The World You Save (4,674 words)

And ongoing Ben 10 fic (a more straightforward het+gen friendship & h/c story that I started last year and is really just a self-indulgent excuse for lots of cuddling):
Thaw (WiP, 13,070 words so far, 2/4 parts posted)
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So [livejournal.com profile] gnine has been here for a month, a stopover before she heads out of the country again, this time to the wilds of Middle Earth Ancient Greece New Zealand. Naturally, in between hosting friends & family come to see her off, we have partaken in much television.

Supernatural's premiere was epic! One of my favorite eps of the show, honestly...Which isn't to say it was good by any means, but it was awfully entertaining, between spoilers! for 7x01-02 )

Also have been keeping up with Doctor Who - enjoyed the second half of the season overall, didn't especially love it but I think that's more me than the show. It's a different show than it was before; while it's funny and cute and clever, it doesn't touch me in the way it used to, and I can't even say exactly why. I feel like if this had been the show it was from the start, that I very well might have loved it for what it is; as it is, I still haven't quite gotten over expecting something that it's not. Which isn't to say I wanted either RTD or David Tennant to stick around; RTD had overstayed by at least a season, and I quite like Eleven and Matt Smith's take on the Doctor. But I need to put myself into a different mindset when I watch it now - like when I'm watching other kids' shows, don't think about it and just enjoy the nifty adventures. (And Rory. Much <3 for Rory and his amazing go-with-the-flow-even-if-it's-off-the-edge-of-a-cliff-and-plunging-into-a-bottomless-abyss practicality. And he and Amy are adorable. Though I'm hoping for new Companions next year - maybe someone not from Earth? - and give the Pond-Williams their happily-ever-after...)

(Speaking of kids' shows and adorable couples, Ben 10 has started again, and aww I love my mindbogglingly silly superhero cartoon, and Kevin/Gwen is still one of my favorite het couples ever. <333)

Then after we watched the Who finale [livejournal.com profile] gnine wanted to see the Merlin premiere, which I watched with her despite having quit the show early last series - said watching proved a mistake, because the ep ended in a spectacularly teasing place and now I badly want to see next week's - even though it's Merlin and with SPN in the regular watching roster, my stupid TV meter is already hitting critical...but maybe it'll be worth it? The premiere had some cute character moments, Arthur seems to have grown up, and he and Merlin are inching closer to actual friendship (in that it's a satisfyingly reversed Smallville, the chars destined to become great friends and allies, rather than nemeses). And with Morgana gone all supervillain, I can accept the Morgana/Gwen as entirely ended, mourn it and stop hoping for more tantalizing moments that the show cruelly refused to deliver on (not that I'm bitter or nothin' :P) And of course I am and always will be incredibly weak to h/c, so...

Also [livejournal.com profile] gnine has showed me all 4 seasons of In Plain Sight (Mary is an awesome char, Marshall is nearly as awesome, I still love Paul Ben-Victor and miss I-man, and the show desperately needs more h/c), and last night we saw the first couple eps of Suits (cute, now where's the crossover fic with Harvey Specter going up against Barney Stinson in a business deal?)

Now I'm just mopey about the lack of space opera. As far as I'm aware there aren't any shows currently on the air that are set in outer space/other planets - Who is the closest, but that's still on Earth more often than not. Recently happened to rewatch a few eps of Firefly and Farscape, and yeah - along with Star Trek and B5 those are still some of my favorite TV ever, and I want more. Gimme my spaceships, dang it!
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Have seen the first 6 eps of Tiger & Bunny with the bro - mucho enjoyment but then we're both weak to superheroes. It's not really a superhero parody so much as a straight superhero show that happens to fall on the sillier end of the spectrum, though it seems to be slowly sliding to the more serious side, as they do. And may answer the age-old question: if Bruce Wayne and Darkwing Duck were forced by their corporate sponsors to become partners, who would snap and kill the other first? Seiyuu bonus: +30 in sexiness for Hirata Hiroaki (mmmm) and +42 in brain breakage for my beloved Tsuda Kenjirou as the flaming-in-every-meaning-of-the-word Fire Emblem (?!!?!?!?111!!?!)

In other superhero news, Peter David wrote the last ep of Ben 10, which was a not-really-disguised-at-all anti-Gitmo ep. No really. (Apparently it was mostly Dwayne McDuffie's idea, though he wasn't the writer. Not at all surprising, but damn, it makes his loss hurt that much more.) (Also it aired on Friday 4/29, interesting timing to say the least). Torn between OMGLOLWHUT at political soapboxing on a ridiculous kid's cartoon and crying honest tears of rage because seriously, if you can reduce the moral complexity of a situation to the black&white ethics of a superhero world in 20 minutes, it's not that fucking complex.

Am up to Skypiea in One Piece reread (or not re- in this case because for various reasons I've never read or watched about half of Skypiea) and love this series so, so much. I think my only real criticism of it (other than the lack of nakama-hugs, siiigh) is that the shounen fights sometimes get a little long - which is an aberration for me because I love fight shounen battles (though more animated than in manga, where sometimes I have trouble following the action), but with OP I'm always so anxious to get back to the plots and characters that sometimes I'll start tapping my foot. Still is my favorite manga ever.

Also I've said it before but I love Odacchi's female chars THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIxa million-IIIS much. squeeing about the lovely ladies of OP, a little spoilery through Arabasta )

In non-animated news, regarding the latest ep of NCIS (8x23) - haven't been watching most of this season but [livejournal.com profile] gnine recced this ep to me for a specific reason, namely OT4 FOREVER AND ALWAYS ZOMG: a 4-way hug!!!! <3333 That's it, the show could end now and I'd be happy~... (also in the previous ep, Ziva calling McGee "not just any partner" AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Also, mostly for my own reference, I have still been watching SPN (AHAHAHAHAH the only thing right about this show is HOW WRONG IN EVERY WAY it is. Not content with having killed off almost every recurring female char they've ever had, now they're going back and rekilling women they've killed before, and bringing back cool one-shot female chars to kill - oh, Amber Benson, whyyyyy?)

...That being said, I would so watch the Castiel &Crowley show. It's like the Odd Couple! With more blood and sex! (Okay, that last might be wishful thinking, but then again, with this show's crack count, who knows?)

And [livejournal.com profile] gnine & I will be watching SV's finale this Friday...Lex is back, we have no choice. Pity us!

on loss

Feb. 23rd, 2011 09:26 pm
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I just heard that Dwayne McDuffie died yesterday, completely unexpectedly, at only 49. He was the creator of Static Shock, one of the main writers on JLU, and the head writer behind the Ben 10 cartoons I've been nattering on about for the past few months.

It's a strange thing, to lose a creator you admired; even if you never met them, it yet feels like a personal loss. I kind of feel punched in the gut - he had a website with an active forum, on which he did Q&As on occasion, and I always meant to leave a message, a quick question or whatever, and tell him how I really enjoyed the hell out of his shows, for all I'm supposed to be way too old for those. Never read his comics but I've wanted to, because I loved the way he wrote superheroes in his cartoons - with personality and depth, but genuine heroes all the same. Not to mention he brought some much-needed color to an overwhelmingly white field. And he made his chars fun and funny, and cartoons are going to be poorer for his loss. (...And I guiltily can't help but wonder how many Ben 10 scripts he left...not enough, I know.)

RIP, Mr. McDuffie. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and superhero fans everywhere.
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So I happened to come across a few spoilers for the upcoming eps of Ben 10, and spoilers for unaired eps - don't think anyone cares, but cutting just in case! )

In semi-related news, Yuletide noms should be open soon - we've been wrangling like mad this last week, getting all the new fandom and char tags ready for the Archive...!


Oct. 10th, 2010 11:19 pm
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10/10/10 means new Ben 10 and it was fun and awesome, I just love old-school superheroes and supervillains and space opera and it continues to deliver. Also Kevin/Gwen is still the cutest couple that has ever cuted, and a bit spoilery )

In other news, Gintama has in fact taken out a lease on my fangirl soul. I'm rather glad the Shinsengumi revolution arc cinched that, because some of the eps after it would've shaken my faith severely otherwise. Let us not speak of the Nausicaa parody. Or the arc with the alien abductions and the screwdrivers...if you have seen the show/manga, you know of what I speak. You may wish you did not; you may wish with all your heart and soul that you could unknow it, but you know.

But ahhh, that's part of its charm, that Gintama may be the single most unpredictable series I have ever seen. There is no way to guess where it's going to go, no way to imagine. Will it be stupid and highly inappropriate comedy? Will it be badass shounen drama? Will it be unexpected tragedy? Will it be so outright adorable it takes your breath away? (oh god, the Kagura umbrella story, so cute it's almost painful...!) There's no way to know! (The bro insists he cannot watch more than a few eps at a time for this reason, because he has no idea what to expect and it makes his head hurt ^^;) It gets increasingly less predictable as it goes along because the crack count is ever-rising, and so what sets out as idiotic comedy may take a dip into light romance, then swerve into a ditch of ORLY?, skid out into human drama, only to fishtail back into OMGWTFWRONG, and end up crashing headlong into sweet.

Plus it had the obligatory chain-smoking character run into trouble with anti-smoking laws, as I have never seen happen in an anime before (and LOLOLOLOL)...and then, being Gintama, it naturally devolved into an interstellar Dragon Ball Z parody, complete with the preview music. Which I of course immediately recognized. Uh-huh...

And I have totally fallen for Gintoki. Yes, of course I love the Shinsengumi (and I really adore Zura for being ABSOLUTELY NUCKING FUTS) and Shinpachi-kun and Kagura-chan, but Gin-chan is just...special. He's the most unmotivated shounen hero I've ever seen (really, I can't think of any other Jump heroes who don't have any goal whatsoever. Unless you consider quitting reading Jump, which doesn't so much count as a goal because he doesn't ever actually try to do that, he just thinks that he ought to...) But then if any of the people close to him have a dream, he'll ultimately do anything to help them reach it. ("close to him," in Gintoki's case, often enough means "are within close physical proximity of him"; he'll get attached to guys who were trying to kill him the day before if he sees something in them worth fighting for.) (The problem, fannishly speaking, with having Gintoki as my favorite is that I'm having trouble 'shipping him with anyone; the more the show goes along, the less I can see him having...sex at all, really, much less a relationship; it's just too much work! Though I'm sure I can get over that for the sake of pretty doujinshi. I can get over a lot for the sake of pretty doujinshi. XD)

(No new icons - stupid actually having to pay for a paid account! - but I do have a new layout in honor of it!)
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As mentioned, I've been in a terrible writing slump lately. Recently took a lovely vacation visiting my 'rents and my grandmother, and that helped heat the creative juices, but since I have been so blocked I decided to not force the issue and let them flow where they would. Which is to say that I now find myself with Ben 10 fic. Um. Oops?

So, Kevin backstory, trying to reconcile the canon of the original series with Alien Force. I think I've managed to stay true to most of it; future eps might joss this (I rather hope they do - I wanna know how Kevin got out of the Null Void, dangit!) but for now this is my head-canon, more or less. Spoilers through s3 of Alien Force; somewhat more angst, drama, and profanity than is the norm for a kid's cartoon...this is me, what'd you expect?

Ben 10: Every Hero Has One {~7,300 words}
PG-13, gen, canon-compliant backstory
Eleven defining moments in Kevin's life so far.

I also finished posting Safeguard; the epilogue went up today. A four-year-old WiP officially down, go me!

YGO: Safeguard {~49,000 words}
PG-13, gen, Kaiba brothers
When tragedy befalls Kaiba, Yugi and his friends fear such a devastating loss may be too much for him, and now, unless he can fight a hostile takeover, he stands to lose Kaiba Corporation as well. Or is something else wrong?
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I love kids' cartoons. I love kids' anime, too, but I also just enjoy the heck out of a good American kids' cartoon. Some of this is nostalgic holdover from my younger years - I didn't watch much live-action TV as a kid, and DuckTales was probably the first TV show I really fanned on (I remember coming up with elaborate plotlines in my head for most of the Disney Afternoon - h/c-focused, natch.) But there's things about kids' cartoons that I love even now, especially action/adventure/superhero shows. Maybe it's the no-holds-barred crack that comes from trying to cram a movie-length plot into 22 minutes of animation, or maybe it's how you can be sure the good guys aren't going to be killed off. And it doesn't hurt that romance pretty much always takes a backseat to friendship in kids' stories.

My favorite cartoon is a tie between Gargoyles (I was a loyal viewer from the first airing of the pilot, back when I was in high school; it's the show which got me into tracking voice actors, years before I started fanning on anime seiyuu. Jonathan Frakes! Marina Sirtis! And Keith David still has one of the sexist voices in the business. Mmmm. I fondly remember freaking out over the 24-hour wait between parts 1 & 2 of "The Gathering") and Avatar: The Last Airbender (after Babylon 5, Avatar has the most satisfying and thought-out story arc of any American TV show I've seen.) with ReBoot and the whole JLU/DCU Animated 'Verse coming in as close seconds.

Which brings me to my point: is anybody watching Ben 10? Because my brother and I have been blasting through it, and having nearly caught up with the third series now, I'm really quite taken. It's no Avatar, but then, it's not trying to be. Technically I believe what it's supposed to be is a vehicle to sell toys, but what it really feels like is a bunch of comic book geeks getting together and coming up with their own original superhero universe. While the first series might be a bit too silly/childish for some, the second and the ongoing third series are helmed by Dwayne McDuffie, one of the main writers of JLU as well as the creator of my beloved Static Shock, and the later Ben 10's got most of my favorite elements from both of those - superheroes who have their flaws but are ultimately true-blue save-the-universe heroes, and adorable friendship/team stuff. Not to mention crazy space opera dramatics, intergalactic civilizations and supervillains from beyond the stars. Add in a central sibling dynamic (technically cousins but they act more like brother & sister) and former arch-nemesis turned best friend, and I'm sold. (Especially because as far as I can tell, the latter was added to the cast because they needed a sidekick/damsel-in-distress, and the main girl char would not oblige as either; she's way too kick-ass for that!)

more nattering, somewhat spoilery )

Also, for those David McCallum fans among us, he's got a recurring role on the show as a mad scientist - not a bad guy, in fact Paradox is one of the heroes' most powerful if less than reliable allies. Pretty sure DmC was cast because the char is more than a little Doctor Who-inspired, and he sounds the part perfectly. Also he's got great lines. ("Yes. Dead. You! ...Why are we talking this way?")

In related news - new Futurama tonight! The bro is beyond ecstatic (it's his favorite TV show of all time) but I must admit I'm way looking forward to it myself...

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