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So there is a lot of new TV on right now! And I am watching all of it! (it feels like...this is too many shows for me, really, I'm hitting my televised fiction saturation point. But I don't want to drop any of them, not yet! Stop being so watchable, TV!)

Roughly in order of most-looking-forward-to to least, expect spoilers for all:

Elementary - okay no spoilers here, still loving it - premiere was a little slow but Joan Watson is amaaaaaazing, love JLM's Sherlock, that is all! <333

Once Upon a Time - Spoilers for OUaT 3x01 )

Sleepy Hollow - yeah, yeah, I've jumped on this bandwagon (or rather was dragged on it - usually I wait until a show has aired at least half a season before watching, but came back from vacation and housemate had watched the pilot 3 times and insisted it be added to the weekly roster, so!) Sleepy Hollow 1x01-1x02 spoilers )

Person of Interest - don't have much to say, but spoilers for POI 3x01 )

Agents of SHIELD - which I'm mainly counting on to keep me distracted from Thor 2 long enough to, y'know, breathe...fanning on a movie franchise is SO STRESSFUL, especially when the next movie is most definitely going to smash all my headcanons (and 150K words of fic omg why) to tiny shards...(Lokiiiii~~~) Spoilers for SHIELD 1x01 )

Legend of Korra - my rant here got long so I'm going to make it a separate post. But yeah, it's on the bottom of the list for a reason, siiiigh...


Aug. 30th, 2010 04:40 pm
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In no particular order:

* Have finally seen White Collar! Every bit as cute and OT3-y as everyone says, I quite love it. USA is so very good at providing just the kind of lightweight fun I particularly like in my TV. And it's slightly more serious than Psych, which I like because it allows for bits of h/c. And the one thing I really want to see, (Peter getting hurt!), the show might actually be giving us, if the previews for next ep and this spoiler pic are anything to go on. If there were a little more to the show I might be actively fanning; as it is I've read through most of what's on AO3 (my favorites are bookmarked)...if anyone has any recs not on AO3, for either gen (Peter/El) or OT3, set me up? (I am fine with seeing Peter as entirely straight. Even if Tim DeKay apparently is not! :P)

* Speaking of the AO3, we've officially broken 100,000 fics! (If you want to join the fun, the invitation queue isn't that long a wait, or else ask and I can see about hooking you up with an invite ^^)

* Also watched Sherlock, as it came out, while I was visiting [livejournal.com profile] gnine in London, no less, which was a trip, with all these places popping up onscreen that I'd just seen. Sadly I seem to have missed the fannish boat on this one. I mean, I liked a lot of it, thought the updating was very clever and it was well-shot and Benedict Cumberbatch most closely matches my mental image of Holmes among all the actors I've seen in the role (and he does a fabulous job with the part, too). But there were things I didn't like about it, and overall I prefer last year's movie adaption. And then, too, there's still not enough for me to fan on - I'm slow to win over; it tends to take at least a full season for me to really fall for a series. Hence me having few movie fandoms.

* Speaking of London, oh man, that was such a fantastic trip. Didn't do everything I'd have liked to, will have to go back, but it was marvelous and I love the city, it's thrilling and alive and old, it's got that sense of history, the presence of the millions of people who have walked its streets over the centuries, that the Japanese cities do and American cities don't, really (even Boston, much as I love Boston.) Also we made it to Wales, went to Cardiff and ran across the Ianto Shrine, which was very special and hysterical and I love fans, I really do.

* Speaking of other stuff, I am still not writing. It's driving me slowly insane, and then when I'm depressed I have more trouble writing, which makes me more depressed, and fuck vicious cycles anyway. Argh. There's fic I want to finish, and fic I want to write, and then there's original ideas I've been poking at, and something better congeal soon...

* ...Or I could blame the not-writing on my brother for giving me his PSP with Disgaea. It's one of his favorite games of all time and he's been wanting me to play it forever but it was still mean, as he knows how obsessive I get about games, and Disgaea feeds on the collect 'em all/keep leveling up completion instincts to cruel and unusual degrees.

* I ought to do a music post, I've been listening to a bunch of my old anime OSTs and am inclined to inflict awesome* BGM on people. Until then have a lovely cover of "Fireflies" (this kid's got a gorgeous voice!) Found through this highly entertaining musical face-off: Recorder vs Glockenspiel, fight!
   * X-parrot's definition of "awesome" may not concur with anyone else's on the planet.

* No new Ben 10 until October, siiiigh. Apparently they couldn't resist delaying the hour-long special ep until 10/10/10 :P

* Ow ow ow. Kitty is kneading her claws into my bare leg. She could just be being affectionate but she might be hungry (Anna only really loves me for my opposable thumbs) so I better go make sure she has food.
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The Holmes movie inspired me to go rereading certain key scenes (my collected edition is still packed away, so I've been trawling this site for links). There's a lot of little details in the movie that are from the canon but I'd forgotten them (Watson mentioning owning a bull pup in the first novel, and such.) RDJ's Holmes doesn't quite look the part, but his manic brilliance is perfect. And Jude Law's Watson is maybe a bit snarkier than the original, but I love him that way. Really the movie's total fanfic - good fanfic, taking the best bits of canon and running wild with them.

And, lest anyone regard the movie as excessively slashy, may I note for the record the canon's subtext. For example, take all these lines from a single story ("The Final Problem", possibly the original cliff-hanger?)

quotes to follow - spoilers, I guess? albeit for a story more than a century old... )

...I swear that I once came across an online compilation of all the slashy quotes in the Holmes canon, but have had no luck finding it...
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Yuletide is posted! I lucked out with two fics, both wonderful fun friendshipping - for Sapphire & Steel there's Quiet and Peace (an Epilogue in Dialogue), a lovely post-series tale - Steel being a comfort for Sapphire in his own special Steel way, and bonus Silver FTW! And then for Red Dwarf there's Upgrade, which is perfect, with dialogue and plot that had me literally LOLing, and then it winds up sweet in just the terribly wrong Dwarfish way of being sweet.

Holidays with the family have been nice, and now that I have given my gifts I will have to post them (have gotten into amigurumi - I've known how to crochet for years, but it never quite occurred to me to make cute stuffed toys before...)

And Sherlock Holmes was exactly what I wanted it to be, e.g. awesome and fun and funny and slashy as hell (or unbelievably old-school smarmalicious! pick your poison!) and I hope it inspires a legion of ficcers, because I've secretly been into Holmes/&Watson for years and it would be great to have company. Also, sekrit message to Ritchie, Downey, Law et al: with the sequel? Please to be including Reichenbach Falls! <3

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