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The awesome [livejournal.com profile] regonym has podficced my SGA/Pern sequel story "With Healing in His Wings" - she's got a lovely clear voice, it's a great listen:

"With Healing in His Wings" podfic by Regonym
40:00 (14.5 MB, m4b; 16.0 MB, mp3)

(She also manages to pronounce "Kyohtt Hold" exactly right, with no prompting on my part. Which is a trip, because that was a little personal pun - natives of Kyoto tend to drop the final "o" when they pronounce their city's name, so it sounds just like "Kyohtt"...)

The inestimable [livejournal.com profile] jadesfire2808 has already podficced the first story here!
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The [livejournal.com profile] sga_genficathon author reveals have been posted! Lots of great stories, and the bonus round is now open for more - go check it out!

My story was (as pretty much everyone guessed, gee I wonder why... ;):

SGA: The ATA Affair (or read it on AOOO) {~26,000 words}
PG-13; gen, Team; AU
Two of the S.G.C.'s top secret agents, Teyla Emmagan and Rodney McKay, are sent to the Casino Atlantis to investigate the suspicious business dealings of one John Sheppard...

It was written for the AU genre, and as you might be able to surmise from the title and summary, it was a wee bit influenced by my shiny new Man from UNCLE infatuation. It's also my longest completed SGA story, and rather indulges in my Rodney & Teyla friendship kink. What can I say; they make awesome partners. Teyla's level-headed patience and stone-cold coolness play off Rodney's brilliance and panic attacks perfectly.

In addition to MUNCLE, there's a few other crossover nods in the story, solely because I'm easily amused. Knowledge of any of the other series is unimportant to the actual plot, but since folks were asking, here's the complete list of crossovers, not counting SGA and SG-1:

crossover references )
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We have thoroughly succeeded in bringing [livejournal.com profile] utopiantrunks over to the MUNCLE dark side - Illya is far too blond and tiny for her to resist. She responded by writing her own fabulous tag to "The Gurnius Affair" - and unlike certain slash fans, she can actually write the NC-17, and write it well. Hot stuff, and awesome character insight, what more do you want?

I keep forgetting to say it - big huge thanks to whoever nominated my fics for the Stargate Fan Awards! Very cool.

Last Thursday's Supernatural (4x18) entertained us as much as it entertained everyone else - as [livejournal.com profile] naye relates here, with five fangirls in the room it was quite the deafening experience. We kept having to pause and rewind to catch lines missed due to the squealing. Ah, I am gonna miss our fangirl gatherings so much...
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January is almost up. Ever had that feeling that time itself is whizzing by you like the steepest street of San Francisco after your trolley car's brakes were cut? Yeah, it's been like that. It's not even that I've been busy, particularly, it's just that I constantly am feeling like I have no time for anything, that I'm losing hours no matter how tightly I try to hold onto them.

This hasn't stopped my TV watching, however. Random thoughts in no order (mostly spoiler-free, cut when not)

Burn Notice: The only reason I can't slash Michael/Sam is that Michael is so Fiona-sexual that it hurts. So, obviously - threesome! (maybe the two of them together can make Fi eat something. I love her but her shoulder blades freak me out.)

Starsky & Hutch: I've had most of it on DVD for a while but [livejournal.com profile] gnine hasn't seen a lot of it, so we're sampling. It's easy to forget just how smarm-y this show is, in the best of ways. I mean, yes, slashy obviously, but it's so, hmm, innocent about it, that it's really more smarm, the ideal fraternal love. Oh, the touching! So much touching of faces and gripping shoulders and hugging and stuff. (That being said, really, yes, SLASHY with a capital OMG-SO-DOING-IT. Also, I'm not usually into order, I don't tend to care or spend much time contemplating who's topping who, but Hutch is such a classic bitchy uke, making jealous faces in the background whenever laidback bi seme Starsky is shmoozing the ladies.)(And what was with the episode with their murdered cop friend who turned out to have been having a gay affair, and Starsky was tweaked and Hutch was very, hmm, circumspectly understanding about the whole deal...)

Soul Eater: [livejournal.com profile] naye is dragging me back into animanga, and I have to admit I missed it. Loving a shounen means never having to say you're sorry that your favorite character is not only named Professor Stein (first name Franken) but also has a GIANT BOLT THROUGH HIS HEAD. No, seriously, A GIANT BOLT. Oh, anime!

Scrubs: I'm enjoying the new season. Just a bit of spoilers, through the most recent ep )

The Sentinel: S&H made us reminisce, so we went and got a few eps to watch. SO slashy. I wasn't into slash then and I'm still amazed that I missed it (seeing as I wasn't into slash when I was in the fandom, does anyone happen to have any good Jim/Blair fic recs lying around? Preferably h/c-laden, you know me!)

SGA: My fic mojo slipped its leash and ran away. :( If you happen to see a big ol' ball of fluff with adorably geeky OTP ears and a few angst-spots, please call 555-TEAM.
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Oh, show! I will miss you...for all my whinging this season, I'm not ready to say goodbye...

spoilerific! )
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I actually watched the leak of this a couple weeks ago, and haven't had a chance to rewatch it yet, but my el quicko reaction was: Spoilers, natch. All squee, here! )
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The author reveals for [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa have been posted - go, read, enjoy! There's tons of great stories there, I'm still working through them. I definitely recommend "my" story, Mended by [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon, featuring sleep-deprivation and lovely Rodney-comfort. Yays!

While I'm at it:
[livejournal.com profile] aesc's Faith Healing is a cool AU with Ancient tech and the Trust and Rodney & John coming together.
[livejournal.com profile] argosy's Five Stories Jeannie Miller Tells is angst-with-a-happy-ending.
[livejournal.com profile] leupagus's Happy Tails To You is the kind of really silly crack SGA fandom excels at (it particularly got to me because it was posted only two hours after [livejournal.com profile] gnine and I happened to be musing about what John & Rodney would do with prehensile tails...)
And [livejournal.com profile] lillyjk's My Other Car's a Puddlescooter has a puddlescooter, which has to be one of the cutest names for a vehicle.

And there's my own fic:

SGA: Out in the Open {~22,000 words}
PG-13, McShep + Team gen, set after 5x14: "The Prodigal"
It's Situation Normal for the team when they're caught in an avalanche, but digging themselves out uncovers more than they counted on.

While this is technically a John/Rodney fic, it's really much more of a team action story with a sprinkle of McShep for flavoring. It was meant to be more McShep-focused, but then, there's plenty of McShep out there, and not nearly as much Teyla kicking ass and taking names. So, here's Teyla! And Ronon, too, dealing with their idiot teammates as best they can. ...Oh, yeah, and it starts with an avalanche on a snowy mountainside. Because, y'know, I'm contractually obligated to write one such story in every fandom I'm in (or more like when I flail for ideas, that's always one of the first to pop up...)
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Concerning the divide in the SGA fandom at present - cut because I'm trying to figure out some stuff; if you're in a squeeful holiday mood right now, just ignore this! )

Now I'm going to go wake up the sis and bro in the other room, and we can open the Christmas presents we left until after we got back from Hong Kong! Yay, presents! (Also, Hong Kong is wonderfully warm this time of year, and delicious. Christmas dinner was roast goose at the best Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. Oh man. SO TASTY. But someday I have to go on an Asian eating tour with people who actually eat seafood; [livejournal.com profile] gnine is allergic and the bro doesn't like it, so I was left drooling over pictures of crab and shrimp and shellfish but not ordering any because I can't finish whole dishes on my own...)
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I should be working on holiday cards, but there's a Cold Outside SGA fic-fest going on, for which I dunked John in a river. Yeah, again. It's December, what do you want out of me?

And [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa is live, with a ton of great stories in all genres (mine own will be revealed come January.) Meanwhile I've had a chance to check out a few (these mostly happen to be McShep, though there's plenty of other pairings and gen to choose from):

Stargazing - Wow. Gorgeous AU scifi, beautiful romance in only a few thousand words. One of those stories you wish were a novel, so you could give it to your friends to read and gush about.

The Bumblebee Myth - another AU, this one proving the old adage: no one does CRACK the way SGA fandom does CRACK. They're all insects (plus one arachnid). Frighteningly adorable insects. Having hijinx! and gender identity crises! at a university! Put it this way, John is a walking stick who wants to fly. Yeah, this is why I might never leave SGA fandom - where else am I going to get a fix like this?

Broadcast Signal - Rodney is imprisoned and his team's supposedly killed, but Sheppard is an awfully lively hallucination for a dead guy. Fun bit of scifi, just enough angst for spice.

Shrapnel in his Skin - (Rodney/Ronon and Rodney/John) On the other hand, if you're looking for major angst, look no further. Ow. Not totally depressing, but dark.

The Daniel and Rodney Snark Fest of Pornographic Doom - Bwahah! Mostly worth it for the Woolsey/Desk. C'mon, you know it's really disturbing and potentially mentally scarring canon!
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Huh. I saw negative reactions to this ep, but having finally bucked up and watched it, I enjoyed it. spoilers - squeeful ones, even! )
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Yup, I've got better things I ought to be doing - but I didn't get much sleep last night, so I'm not doing them. So here, have a poll!

I'm seeing a lot of divergent opinions around about Dr. Jennifer Keller 'round SGA fandom these days, and I'm terribly curious about the stats (my apologies to everyone who's heartily sick of this.) As is apparent to anyone who reads my lj regularly, I'm not exactly unbiased about this, but I've tried to make this poll as neutral as possible; please speak up if you think it fails in that.

The Keller poll: Keller, Keller vs Beckett, and Rodney/Keller )
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So Martin Gero made some comments on the most recent episode of SGA.

cut for spoilers and squee-harshing rage )

ETA: I gotta say, SGA these days is really making me appreciate NCIS. NCIS has one s5 ep that is explicitly the 100% opposite theme as this.
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*yawns, waves* I had a bad cold that put me mostly out of commission, feel like I've been living in a hole for the last week. Hi, everybody! Did you miss me?

Anyway. New SGA. spoilers. bitchy unsqueeful ones. sorry! )
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Oh, yeah, that's how it's done, SGA!

spoilers )
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Last fall [livejournal.com profile] naye mailed us DVDs of a little show you might've heard of, goes by SGA. And we all know how that turned out. Now she's subjecting us to Life (entertaining bit of cop-show surrealism) and NCIS (which is not, I was surprised to learn, a CSI variant. Am rather amused by how often the show itself sees fit to belabor that point...well, it's an easy mistake!) While I'm not likely to completely fan on it (it's not scifi, plus it has the same problem that so many shows that are not SGA suffer from, namely a crippling lack of Rodney McKay), NCIS is an entertaining popcorn show. By which I mean it's pretty much impossible to eat just one ep, not when there's another right there, sitting in the bucket and soaking up delicious faux-butter grease.

a bit more on NCIS, as of mid-season 2 )

In other news, this still has me high. YES WE CAN!!!

(So who's writing the RPF-ish thing wherein our new President-elect's intelligence briefing includes a summary of the Stargate Program? "We spend how many billions on archaeological research in order to defend the planet from alien spaceships made from giant pyramids? And what was that about intergalactic vampires, again?")

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] ariadne83 informs me that Ladycat777 is writing this!
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This post contains spoilers for the SGA finale, concerning a promo pic for the finale posted here.

SPOILERS for SGA 5x20 )
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The 9 AM is my bedtime, you see. (oops?) And the unedited is because I don't really want to think about this again, so I'm just putting it up raw, as is...I might read it over for typos later, but I might not. This isn't a real story, it's just something I had to get out of my system. Which I'm posting publicly because I have no shame, also, 9 AM (9:30 now!)

Umm. So I'm an OTPer, and very, very sensitive. Which means I really shouldn't have read [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper's recent flashfic, but I did anyway, because I'm also a masochist of the sort who always has to poke a bruise to make sure it still hurts (ow!)

So this is an entirely unauthorized sequel to her story. It's not what she meant her story to be, not by a long shot. Among other things, I pretty much totally sidestep the central threesome of her fic in favor of John and Rodney. It's a fix-it for a fic that isn't supposed to be fixed, that's not intended to be broken.

This story not actually McShep; it's not about destroying what she wrote. But it is changing things, making the chars go my way instead of hers. This still isn't a future I want to see, this is not how I want it to go. And yet I couldn't let it go. So. This. With all my sincere apologies to [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper, because it's not her fault I'm an oversensitive OTPing lunatic. Also to [livejournal.com profile] gnine and [livejournal.com profile] naye (please don't kill me tomorrow? Or today rather?)

nor let it be fearful
PG-13 for language, ~3,400 words
a fic response to Peace I Leave With You by Sholio/Friendshipper

Read it on AO3
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Watching with [livejournal.com profile] gnine, [livejournal.com profile] naye, [livejournal.com profile] utopiantrunks, and [livejournal.com profile] crashtestskater is much fun, if a bit of a tight squeeze 'round the old laptop. Fun ep, too.

the obligatory spoilers )

Also, in the BBC department, Hustle = <333, and saw the first two eps of Merlin - cute!

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