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Finished it tonight! Overall, definitely enjoyed it, am wanting more. Jessica Jones is better, but Daredevil maybe hits my fannish buttons harder...?

Rambling )
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Old news I know, but we just watched episode 10 and I just had to say oh noooooo and awwww *sniffle*

My general thoughts so far align with [livejournal.com profile] sholio's in that I'm enjoying the show but wish its crimefighting to interpersonal interaction ratio tipped way more toward the latter. (Arrow and its ilk have spoiled me for that...) But this ep finally delivered on the interpersonal goods and they were so delicious, just about worth the wait. The crying, oh, boys...how are you going to work through this?

...There is this issue that I kind of think Foggy should just go and make better friends, because oh my god Matt is terrible. It's not keeping the vigilante business secret, but the whole superpowers thing, when those superpowers are as invasive as Matt's can be, with his lie-detection, and how much he can actually 'see' - Foggy's sense of betrayal is so justified. And Foggy is a great guy, he could make new friends!

On the other hand, as their whole backstory makes abundantly clear, Foggy is, not just Matt's best and only friend, but pretty much his only human connection, period (especially since he's driven Claire away, and even then she barely knew him, she only got glimpses of his human side.) Matt loses Foggy, and he puts on the mask and never takes it off and is dead in a month. Maybe two if he's lucky, which he is never. (Matt Murdock is such a baby elephant, he can't do anything right. I still love the fight in the second ep in which he's falling over as much as the guys he's punching out ahahah Matt you suck. And then he nearly gets taken out by a ninja. A ninja! In New York! With no mutant turtles in sight! Superheroes, never change.)

(Also, I don't really slash Foggy/Matt but I really hope the fic exists that their first meeting in the dorm room, when Foggy remarks on how good-looking Matt is and then says because it'll attract girls, that Foggy is actually bi and backpedaled because he noticed Matt's reaction to his line. And Matt would perceive Foggy's attraction of course and as a good Catholic boy it would've bothered him, except he's in college now and is not going to be an asshole like that, though it'll take him a lot longer to acknowledge his own feelings...there must be fic like that. Right? Right? Fandom don't fail me.)

Meanwhile poor Karen is going to get back to the office, see the sign in the trash and not know what the hell is going on. I suspect Foggy is going to avoid her. Otherwise he's just going to tell her everything, I can't see him keeping this secret. Or else things will go to hell before she sees anything, and ahhh I wanna know what happens next!

--I admit, I'm mostly invested in the plot only insofar as its personal impact on the characters, like, Kingpin, whatever, he's weird but I don't find him that compelling. And I'm annoyed if Vanessa's whole purpose was to be fridged here, she was given enough story that I was really hoping there was going to be more to her than that.

Looking forward to watching more tomorrow~!
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Watched the first two eps of the Netflix Daredevil tonight with the sibs. Have covered my eyes a bit and rolled them at other bits, but overall am enjoying it, nice sense of style and a great cast - glad to see Deborah Ann Wol again, she was always one of my favorite parts of True Blood; Foggy's actor is really nailing the genuinely funny and charming sidekick, and the guy playing Matt Murdock has the right look to come across as superficially sweet and dangerous underneath.

...Though [livejournal.com profile] gnine and I are freaking out the brother because we keep going, "Oh, this is so much more cheerful than Jessica Jones!" (...but it is!)
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Anyone else catch the finale last night? Boooooo to it being a finale now (and not back until fall, I was kind of hoping they might do a summer run with this first season being short) but for the rest of it, heee so ridiculous and absurd and so much fun - it really does feel like Supernatural for the 2010s, with Mills sisters instead of Winchester brothers (Abbbbbbie~~~!), and even more crack (following a map to purgatory from zombie George Washington's secret Bible because OF COURSE THEY ARE). And I didn't guess Walter Bishop's (or whosis... :P) secret identity but it has all kinds of potential (also rather love that if I'd thought about it, it's an obvious conclusion, seeing as he's the only other recurring white character on the show besides his parents who's still alive, that I can recall?)

Parents dealing with children who thanks to shenanigans are their age or older than them seems to be a thing on TV these days (there was Henrietta Bishop, and River Song, and of course the amazing genealogical clusterfuck that is Once Upon a Time) - well, it is an intriguing story, and I'm curious where it will go in Sleepy Hollow. Though not as curious as I am to see Abbie get back and kick ass and be all adorable siblings with Jenny, because I don't get nearly enough sisters on TV and the Mills are filling that gap so very nicely!
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[livejournal.com profile] gnine came up with a thought last night that I had to fic, as it fixes the biggest problem I had with Thor:TDW. This is about the closest I've come to writing MCU!Odin in character. I usually like to take a bit from Norse myth and have Odin be as conniving and clever as his second son. But really, this is even more fun, and will be my headcanon since it's unlikely it will ever actually be jossed...

The Sincerest Form (2578 words) by Xparrot
Fandom: Thor: The Dark World - Fandom
General Audiences/Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Frigga/Odin (Marvel), Frigga & Loki (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Post-Thor: The Dark World, Imprisonment, Parenthood, Fix-it

Loki is not the only trickster in the family.


Despite the general fandom disillusionment, the household has continued to watch Agents of SHIELD, and the last couple eps have been fun. Not sure I'd recommend it to anyone who dropped it, as it hasn't really resolved most of the problems it started off with (the cast is still too white and too young and too shallow); but it's becoming the team show I wanted it to be, and I'm hoping it will continue. If it keeps up like this, it may be able to fill the hole that Warehouse 13 is going to leave in my fangirl heart when it ends next year. The last couple eps of AoS have had team worry and lots of Fitz-Simmons and Coulson-May ambiguous co-dependency, much to enjoy...

If not as much as I'm enjoying this season of Arrow! Hands down the show I'm looking forward to the most on the weekly roster. I still need to do that pimp post. It's not a perfect show, but it is some damn fine TV, and any fan of superheroes handled dramatically ought to be watching, because they do things right that I've never seen pulled off before. And tomorrow's ep looks to feature a lot of Diggle (and I may hope, lots of Diggle/Oliver slashiness)...
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Sunday nights are my 'women kicking ass on my TV' hours - Once Upon a Time and The Good Wife, which are two of my favorites of the shows I'm watching weekly (and both not-so-coincidentally star multiple women who are incomparable badasses, whether rescuing their princes or being brilliant in the courtroom.) Neither of them are fan-shows for me, but they're both a hell of a lot of fun for completely different reasons, and this week's delivered.

I've been enjoying this season of OUaT so far - don't know how other folks have felt about it as I tend to avoid the OUaT fandom itself; but the villain is great, and most of the show right now is my favorite characters interacting - good times. And this week had sibling stuff and yes, I have my buttons, thank you. I think I watch OUaT the way mundanes watch most TV; I have a lot of fun with it but I don't get so invested in it that I can get really upset, whatever happens. I wouldn't want to watch most TV like that, but it can be entertaining just to look forward to what will happen next, whatever that happens to be.

And Good Wife was A-MAZ-ING. This show isn't a guilty pleasure, it's just a pleasure. The opening sequence especially was incredible - the pacing and the music and the nail-biting tension, which they kept going for the whole ep. With the interjections of humor that make this show so good - it's a drama but it never forgets that life is always and fundamentally absurd. "Oh, by the way, your daughter called..." Last season was a bit bumpy but this season feels like they found their traction again - I'm wondering if the recent events are maybe where the show was going from the start? It would make sense...Everything coming full circle, Alicia and Cary becoming the next Diane and Will - if that was the plan all along, bravo; either way, it's brilliant. And Diane turning on Alicia to get back in Will's good graces - I'm okay with that, because even though Will is a jackass, Will & Diane's partnership is one of my favorite things in the show and it hurt to have that broken.

The Good Wife is one of the few shows that I trust to be consistently awesome - even if particular events disappoint me, in the end the payoffs are worth it. I'm almost hoping this season is its last - probably won't be, as far as I know it's doing well; but I almost wish it would be canceled anyway (now, giving the writers enough time to write up to a finale) because I don't think even it can last forever, and this would be going out strong!
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Catching up on Homestuck and omg Ed Emberley! Those were the only "learn to draw" books I liked or respected as a wee thing, they were so much fun! Aww...

In other news, it's weird to be watching shows from the pilots. I never do this - I hate shows getting canceled out from under me, so generally I wait at least until the 1st season is at least half done to start watching. But now I'm watching both Sleepy Hollow and Agents of SHIELD, and it's weird to be reading episode reactions from the get-go. I'm used to taking a while to warm up to a show (if a show manages to grab my fannish heart within a single season I'm impressed; some of my favorite shows didn't really catch me until s2-3) and being really critical initially, which is why I tend to reserve judgment until I've seen at least that much. So it's odd to me on the one hand to be reading about how much people love Sleepy Hollow (I've enjoyed it, there are things about it I really like, I could definitely see myself feeling fannish about it in the future; but there's just not enough there yet for me to love...plus I haven't seen enough to trust it not to do things like kill off chars I do like...), and on the other much of my flist is really disappointed in SHIELD, while as for me what we've had of SHIELD so far reminds me of the weaker starts of a lot of shows I've later come to really enjoy (SGA, Fringe, Warehouse 13 - not to mention things like ST:TNG and Babylon 5 which had actively awful pilots!), and I'm curious to see what it's going to develop into.

(I do wonder if the slow start is why no one on my flist seems to be into Arrow, because that was a show that started out dumb but got better with every episode, until the season finale was downright AWESOME, and it's doing one of the better semi-realistic takes on superheroes I've seen, and tragically it seems that no fans I know are watching it, or (even more tragically) writing me Oliver/Diggle/Felicity OT3...)(Speaking of which, remind me to pimp Arrow before s2 premieres next week! If for no other reason than the season finale had like three different points that we were yelling at the screen "TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM, DO THIS!" and then the very next scene was the characters doing this, which was awesome...)
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So there is a lot of new TV on right now! And I am watching all of it! (it feels like...this is too many shows for me, really, I'm hitting my televised fiction saturation point. But I don't want to drop any of them, not yet! Stop being so watchable, TV!)

Roughly in order of most-looking-forward-to to least, expect spoilers for all:

Elementary - okay no spoilers here, still loving it - premiere was a little slow but Joan Watson is amaaaaaazing, love JLM's Sherlock, that is all! <333

Once Upon a Time - Spoilers for OUaT 3x01 )

Sleepy Hollow - yeah, yeah, I've jumped on this bandwagon (or rather was dragged on it - usually I wait until a show has aired at least half a season before watching, but came back from vacation and housemate had watched the pilot 3 times and insisted it be added to the weekly roster, so!) Sleepy Hollow 1x01-1x02 spoilers )

Person of Interest - don't have much to say, but spoilers for POI 3x01 )

Agents of SHIELD - which I'm mainly counting on to keep me distracted from Thor 2 long enough to, y'know, breathe...fanning on a movie franchise is SO STRESSFUL, especially when the next movie is most definitely going to smash all my headcanons (and 150K words of fic omg why) to tiny shards...(Lokiiiii~~~) Spoilers for SHIELD 1x01 )

Legend of Korra - my rant here got long so I'm going to make it a separate post. But yeah, it's on the bottom of the list for a reason, siiiigh...
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At least if you like adorably sweet platonic found-families. If you are allergic to adorable stay FAR FAR AWAY. W13 is one of the most consistently cute shows I have ever seen.

The last episode especially - has one of the characters worrying about his romantic prospects, since no one in their little found family team has actually found their "one" yet, and he's the shyest of all of them. And then the person he's talking to, rather than reassure him that he's a catch who is sure to find true love someday if he keeps looking (even though it's true) - instead points out that he's settled into their family group, and he's happy being settled, and that maybe, at least for now, his "one" is his four friends. To have a show say outright that romance is not the be-all and end-all to happiness or human contact - that even for adults, love and family is not always dependent on romance - <3333

(The character in question is also party to possibly the best reaction of a straight man to a male colleague coming out ever put on TV:


(the showrunner (gay himself) has admitted that he wrote it as his ideal straight-guy reaction...))

(okay, now off to watch Starsky & Hutch with visiting fangirl [livejournal.com profile] derry667!)
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Well, that finale made us SQUEEEEEE. Out loud. Our poor traumatized cats.

[livejournal.com profile] joonscribble called it last month and we were hoping, but I still can't believe that they actually did it!!! When the guy said "she", OH but we shrieked!

This totally makes up for BBC Sherlock's handling of Irene. So perfect~! Not only does it mean that Irene can remain The Woman and fundamental to Sherlock without at all interfering with Watson's absolute significance - but Irene did it, she defeated Holmes, completely. It was Joan who defeated her.

(For now. Her lawyer may have a difficult case, but given their client, they are going to be very, very motivated. Or else Irene might just decide to do her time and run her operation from a nice safe prison cell, like any good mastermind...)

(OH though, how much more do I want Watson to do Reichenbach instead of Holmes? It's so perfectly set up for it, since Moriarty is going to have a different target now...though as [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza pointed out, as it turns out she's already put Sherlock through the grief that Holmes traditionally subjects Watson to...)

Also, HE NAMED A BEE AFTER HER, AWWWWWW. Holmes & Watson forever & ever & ever <333
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So right now is a great time for platonic m/f friendship on TV, much to my joy!

In the last couple weeks we watched all that's out of Elementary - highly recommended! It does a lot of remarkable things effortlessly and unselfconsciously. Lucy Liu's Joan Watson is amazing and awesome, not the least of which for being a relatable, recognizable human being who also happens to be an Asian-American woman. While when the show was first announced I was disappointed by the changes they'd made to Watson's character (ex-doctor and not ex-military), in the context of the show and the version of Sherlock Holmes they're telling, it makes sense. And she is still absolutely Watson, long-suffering and loyal, if a bit snarkier about it than some.

But then that's par for the course - one of the things that makes Elementary's Sherlock so great is because everyone actually calls him on his shit. And he actually listens (sometimes, to some people), and he tries (even if he doesn't always succeed). More squee, no spoilers to speak of )

We've also started watching SyFy's Warehouse 13, and while that isn't what I'd call good TV - oh my god it is so frigging cute it's almost painful. It's not for everyone - it's corny and shallow and obvious, but if you like cute made-family teams being cute together while dealing with unabashedly implausible scifi artifacts, you owe it to yourself to watch this show.

It does have a couple other points to recommend it. Not only does it have more major female characters than male for a good part of the show, but the central partnership is a male and a female agent, both young and white and attractive, who bicker but love working together and love each other and have ABSOLUTELY ZERO UST. Their relationship is sibling-esque all the way without any hint of romance; they're genuinely happy and supportive for their partner whenever they find romance elsewhere. Meanwhile to make up for the lack of sexual chemistry there, it is positively bubbling between the female agent and H.G. Wells. Who is a (canonically bi) woman. Played by the preternaturally gorgeous Jaime Murray of Hustle. (She's also kind of an arch-villain, sometimes, depending, which tension only ups the femslashiness (very deliberate femslash; at her introduction she was briefly paired with Pete, but since then it's Myka who she has all the intense interactions with.))(And while I don't think that 'ship has actually gone canon, H.G./Myka is the most popular pairing in the fandom by an order of magnitude...)

But mostly it's just adorable action-comedy with lots of hugs and goofy scifi peril to the characters in every episode (I swear, every single ep has at least a moment of h/c or worry with someone). It reminds me more of SFC's old Invisible Man than perhaps any other show I can think of; it's a show that knows exactly what it is, and is very happy to be that, with no ambitions to take itself more seriously. And since I adored I-man, and am a sucker for cute teamy h/c, yeah, am enjoying the heck out of W13!
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So [livejournal.com profile] gnine and I are caught up on Person of Interest and now desperately need the next episode. Not because it's on any kind of cliffhanger but because we somehow slipped into fanning 3rd gear.

I can hardly rec POI; it's...it's fangirl catnip, is what it is, for a particular sort of fangirl, and everybody else is wondering why you're rolling around giggling in a pile of weeds. I almost find it easier to list its flaws, starting with GOD I am tired of two-white-men-saving-the-world and going on from there. And yet, and yet. This isn't like Smallville, hating the show while loving the Lex; I don't hate POI in the least, though it bores me at times and at its best it's still...pretty dang cliche and shallow; for all it has vague pretenses of deeper meaning, it is eagerly quick to put action over theme.

...And I'm in love all the same. squeeful rambling; a couple mild spoilers for s1, none for s2 )

So I guess what I'm saying is, watch Person of Interest! And write me gen fic! Y'know, if you're into action shows with co-dependent clams.

(Also, [livejournal.com profile] talitha78 has now vidded for it! Which, seriously now, do you need a better reason to get into something?)

(Also, in the wider social context, I do want to mention the one ep with a doctor being threatened by putting her wife in danger, and it wasn't played as a joke or a surprise reveal or fanservice, and there was nary a blink from any character that she had a wife instead of a husband - it's things like this that give me hope, that a straight-out action show with a fairly conservative ideology is now including gay marriage as an assumed, normal thing. Which is how it becomes normal, to show it so, and it cheers me every time to see it!)

(On the other hand, if you're in the mood for strongly written drama with great female characters (and male characters - great everybody!), I highly recommend The Good Wife. If you, like me, have seen the previews for years and gone 'No, thank you' - give it a shot anyway; the show's victim to the most misleading advertising of anything I've ever seen. It's presented like some tawdry political scandal soap-opera; it's actually a sharp legal drama starring a (totally awesome) woman in her 40s with two kids, which is something more TV shows should star. It's not a fan show for me but it's an excellent watch. Even if, as an American, it does make me kind of terrified of our legal system, and how very capricious and political and personal it can be (especially because from what I've heard, it's more realistic than most shows...))
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Just started watching Person of Interest because everyone else is doing it!

Have watched through 2x03 - potential spoilers, though nothing major )

I also am wondering where the POI/White Collar/Burn Notice crossover is - you know, the one where Peter Burke's number comes up, and then Reese discovers that Burke's partner Neal Caffrey is also aware of the trouble and is calling in a favor from an old Agency acquaintance of his down in Miami...(Michael Weston and Reese both served in Eastern Europe, and by my calculation had at least an overlapping year before Michael got burned...)

That, and the Sentinel AU (The show reminds me quite a bit of The Sentinel, between the comic-book cops-and-robbers and the bugfuck ex-Ranger hero + weird nerdy sidekick, and having diamonds of pure fanbait squee buried amidst lots of urgent and somewhat nonsensical action...)

(Also, if there's any good Finch h/c out there, I, uh, wouldn't mind being hooked up...)
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Just finished up with a couple seasons' of sf/f shows that you may have missed! Neither are perfect or amazing television, but they both bring something that the genre could use more of.

Show: Terra Nova

The idea: Humans from a dying future earth go back in time to 85 million years BC (with the help of a convenient alternate-stream time rift to prevent unmaking-one's-own-existence paradox shenanigans) to start a colony that may be humanity's only hope for survival.

the bad: scifi cliches and cheesy dinosaurs; the good: families and DINOSAURS!!! )

Show: Lost Girl

The idea: A young succubus discovers what she really is and is inducted into the wild and wacky world of the Fae, often to her dismay.

not fantastic but better (and different) than it sounds - and female friendship (and female creators) ftw! )
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So we are on the last dozen eps of FMA: Brotherhood and omg sooooo gooooooood *_* LING LING LING LING (not to mention, Greedling!!! <33333) and of course must love Roy Mustang. To say nothing of the awesomeness of the ladies (Hawkeye! Izumi! Olivier omg omg Olivier~~~~!) and of course Ed & Al still hit all my devoted sibs buttons and just, everyone, all of it, eeeeeee! (FMA poses a difficulty because I often tend to pick favorite characters - have favorite characters picked for me - based on who is the most badass, only in FMA that is EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER EVER. It makes it haaaaaard~~!)

...Of course getting down to the end wire here (just saw Roy take out Envy and am starting to get REALLY REALLY STRESSED about who actually makes it and how it's going to end for everyone, because at this point I love everyone enough that losing any of them will hurt (including certain minor characters who initially seemed to be introduced as minor villains to test the good guy's no-killing resolve, and then just seemed to be there as canon fodder, and now I don't even know but yeah, I love them too, ahhhh!)

Looking forward to reading the manga after this, too. (Normally I would wait a bit, so all the plot is not so fresh in my mind, but I'm sort of already getting an urge to rewatch the series, so yeah, manga...)

In fanning from the other side of the globe, we've started watching Fringe - only about halfway through first season and, hmmm. It would be better if the show didn't think it was ~so very clever~ and unique (uhhh guys X-files already did this over a decade ago, on the same network even, you're not exactly breaking new ground!) - especially since the pseudoscience routinely threatens to MAKE MY HEAD EXPLODE (JUST LIKE RADIATION APPARENTLY DOES IN THEIR UNIVERSE.) Listen, I grew up on Star Trek, I love me my technobabble; and I'm all over comic books and their wacky amazing magic SCIENCE. And sometimes Fringe goes far enough that I can enjoy it but sometimes it tries to give 'clever'-sounding explanations that anyone who took high school physics (i.e. me) clearly can tell are wrong and also insane. Which they don't need to do! It's simple enough to handwave these things - just call on a MacGuffin! Ancient technology! Nanites*! Dark matter! Anything! Just doesn't say it's electromagnetism when clearly NO NO IT IS NOT!

OTOH this does have the effect of making me rather fond of Peter Bishop, since about 50% of his dialogue is saying aloud whatever I was just shouting at the screen. And so far I'm liking both his relationship with Walter (estranged parent-child relationships ftw) and with Olivia (their UST has been nicely and maturely underplayed thus far, to the point where I might be brought around to shipping them, if that's where it's going?)

...And then the brother has pointed out that the show is actually an AU Futurama - Walter is straight-out Prof. Farnsworth! Olivia is two-eyed less-tempermental Leela! Peter is pretty much exactly Fry + a brain! Astrid is Amy! Broyles is, uh, Hermes? Leaving only the question of who is Bender...

* ETA: Me, I just think Cesar Salazar should show up sometime. He and Walter are so on the same wavelength (Generator Rex's end was actually pretty decent, resolved enough to be satisfying but maintained enough status quo to easily continue it later, if they get the chance. Also I love Cesar for always; he is such an oddly special take on the comic book mad scientist...)
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The longer I go without posting, the harder it is to remember all the things I've watched and listened to that I wanted to post about, and thus the more I hesitate to make a post at all. So, in the interests of clearing my journal palate, a list in no particular order, chronological, importance, or otherwise:

  • Watched Thor a few days ago to prepare for the upcoming Avengers movie and rather enjoyed it. Which isn't to say it's good; it's rather a terrible movie and my friends who hated it are quite justified. I liked it anyway! Thor was a big ol' sweetheart (even if regrettably clothed for too much of the movie), Loki was scarcely a respectable trickster but made up for it by being the most woobie woobie who ever woobied (he made s1 SV!Lex look hard-hearted and unsympathetic), the romance was so laughably pastede-on-yay that it hardly even could irritate (why didn't they give him like a month on earth and develop the relationship in a montage? It would've taken all of two minutes and been 100% more believable), and I personally thought Asgard was beautifully designed, very Final Fantasy-esque architecture-what's-architecture-we-have-computers!

  • Watched the 2 seasons of Lost Girl - hey you guys, you should totally be watching this! It's not a great show but it's fun and cute and most importantly it has Kenzi, who is made of amazing and hilarity and awesome outfits. It reminds me of early Angel: tS in tone and theme except that it's in Toronto instead of LA and Angel is a brooding young succubus instead of a brooding old vampire and doesn't brood as much as she'd like because she has Kenzi, who makes brooding difficult. And there is adorable f-f friendship and f/f romance (and m/f; Bo is bi, but really so, not just kisses-guys-for-love-and-girls-for-titillation.) And m-f friendship as well, and werewolves and sirens and all other manner of wacky fae, and Canadian actor bingo, and an outrageous bodyswap ep. And did I mention Kenzi?

  • Watched the new Sherlock as it came out but tragically missed that fandom train. I have reasons but I'm honestly not sure if they're why my squee-tickets never arrived, or if it's the lack of squee which makes me critical. Either way, I am sad not to be joining the fun. Le sigh!

  • Not fanning on Sherlock has not kept me from fanning on the actors, mind, because Martin Freeman is kind of fantastic and I can't wait to see him in The Hobbit, and Benedict Cumberbatch is Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • Especially because Benedict Cumberbatch is also Martin! I spent rather more time than I expected or preferred on planes and in airports this holiday season (thank you, global warming, for your thoughtful gift of ice, snow, and more ice and snow) which allowed me to listen to all of Cabin Pressure, which is more hysterical than a radio comedy about a charter airline has any right to be. Also more cute and lovable. Plus, Douglas! (Who originated Javert and I really want to know if that's the recording of Les Mis I'm familiar with. Certainly he has the voice for it! Roger Allam and Anthony Head having a relaxed&authoritative pilot-off is a gift to all fangirls...)

  • Have started watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - only a couple eps in and still getting used to Miki playing Roy Mustang, but looking forward to seeing more!

  • Finished posting my Ben 10 fic; still have to post the epilogue of Tiger Hunt, if only I can write the last scene...

  • Still haven't moved over to Dreamwidth though I keep meaning to - have been trying to get all my fic off my journal and onto AO3 before I do, and still need to replace some stories with links, but as of now I believe all my fic is on AO3, from my very first stuff to present day!
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Or rather, how come the best scifi I can find on Western TV these days is in kids' cartoons? This isn't a total problem for me, because as you know I have an undeniable adoration for silly kids' superhero cartoons (my brother and I are possibly the only people over 30 in the world who get excited about new eps of Ben 10. But it's so much fun!) But it gets frustrating because there are no fandoms for these to speak of. The cartoons based on existing properties like Marvel and DCU have followings, but not the original stuff.

Which is a shame because I just got into Generator Rex and want fic for it and there is none to speak of, because it is a silly kids superhero cartoon. (But it is a silly kids superhero cartoon with Agent Six and C├ęsar!! Sigh...) It's also got some of the better scifi I've seen on TV in a while - super-mad-science technobabble-laden scifi, little to do with realism (except when it has a space elevator, which was pretty much spot-on, down to the mobile base station) but everything to do with the intriguing possibilities of humans intersecting with technology (it's set in the near-future, five years after the nanite-pocalypse, in which every living thing on the planet was infected with nanites that usually are dormant but occasionally get activated and mutate their hosts into nightmarish monsters. Yes, it's very anime, down to the hero's pre-canon amnesia, though the characters and general sensibilities are much more American superhero.) It makes me miss scifi shows - especially space shows; with BSG and SGU off the air, as far as I know there are no TV shows currently set in space, no Star Trek, no Farscape or Firefly. (Doctor Who only halfway counts, because it's not always in space and not always in the future.) I like fantasy too, don't get me wrong, but I miss my space future shows something fierce.

The brother hypothesizes that procedural dramas have primed audiences to expect "realism" in their TV - the sort of plausible semi-pseudo-science that sounds convincing, that can be hard to write. Scifi shows couldn't get away with just crying "tachyons!" and having time-travel, in the current TV environment. [livejournal.com profile] gnine suggests that it's due to reality outpacing the past's vision of the future. We don't have a moonbase or FTL, but a lot of the trappings of classic space opera, the giant computers and video phones and such, have become ordinary or even quaint in this age of ever-advancing electronics. So a modern space opera would have to reinvent the old tropes, and maybe no one's figured out a good way how yet, or no one's dared to take a risk on a show that might have. Except on kids' shows where realism isn't considered a concern - and cartoons can more easily present futures anyway, when all sets and such are drawn from scratch anyway.

Personally I really want the USA network to do a sci-fi show - I doubt they'd have a budget for space opera, but maybe a smaller show, set it on a colony world - Mars? - in the nearish future (say a century ahead?) - and in keeping with their other shows, character-focused rather than f/x, mostly small enclosed sets. Make it a crossover-genre, perhaps, cops, or doctors, or whatever - but show me the future, show me where we could be going, the endless possibilities humanity has to look forward to.

Meanwhile, at least I've got my silly kids' cartoons! (I could also ask why American kids' cartoons are doing better than most TV on the race front - the eponymous hero Rex is a fairly obviously non-white Latino, though I'm pretty sure the toys are marketed to any kids that'll buy 'em - can't figure out if that's because it's a kid's show and they think kids won't care, or because it's a cartoon so they they think no one will notice, or something else, but kids cartoons are still some of the only non-specific-racial-demographic-targeted American TV in which the lead character isn't always white?)
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Watched the latest episode of Merlin last night. Some nice Merlin/Arthur bits, but the real slash was elsewhere:

Me, about halfway through: Umm, is it just me or is Lancelot kind of in love with Merlin?
The brother: Yeah, except for the 'kind of'.

Really now, those long, longing looks - sure it was Gwen you were thinking about. Suuuuure.

In One Piece news, the anime has reached 2YL, and in a stroke of absolute genius the fake Mugiwara crew is being played by the actual nakama seiyuu, only all mixed up - so Hirata is "Luffy" and Ohtani is "Nami" and Nakai is "Sanji", etc - and it's even funnier then you're imagining, OMG BRILLIANT.
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So [livejournal.com profile] gnine has been here for a month, a stopover before she heads out of the country again, this time to the wilds of Middle Earth Ancient Greece New Zealand. Naturally, in between hosting friends & family come to see her off, we have partaken in much television.

Supernatural's premiere was epic! One of my favorite eps of the show, honestly...Which isn't to say it was good by any means, but it was awfully entertaining, between spoilers! for 7x01-02 )

Also have been keeping up with Doctor Who - enjoyed the second half of the season overall, didn't especially love it but I think that's more me than the show. It's a different show than it was before; while it's funny and cute and clever, it doesn't touch me in the way it used to, and I can't even say exactly why. I feel like if this had been the show it was from the start, that I very well might have loved it for what it is; as it is, I still haven't quite gotten over expecting something that it's not. Which isn't to say I wanted either RTD or David Tennant to stick around; RTD had overstayed by at least a season, and I quite like Eleven and Matt Smith's take on the Doctor. But I need to put myself into a different mindset when I watch it now - like when I'm watching other kids' shows, don't think about it and just enjoy the nifty adventures. (And Rory. Much <3 for Rory and his amazing go-with-the-flow-even-if-it's-off-the-edge-of-a-cliff-and-plunging-into-a-bottomless-abyss practicality. And he and Amy are adorable. Though I'm hoping for new Companions next year - maybe someone not from Earth? - and give the Pond-Williams their happily-ever-after...)

(Speaking of kids' shows and adorable couples, Ben 10 has started again, and aww I love my mindbogglingly silly superhero cartoon, and Kevin/Gwen is still one of my favorite het couples ever. <333)

Then after we watched the Who finale [livejournal.com profile] gnine wanted to see the Merlin premiere, which I watched with her despite having quit the show early last series - said watching proved a mistake, because the ep ended in a spectacularly teasing place and now I badly want to see next week's - even though it's Merlin and with SPN in the regular watching roster, my stupid TV meter is already hitting critical...but maybe it'll be worth it? The premiere had some cute character moments, Arthur seems to have grown up, and he and Merlin are inching closer to actual friendship (in that it's a satisfyingly reversed Smallville, the chars destined to become great friends and allies, rather than nemeses). And with Morgana gone all supervillain, I can accept the Morgana/Gwen as entirely ended, mourn it and stop hoping for more tantalizing moments that the show cruelly refused to deliver on (not that I'm bitter or nothin' :P) And of course I am and always will be incredibly weak to h/c, so...

Also [livejournal.com profile] gnine has showed me all 4 seasons of In Plain Sight (Mary is an awesome char, Marshall is nearly as awesome, I still love Paul Ben-Victor and miss I-man, and the show desperately needs more h/c), and last night we saw the first couple eps of Suits (cute, now where's the crossover fic with Harvey Specter going up against Barney Stinson in a business deal?)

Now I'm just mopey about the lack of space opera. As far as I'm aware there aren't any shows currently on the air that are set in outer space/other planets - Who is the closest, but that's still on Earth more often than not. Recently happened to rewatch a few eps of Firefly and Farscape, and yeah - along with Star Trek and B5 those are still some of my favorite TV ever, and I want more. Gimme my spaceships, dang it!


Aug. 30th, 2010 04:40 pm
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In no particular order:

* Have finally seen White Collar! Every bit as cute and OT3-y as everyone says, I quite love it. USA is so very good at providing just the kind of lightweight fun I particularly like in my TV. And it's slightly more serious than Psych, which I like because it allows for bits of h/c. And the one thing I really want to see, (Peter getting hurt!), the show might actually be giving us, if the previews for next ep and this spoiler pic are anything to go on. If there were a little more to the show I might be actively fanning; as it is I've read through most of what's on AO3 (my favorites are bookmarked)...if anyone has any recs not on AO3, for either gen (Peter/El) or OT3, set me up? (I am fine with seeing Peter as entirely straight. Even if Tim DeKay apparently is not! :P)

* Speaking of the AO3, we've officially broken 100,000 fics! (If you want to join the fun, the invitation queue isn't that long a wait, or else ask and I can see about hooking you up with an invite ^^)

* Also watched Sherlock, as it came out, while I was visiting [livejournal.com profile] gnine in London, no less, which was a trip, with all these places popping up onscreen that I'd just seen. Sadly I seem to have missed the fannish boat on this one. I mean, I liked a lot of it, thought the updating was very clever and it was well-shot and Benedict Cumberbatch most closely matches my mental image of Holmes among all the actors I've seen in the role (and he does a fabulous job with the part, too). But there were things I didn't like about it, and overall I prefer last year's movie adaption. And then, too, there's still not enough for me to fan on - I'm slow to win over; it tends to take at least a full season for me to really fall for a series. Hence me having few movie fandoms.

* Speaking of London, oh man, that was such a fantastic trip. Didn't do everything I'd have liked to, will have to go back, but it was marvelous and I love the city, it's thrilling and alive and old, it's got that sense of history, the presence of the millions of people who have walked its streets over the centuries, that the Japanese cities do and American cities don't, really (even Boston, much as I love Boston.) Also we made it to Wales, went to Cardiff and ran across the Ianto Shrine, which was very special and hysterical and I love fans, I really do.

* Speaking of other stuff, I am still not writing. It's driving me slowly insane, and then when I'm depressed I have more trouble writing, which makes me more depressed, and fuck vicious cycles anyway. Argh. There's fic I want to finish, and fic I want to write, and then there's original ideas I've been poking at, and something better congeal soon...

* ...Or I could blame the not-writing on my brother for giving me his PSP with Disgaea. It's one of his favorite games of all time and he's been wanting me to play it forever but it was still mean, as he knows how obsessive I get about games, and Disgaea feeds on the collect 'em all/keep leveling up completion instincts to cruel and unusual degrees.

* I ought to do a music post, I've been listening to a bunch of my old anime OSTs and am inclined to inflict awesome* BGM on people. Until then have a lovely cover of "Fireflies" (this kid's got a gorgeous voice!) Found through this highly entertaining musical face-off: Recorder vs Glockenspiel, fight!
   * X-parrot's definition of "awesome" may not concur with anyone else's on the planet.

* No new Ben 10 until October, siiiigh. Apparently they couldn't resist delaying the hour-long special ep until 10/10/10 :P

* Ow ow ow. Kitty is kneading her claws into my bare leg. She could just be being affectionate but she might be hungry (Anna only really loves me for my opposable thumbs) so I better go make sure she has food.

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