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Regarding Torchwood: Children of Earth: Um. I don't know. Ask me later.

For now, a drabble. Jack Harkness, post-CoE, so spoilers (if oblique ones).

The Limits of Infinity )

fic therapy

May. 6th, 2009 04:57 am
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In three weeks I leave Japan, moving back to the States. Coming back from Vietnam a couple weeks ago it really hit me, that it was our last time flying back into Kansai International, at least for a while.

[livejournal.com profile] gnine and I have been sharing this apartment in Kyoto for over three years. I'm going to miss it. I'm going to miss Japan. I don't know yet what I'm doing in America, but I've got a pretty stable set-up, so I'm not too worried about that. But I don't deal well with change, as a rule, and moving...it's a big change.

Not to mention I have three years of accumulated junk to sort through. Ah, the joys of packing!

So instead of dwelling on that...or getting down to the sorting...I'm writing Gnine ridiculous MUNCLE h/c. And go here for a very silly drabble, concerning Napoleon's particular expression on those occasions when Illya gets the Innocent.

(Also a lovely person recced my lone NCIS fic on [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, which means I've been getting new comments on it all day. This has made me unreasonably happy, as recs and comments always do. My ego-monster, she is (briefly) satiated...)
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Yes, it's past 5 AM & I'm supposed to be in bed. More commentary tomorrow (I loved the ep. A lot a lot.) For now, two drabbles:

Angst, missing scene:

Last Man spoilers! )

And a tag of unabashedly shmoopy McShep slash, which I can't even apologize for, because, er, yes, I need it:

more spoilers )
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For some reason, drabbles come as easily to me in this fandom as the full fics are hard. This was true of One Piece, too; it's a quality of my Type A fandoms, perhaps.

100 words of Tenth Doctor silliness:

A Maddening Quirk of Time Lord Biology )
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Just a little crossover drabble quintet. Written with the Tenth Doctor in mind, and the second has a 3rd season reference, but it's not especially rigid or spoilery. 2 and 3 were inspired by comment exchanges with [livejournal.com profile] greenlady2 and [livejournal.com profile] littlehollyleaf, respectively.

5 Places the TARDIS Has Never Gone (but ought to)

The Grand Line )

Washington State )

Metropolis )

Earth's Bronze Age )

The Last of the Babylon Stations )

TW drabble

Jun. 25th, 2007 03:08 pm
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We were rewatching a couple Torchwood eps last night (after watching Dr. Who, the show gets to me more - positively, because I love Jack on a whole new level, even TW's emo!Jack - and negatively, because knowing what that crew can do, it's frustrating that TW doesn't live up to its potential. It too often feels like they sacrifice plots and characters for the sake of being 'gritty' and 'dark' and 'adult'.)

Anyway! Drabble coda for 1x05, "Small Worlds", the one with the faeries, what is in Jack's face at the end there.

The Definition of Failure )
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Another quick JLU drabble, from a conversation with [livejournal.com profile] gnine. Slash.

Yet Again )
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Just a few Justice League Unlimited drabbles, because this series kicks much of the ass. (It's a bit embarrassing how much better it is than SV, being a cartoon and all.) These will probably be nonsensical if you haven't seen the show. (And, yes, maybe a bit Clex-y, because. Totally canon, yo. "None of that matters now, Lex!" Awws.)

Batman & Superman, probably around 2nd season:

Reaching Out )

OT3-ish, ep tag to "Divided We Fall" (4th season finale); sap:

Catch You )

Superman & Lex, between 4th and 5th season; dark:

Convictions )
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(Forgot to mention before, ye olde webpage finally got updated with near all my fic, so those allergic to ff.net can read without risking anaphylactic shock.)

In brand-new all-[livejournal.com profile] gnine's-fault-so-don't-blame-me fandom news - ah, Vancouver. I've missed your gray skies on my screen. And watching the crew credits of Supernatural feels like an X-files class reunion. David Nutter, Kim Manners, John Shiban - now if only they could haul Darin Morgan on board. It's not the greatest of shows, but it's not bad, either, in that it doesn't try to be anything more than it is, a spooky little classic horror story anthology. And oh, the brothers. They are cute. Irresistibly, irritatingly, inspiringly cute...

sappy drabbling about the Brothers Winchester )

What? It's a drabble! Only a hundred words! ...stop looking at me like that.

a drabble

Sep. 7th, 2003 01:11 pm
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Really should be working on the next Illicit Miracles pages now...

Just a little GetBackers drabble - is this the first true drabble I've ever written? It might be...short ain't usually my thing.

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