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Previously, the events leading up to kid!Loki's reincarnation. And now, part 2, kid!Loki in the Thor comics.

For those interested in Journey into Mystery (kid!Loki's primary series), this part is entirely scans and story from Thor and The Mighty Thor comics up until about now (Mighty Thor 12), with no major JiM spoilers - most of these issues take place prior to JiM, after which the series run parallel to one another and only tangentially overlap. Loki is only a side character in the Thor comics, and Thor!kid!Loki tends more towards the crazily/tragically adorable kid-sidekick side of the spectrum, less complex than his semi-anti-hero JiM self. I decidedly prefer JiM - both for Loki and for the stories themselves; the Thor comics are just random - but there is an awful lot of cute here.

More scans than last time; I couldn't help myself.

Everything Old Is Loki Again )
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(but were afraid to ask)(or didn't know you wanted). For anyone like me who was interested in comics!Loki but didn't know where to start - here is an-depth illustrated summary of Loki in the current Marvel comics, in particular kid!Loki (aka Loki's shot at canonical redemption, aka Xparrot's crazy obsession du jour, aka everybody go read Journey into Mystery!)

This first part covers Loki's death leading up to his resurrection - if you want to jump right in with the Journey into Mystery comics, this should give you the basic background. First, a few warnings:

  • Beyond the cut are a huge heap of comics scans and massive spoilers for the last few years of Thor (as well as a few Marvel-wide tie-ins.) I've noted which issues which things happen in, broadly speaking, and linked to the trade paperback collections on Amazon.

  • Comics!Loki is nowhere near as hot as Hiddles!Loki. Be prepared. (to make up for it kid!Loki is adorable x a zillion.) He is also an evil supervillain and not so much with the woobie at all. (again, kid!Loki more than makes up for this, and much of it is tied to what he used to be.)

  • You may notice an occasional Thor/Loki bias to my summary. This is expected; do not adjust your television set. (I don't ship kid!Loki but his adult self is fair game!)
The Death and Times and Death and Rebirth of Loki Laufeyson )

For the second half I'll go more into kid!Loki in the beginning of Journey into Mystery and elsewhere in Thor. ...Or possibly just post a lot of Thor & kid!Loki pics and squee at you until your ears ring:

Post 2: kid!Loki in Thor

JiM preview pic

on Gintama'

Jun. 7th, 2011 01:37 am
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Gintama 211, second ep into the Kabuki-chou arc, and DAMN. I love this series because of, not in spite of, all its crack - but that once a year or so when it drops the comedy and gets its fight shounen on....yowza. The hiatus didn't change that any. And they were clearly saving their budget for this one, too, because it looks gorgeous:

Gintama ep 211

a bit of spoilery illustrated squee. warnings: have I mentioned recently how I love Gin-san way more than I really ought to? and also how I love seeing my favorites in pain? )
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I got into a discussion elsewhere about female characters, how they're often not as well-written as the guys. But that gets to be a depressing topic. So rather than talk about how female characters lose out, here's some winning female characters!

10 fandoms' worth of awesome women:

pics below! )

PS. Yuletide nominations are open! I'm gonna be signing up for the first time...should be fun!
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Busy day packing and cleaning. The Move is on Wednesday, the goodbye party's tomorrow. So to take my mind off of that, I am picspamming MUNCLE.

As the worst spies ever international super-spies, Napoleon and Illya don a variety of hats, most of which are ridiculous, or else ridiculously adorable - more the former for Napoleon, who accrues negative fashion karma nearly every time he puts something on his head; more the latter for Illya (even if it is a crime* to cover his hair.)

*punishable by death in eight countries, including Japan, San Rico, and Ingolstein.

So, in celebration of headgear!

Deadly Goddess
"Must we do this, Napoleon?"
"Yes. Yes, we must!"

onto the hats! )

Now! I must sleep.

(And let me know what amazing hats I've forgotten!)
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For everyone on the flist who's been looking at my recent posts, wondering what the heck is up with my latest obsession: five graphic reasons to watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

1) Because in the '60s, they hadn't yet invented the concept of "personal space."

The Hot Number Affair (close)
Or at least David McCallum & Robert Vaughn never got the memo.

show me more... )
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One of my delightful birthday presents was the just-released Eyeshield artbook "Field of Colors." While the color art of ES21 isn't as gorgeous as some (I'm spoiled by the likes of Odacchi and Ayamine-sensei) it can be quite pretty...you know. For a football manga. Most of the pictures are color spreads from Shounen Jump, so I'd seen many of them already in the scanlations. But a few were new to me. As promised I scanned a few favorites to share, for anyone interested. Some cute Devil Bats group shots, plus miscellaneous others (tragically, only a couple just of Hiruma, but oh! so worth it...)

Artbook gallery
Feel free to use them for icons, wallpaper, whatever. And my apologies for the quality of some of these - the book's got a tight spine so scanning the two-page spreads is tricky. If I had the cash I'd just buy another copy and rip it open...
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This is not a pimping post. This is a post of general squee. Many (if mostly incoherent) spoilers past this point.

Most of these moments concern the Devil Bats, and Hiruma especially. I make no apologies. The Devil Bats are murderously cute, and Hiruma...he's Hiruma. Favorite character syndrome something fierce, and I can't even say why, exactly. Though I can try. At length. )

But it's not just Hiruma. It's everybody. Every one of the Devil Bats stole my heart at one point or another. Way too hard to narrow the cute down to one char, or one moment - so...

21 favorite Eyeshield moments, illustrated. Babbling and MASSIVE, spoilerific picspamming )

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