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The love: Doctor Who 6x04 spoilers )

The hate: Smallville show finale more spoilers! )

And the DAMMIT ODACCHI HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME: up to Water 7 in OP. Not even to Eneas Lobby yet, but the fate of the Merry still makes me cry. WHYYYYYYYYY~~~ ;____;
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Have seen the first 6 eps of Tiger & Bunny with the bro - mucho enjoyment but then we're both weak to superheroes. It's not really a superhero parody so much as a straight superhero show that happens to fall on the sillier end of the spectrum, though it seems to be slowly sliding to the more serious side, as they do. And may answer the age-old question: if Bruce Wayne and Darkwing Duck were forced by their corporate sponsors to become partners, who would snap and kill the other first? Seiyuu bonus: +30 in sexiness for Hirata Hiroaki (mmmm) and +42 in brain breakage for my beloved Tsuda Kenjirou as the flaming-in-every-meaning-of-the-word Fire Emblem (?!!?!?!?111!!?!)

In other superhero news, Peter David wrote the last ep of Ben 10, which was a not-really-disguised-at-all anti-Gitmo ep. No really. (Apparently it was mostly Dwayne McDuffie's idea, though he wasn't the writer. Not at all surprising, but damn, it makes his loss hurt that much more.) (Also it aired on Friday 4/29, interesting timing to say the least). Torn between OMGLOLWHUT at political soapboxing on a ridiculous kid's cartoon and crying honest tears of rage because seriously, if you can reduce the moral complexity of a situation to the black&white ethics of a superhero world in 20 minutes, it's not that fucking complex.

Am up to Skypiea in One Piece reread (or not re- in this case because for various reasons I've never read or watched about half of Skypiea) and love this series so, so much. I think my only real criticism of it (other than the lack of nakama-hugs, siiigh) is that the shounen fights sometimes get a little long - which is an aberration for me because I love fight shounen battles (though more animated than in manga, where sometimes I have trouble following the action), but with OP I'm always so anxious to get back to the plots and characters that sometimes I'll start tapping my foot. Still is my favorite manga ever.

Also I've said it before but I love Odacchi's female chars THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIxa million-IIIS much. squeeing about the lovely ladies of OP, a little spoilery through Arabasta )

In non-animated news, regarding the latest ep of NCIS (8x23) - haven't been watching most of this season but [livejournal.com profile] gnine recced this ep to me for a specific reason, namely OT4 FOREVER AND ALWAYS ZOMG: a 4-way hug!!!! <3333 That's it, the show could end now and I'd be happy~... (also in the previous ep, Ziva calling McGee "not just any partner" AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Also, mostly for my own reference, I have still been watching SPN (AHAHAHAHAH the only thing right about this show is HOW WRONG IN EVERY WAY it is. Not content with having killed off almost every recurring female char they've ever had, now they're going back and rekilling women they've killed before, and bringing back cool one-shot female chars to kill - oh, Amber Benson, whyyyyy?)

...That being said, I would so watch the Castiel &Crowley show. It's like the Odd Couple! With more blood and sex! (Okay, that last might be wishful thinking, but then again, with this show's crack count, who knows?)

And [livejournal.com profile] gnine & I will be watching SV's finale this Friday...Lex is back, we have no choice. Pity us!
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I have spent the last few months trapped behind one of the worst writing blocks it's been my misfortune to encounter. Am finally, finally feeling like I might be chipping my way through it - hopefully to really get going on my [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti fics (omg I am so sorry, I have not forgotten, I swear! orz). In the meantime I am latching on like a leech to the slightest bit of inspiration that comes my way, and the latest Identical story seems to have stirred up my Clex fangirl (not difficult, she's never deeply buried.)

So, here's a new story in the Subterfuge universe, my fluffy future fic AU (and this addition rates a feather-tucked-into-a-cottonball on the Lint Scale of WAFF.)

Smallville: The Best Laid Schemes {~9,000 words}
PG; Subterfuge 'verse; Clex + Conner, h/c, fluff
Even the best superheroes and -villains can't cover every contingency; sometimes things just go awry.

(posted on AO3 like all the cool kids are doing, feel free to comment here or there. Or both! You know me, any feedback is appreciated and admired and cherished like a dragon with her gold.)
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] urania_2006, there's now a podfic of my McShep flashfic "Speech Deprived," the one where Rodney loses his voice, and John's not as happy as might be expected - check it out here! And be sure to mention to [livejournal.com profile] urania_2006 that she is awesome.

And the lovely [livejournal.com profile] hils did a DVD commentary for my little Smallville dark-fic "Promises to Keep" - nifty, and terribly flattering, thank you! (Anyone else find it odd that we call them DVD commentaries, with no discs in sight? ...No? Carry on, then!)

On season 3 of Traders - the show's getting dark(er) - that's the problem with these kinds of dramas, they always have to keep pushing the envelope, do increasingly worse things to the chars, or have the chars do increasingly worse things, to keep the stories interesting. This is why I tend to fan more avidly on the status quo shows - no, there's not a lot of character development in SGA, but they started out pretty good guys, and they've stayed that way (give or take the occasional and soon-forgotten moral hiccup), and I like it like that. Though the unspooling dramas do have their train-wreck appeal. ...Also I am getting the urge to do a pic-spam of all the Grant hugs. Because there are a lot of them, and where else are you going to get a younger DH glomping people, and guys stroking his hair? (Stroking his hair! So jealous!)
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I haven't seen the last couple eps of SV, am building up strength with the delight of new Who to be able to bear them. I have, however, read ep commentaries, so there may be spoilers in this post, and do not worry about spoiling me. I can't be spoiled for this show; the writers already spoiled it seasons ago. This isn't really about the latest canon events, though; this is to finally articulate a long-standing argument, concerning the entire run of the show.

I've seen the following opinion expressed many times in this fandom, often when questioning Lex's s1-3 Room o' Clark or the Lex-apologist view that if Clark had been a bit more honest much disaster may have been averted:

I've always wondered why so many thought that Clark owes Lex his secret. Lex was a new friend, someone he was just getting to know, what entitled him to know Clark's secret when friends he had since childhood didn't know it?

Only as I see it - Clark's childhood friends had a right to know, too. It drives me up a wall how the show justifies all manners of lies and trickery and worse for the sake protecting Clark's secret. Because the thing is - it's not Clark's secret.

On the responsibilities of secret-keeping. Lex-apologist, but not anti-Clark, because I am a firm believer that every character has been shafted by the writing of this show. )
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Just watched 7x13, "Hero," posted this mini-rant on [livejournal.com profile] bagheera_san's post and thought why not repeat it here, share the love. Or intense pain, in this case.

true rage never dies! )

Really, I have to hand it to Smallville, I've never watched a show that's so consistently able to inspire emotional reaction in me. Right now it's mostly shock and awe that it's still on the air. People watch this? Really? I mean, other than masochistic fangirls?

On the other hand, it makes the sweetly incompetent writing of SGA look like Shakespeare.
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Been busy with work and family visiting and also, of course, my shiny new SGA obsession - may I just say how good it feels to be fanning hardcore on a show I actually enjoy watching. --This is the norm, really; SV was the exception, being in fact painful to endure. Though I'm enjoying it more now that I've gone back to my original method of watching the Lex Show and fast-forwarding through anything not Luthor-esque.

And this show has lately provided surprising satisfaction...A few comments regarding recent SV, through 7x07. Vindication on two fronts! )

But enough about SV. Onto the squee! You all have seen the new Doctor Who Children in Need special, yes? Yes! Excellent! a few spoilery things that have to be said )

And last but by no means least, there's SGA. Spoilers through 4x08, plus for the end of SG-1. Warning: may contain unpopular opinions? )
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The winning show this week was Numb3rs, with Avatar coming in at a close second.

What can I say about Numb3rs except minor, shallow spoilers and shameless slashing )

Then, Avatar, which I haven't really mentioned much before, so a few words: more mild spoilers, and lots of love. )

Supernatural also premiered, of course! Liked the ep, generally; didn't think it as strong as last year's opener, but... a few more spoilers )

And last but not least...wait. Yes, least. Though it actually wasn't as bad as all that, all things considered. Anyway, a few random comments on Smallville! even more spoilers )
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Because we watched the SV premiere. Several days ago. Yeah, it took us a while to process. Time to fan the flames of indignation, etc.

Okay, so it was better than most of last season. Unfortunately that's not saying much. If you liked the ep, don't read this. Unless you want to point & laugh at the crazy fangirls, of course! In that case, go right ahead. Rage! Ours, mostly. Yes, we think about this show Way Too Much. )
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Regarding the last three chapters of Eyeshield 21, I just gotta say:

spoilers )

In other news, we just showed a friend Princess Tutu. My second time watching it, and damn but I love that series. What it says about stories, the truth of fiction, and the life stories take on, is just beautiful.

Except now I'm wishing Smallville season 7 (starting next Thursday, dread and terror) would go like the end of Tutu, with all the chars rebelling against their creator and refusing their intended destinies. Man, that would be awesome.
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See, this is why Doctor Who so totally trumps Smallville - DW's head writer, in the podcast episode commentary for "Last of the Time Lords", on the Doctor's relationship with his arch-nemesis (a one-time friend gone crazy-take-over-the-universe evil, sound familiar?)

Executive Producer Julie Gardner: "It's about two men who could be friends, who should be friends..."

Exec. Producer/Writer Russell T Davies: "...Or husbands, even!"
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A bit later than expected, mainly because of my aforementioned trouble with smut and the writing thereof. Even when it's quite light smut! Sigh. Don't expect much out of this; as I said before, it's fluff, really, albeit fluff with a superhero identity Agenda. Which promptly gets lost in the semi-smut but hey, what can you do? Hope you enjoy it in spite of itself!

Smallville: The Right of Truth (2/2) {17,598 words}
R, Clex, h/c; second season
Lex is kidnapped and it's Clark to the rescue as usual, but he might not be ready for all he finds.

Read it on AO3
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Next week we (hopefully) will return you to your regularly scheduled fic. For now - gratuitous Clex h/c, set in late second season. If I had been watching the show back then, this is just the sort of fic I would've been writing: slash angst-fluff, pretty much, exploring an issue about Clark's secrets (and in fact most superhero secret identities) that's been bothering me.

Warnings for a bit of good old fashioned Lex!torture in the beginning, and generally woobie!Lex. Also the Kents are perhaps not very nice here, which wasn't my intent, but how it worked out. Hopefully in an IC way, but still. (And may I say *sigh* that being an asshole is in character for SV's Jonathan...)

Smallville: The Right of Truth (1/2)
R, Clex, h/c; second season
Lex is kidnapped and it's Clark to the rescue as usual, but he might not be ready for all he finds.

Read it on AO3
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[And now an important message from our sponsors: You've likely heard of this already, but if you haven't, [livejournal.com profile] fanarchive is something to check out for any fans, especially fans of fanfic of any variety, any fandom. Interesting stuff happening there.]

Elements of Lex's characterization here are inspired by the "Lex Luthor: Man of Steel" comic. Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] gnine for the beta. Meanwhile, back with the other Lex...

Smallville: All the Difference, 10/? {4,094 words}
NC-17, Clark/Lex, futurefic, AU (in a manner of speaking)
Lex Luthor wakes up in his own bed in his own penthouse, infinitely far from all he knows. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor wakes up in his own bed in his own penthouse, just as far from home...

Part 10: In which Lex has dinner, a conversation, and one chance against the alien. )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gnine for the quick beta!

Smallville: All the Difference, 9/? {2,625 words}
PG-13, Clark/Lex, futurefic, AU (in a manner of speaking)
Lex Luthor wakes up in his own bed in his own penthouse, infinitely far from all he knows. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor wakes up in his own bed in his own penthouse, just as far from home...

Part 9: In which Lex goes in without a safety net, and encounters the trouble one would expect. )
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Everyone's already discussed this to death (or faux-death) but I'm still feeling the need to work it out to my satisfaction. 6th season was a terribly frustrating season, but the Rosemary's Lana's baby plot is arguably the worst of it, for being so darn nonsensical. So I'm outlining all the theories/fanwanked possibilities I've seen on the matter, in an attempt to sort out which are more possible. Draws on things mentioned in [livejournal.com profile] bagheera_san's post here and various other online discussions, and as always, late-night conversations with [livejournal.com profile] gnine, the latest of which meant that I went to work on 3 hours of sleep yesterday, go us!

Spoilers through the end of season 6. Not for people with heart conditions or fake pregnancies. )
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People remember it! Yay! Thank you for your patience, and my apologies for the delay, I am so very easily distracted, and my life's been busy enough to throw my writing schedule out of whack. Hoping to get back in the groove now that things are settling down again. There's a whole long hideously, fiendishly hot & humid Kyoto summer stretching out, and no SV to fill the void save what we make ourselves!

Regarding the next part of this story, a brief disclaimer: I have only seen select episodes of the Superman animated series. Thus, Mercy is generally writing herself, with relatively little input on her character from me.

Smallville: All the Difference, 8/? {3,438 words}
PG, Clark/Lex, futurefic, AU (in a manner of speaking)
Lex Luthor wakes up in his own bed in his own penthouse, infinitely far from all he knows. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor wakes up in his own bed in his own penthouse, just as far from home...

Part 8: In which questions are answered and agreements are reached. )
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I'm recovering from a cold (*cough* *snort* *sniffle* *whiiiine*), wrote this sick from a fever-conceived idea. So it's pretty rough; I might polish it later, not sure I'm going to bother. Smallville, not really Clex, alien invasion futurefic AU. Sort of dark, sort of post-apocalyptic, plenty weird, and so Lex-apologist your head will spin.

...Almost everyone, raising their eyes to the skies, realized the world was ended either way.
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SPN 2x22 - short reaction: O.M.G. I LOVE MY SHOW.

Long reaction: )

It's good I have SPN. It washes out the taste of SV.

Finale spoilers. Bitter finale spoilers. )
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Latest SV musing: is Clark's alien nature catching? Because Chloe seems to have picked up certain subtle inhuman traits.

The 'heroes' have been awfully disappointing lately... )

But, for the record: frustrated as I am with Clark now, I don't blame Clark for Lex. I think there was a time he might have been able to save Lex, and he didn't; but that doesn't make him responsible for what Lex does, any more than he's responsible for what the people he saves do. And I agree that Clark was young for most of the series, too young to be held fully accountable for the mistakes he made. And Lex definitely made more than a few mistakes himself; Lex is really, really bad with relationships.

I honestly don't blame Clark for that.

I blame Lionel! )

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