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So [livejournal.com profile] gnine was just up in Vancouver for work and happened to go to a SPN shooting this afternoon! And I am torn between being thrilled for her and being SO JEALOUS - I've always wanted to see TV/film shooting anyway, but of a show we're actively fanning on...!!! J2 were being silly together and Jensen was driving the Hero Impala (Baby is apparently as crazy loud as everyone says), plus Nina Lopez-Corrado was directing (new director on the show, this is only her second ep, but her first was "Red Meat," the h/c extravaganza I was squeeing about before) and just, eeee! waaaah! If only I'd known for sure it was happening, I could've driven up myself...(it's about 3 hours plus a border crossing...the fact that I'm seriously considering it should another opportunity present itself, well, such is the fangirl life...)
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The short review: eeeeeeeee *flails everywhere*

I can now call it - 11 seasons in and Supernatural just had its best season. Not a single terrible ep in the entire run and several of my all-time favorites, including the finale, which had everything I wanted and a couple things I didn't know I wanted but now totally do, in particular a potentially major game-changer that I did not see coming. There was a casting spoiler that Samantha Smith might be in the episode, but we were assuming ghost, not that after 11 years Mary Winchester would return from the dead...!

(Not to mention, Dean doesn't actually kill a female this season. And given the various character introductions, and how the finale passed the Bechdel test twice, they really do seem to be trying to turn over a new leaf...)

Also I totally called it!

Plus, you know:

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[livejournal.com profile] gnine is here for the moment, so we've been trying out some new shows! We've seen the first four eps of Sense8 (fascinating, can't wait to see more) and Syfy's Killjoys (want it to be better than it is, sigh) and a bunch of recent anime, two of which I have to recommend for anyone who's into that, or would like to be.

The first is Ore Monogatari!! aka My Love Story!! aka the cutest cute that has ever cutely cuted. This anime should come with a sugar warning for diabetics. It's a shoujo about a high school boy who is the polar opposite of the attractive shoujo hero, both in his colossal manly body and face, and his straightforward personality. Due to his looks, he's never had a girlfriend; they all fall for his bishounen best friend. Then one day he helps out a girl, and you can guess where the story goes from there. Except whatever you're imagining, it's cuter than that. It's a fun, sappy, quietly silly show focusing equally on Takeo, his best friend, and his girlfriend, and the relationship developing between them (don't worry, it's not a love triangle; not a threesome either, but equally about friendship as romance), and most of the stories are basically about which one of the three can be the sweetest (spoilers: it's all of them.)

Also the brother (who not-so-secretly enjoys school shoujo comedies) was honestly wondering about the gender of the mangaka - the writer is female, it turns out, but we guess she might have teenagers, because she captures a particular sort of low-key teen boy friendship in a way that felt very true to him.

If you like Ore Monogatari, I'd also recommend last year's Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun/Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, which has similar character dynamics, though is a lot goofier, more a straight comedy, bordering on parody - of the gentle and loving sort; if you're a shoujo fan I wouldn't miss it. Both are up on Crunchyroll.

The second is Ansatsu Kyoushitsu/Assassination Classroom, which has to be seen to be believed, but I'll try to explain why (and the summary is going to sound more spoilery than it really is - the basic idea is laid out in the first five minutes of the show - but if you want to watch it cold, go ahead, do it, you won't regret it. Provided you have a tolerance for certain shounen tropes, crack, and crack played straight(ish). And a basic grasp of Japanese schooling would help. But seriously, this show is amazing, I fell for it so much harder than I was prepared for.)

So Assassination Classroom is yet another take on that educational classic, the class of troubled teens getting an unusual new teacher who turns their lives around, à la GTO, Gokusen, etc. The twist - and it's a doozy - is that this teacher is a super-powered tentacle monster who blew up most of the moon and is going to do the same to the Earth in a year...unless this class of plucky young junior high students can assassinate him first.

This is quite the challenge, as he can move at Mach 20 (and the brother is thrilled by how cleverly and accurately his superspeed works), he's immune to most weapons, and also he's the best teacher the kids have ever had.

On the other hand, if they can kill him, they get a ten-billion yen reward from the grateful nations of the world. And (hopefully?) save the planet.

And if you're thinking this sounds completely absurd - absolutely yes! and yet the series makes it work. It's crack played straight - not realistically, and it's not a dark series; half the time it's a comedy and it keeps hitting the expected hopeful and triumphant chords of kids overcoming adversity with the help of a few adults who really care. But the emotional tension is all over the place and off-kilter from the tropes it's deploying, and that's deliberately and effectively done, often hilariously, occasionally disturbing. The kids are all the standard types of failures and delinquents, but they're well-sketched and lovable and you can't help but cheer them on...even when you're not quite sure you should.

(As a bonus Sugita Tomokazu is playing the PE teacher/special forces agent teaching the kids assassination skills and becoming way more attached to his students than he should be, considering the stakes. I apparently have a thing for Sugita-voiced characters who should never in a million years be mentors for kids and yet end up mentoring the hell out of them, though otherwise Karasuma-sensei is a 180 from Gintoki.)

The end of the season falls down a bit in how it goes more overtly action-shounen; but there's another season coming next year and I can't wait for it. Not the least of which because there are so many questions about the whole scenario, and it's offered enough hints to imply answers may come. In the meantime you can watch the first season on Hulu. And then come here and talk to me about it, because yes, so many questions!! (I'm debating whether or not to read the manga or be patient...)
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So I beat ME3 a few days ago. And then at the advice of [livejournal.com profile] sheliana and others I got the Citadel DLC and played that (thank you SO MUCH for the rec, it's amazing, epic fanservice in the best of ways!) And now I'm out of Mass Effect to play! Other than the other DLCs, but some of those (From Ashes, at least) seem to require replaying pretty much the whole game, so...maybe later.

For now - a lot (LOT!) more squee and rambling under the cut. Unlike last post this will be spoilerific for all three games, so I advise you don't read unless you've played them already or are absolutely sure you never will - otherwise I strongly recommend playing unspoiled.

Spoilers for ME1-ME3 (including the Citadel DLC, though for Gnine´s sake I´ll hide the main plot spoiler) )

And then, inevitably...I make no promises about completing it, but I have 3K words and counting of post-game fic. As I have said so often before: Whoops.
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For years now, whenever I complained about the lack of space opera on TV (which is every other month or so - and right now is more just "why are there no shows in space at all, argh?!" - but glorious sprawling epic multi-world culture-clashing space opera is my joy) my brother's answer has always been, "PLAY MASS EFFECT!"

So last month I finally did. And now I'm a couple hours away from beating the third game, and. Yeah. This is where the space opera has gone, and it is amazing. (Doesn't hurt that of all ME's influences - which range from Star Wars to Niven's Known Space - the strongest might be my beloved Babylon 5.) Being a game, it has elements in common with both visual and literary scifi - while it has the cinematics like TV and movies, it also has a ton of background text that fleshes out the universe, explaining details of aliens and technology in a way TV can only do in tie-in books. And yes, I'm one of those geeks who has to read the entire Codex.

And it's worth it! The alien species are fascinating, and not just in the character designs - though those are great, being a video game they aren't limited to humans in makeup. (Actually the aliens look better than the humans, who tend to live in that point in the uncanny valley where their fixed-plastic features don't quiiiiiiite ruin the dramatic scenes, but it's close.) All the species have distinct, complex cultures, and the story manages that difficult trick of having alien characters who are representative of their species, and yet are also unique individuals - their personalities are shaped by the societies they were raised in, but not determined by them. More random babble, no real spoilers )

on endings

Jan. 1st, 2015 03:34 pm
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So Benedict Cumberbatch has put in the final performance of his greatest role. Which is to say, Cabin Pressure's finale has aired.

Spoilers for Zurich parts 1-2 )
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Caught up with the anime with the sibs (to ep 601) and then out of impatience caught up with the manga (to the just-out ch.712) and this series is still ridiculous and too long and so shounen it hurts (...especially for Sanji in the last chapter, ow) and the latest arcs haven't been quite up to Water 7's standards, but I still love it forever and endlessly.

In addition to my adoration for everyone else I now also am madly in love with Trafalgar Law. (Well, I was before. But moreso after Punk Hazard. His interactions with the Strawhats are amazing "You understand that your definition of 'alliance' and his are different, right?" and he's super-hot by OP's very special standards.)

(What's up with his hat, though - why does it keep matching Chopper's style? Is there some special fashion trendsetter for doctor's hats on the Grand Line???)

But for the love of little fishes WHEN ARE WE GOING TO MEET VEGAPUNK, ALREADY???
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At least if you like adorably sweet platonic found-families. If you are allergic to adorable stay FAR FAR AWAY. W13 is one of the most consistently cute shows I have ever seen.

The last episode especially - has one of the characters worrying about his romantic prospects, since no one in their little found family team has actually found their "one" yet, and he's the shyest of all of them. And then the person he's talking to, rather than reassure him that he's a catch who is sure to find true love someday if he keeps looking (even though it's true) - instead points out that he's settled into their family group, and he's happy being settled, and that maybe, at least for now, his "one" is his four friends. To have a show say outright that romance is not the be-all and end-all to happiness or human contact - that even for adults, love and family is not always dependent on romance - <3333

(The character in question is also party to possibly the best reaction of a straight man to a male colleague coming out ever put on TV:


(the showrunner (gay himself) has admitted that he wrote it as his ideal straight-guy reaction...))

(okay, now off to watch Starsky & Hutch with visiting fangirl [livejournal.com profile] derry667!)
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Well, that finale made us SQUEEEEEE. Out loud. Our poor traumatized cats.

[livejournal.com profile] joonscribble called it last month and we were hoping, but I still can't believe that they actually did it!!! When the guy said "she", OH but we shrieked!

This totally makes up for BBC Sherlock's handling of Irene. So perfect~! Not only does it mean that Irene can remain The Woman and fundamental to Sherlock without at all interfering with Watson's absolute significance - but Irene did it, she defeated Holmes, completely. It was Joan who defeated her.

(For now. Her lawyer may have a difficult case, but given their client, they are going to be very, very motivated. Or else Irene might just decide to do her time and run her operation from a nice safe prison cell, like any good mastermind...)

(OH though, how much more do I want Watson to do Reichenbach instead of Holmes? It's so perfectly set up for it, since Moriarty is going to have a different target now...though as [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza pointed out, as it turns out she's already put Sherlock through the grief that Holmes traditionally subjects Watson to...)

Also, HE NAMED A BEE AFTER HER, AWWWWWW. Holmes & Watson forever & ever & ever <333
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So right now is a great time for platonic m/f friendship on TV, much to my joy!

In the last couple weeks we watched all that's out of Elementary - highly recommended! It does a lot of remarkable things effortlessly and unselfconsciously. Lucy Liu's Joan Watson is amazing and awesome, not the least of which for being a relatable, recognizable human being who also happens to be an Asian-American woman. While when the show was first announced I was disappointed by the changes they'd made to Watson's character (ex-doctor and not ex-military), in the context of the show and the version of Sherlock Holmes they're telling, it makes sense. And she is still absolutely Watson, long-suffering and loyal, if a bit snarkier about it than some.

But then that's par for the course - one of the things that makes Elementary's Sherlock so great is because everyone actually calls him on his shit. And he actually listens (sometimes, to some people), and he tries (even if he doesn't always succeed). More squee, no spoilers to speak of )

We've also started watching SyFy's Warehouse 13, and while that isn't what I'd call good TV - oh my god it is so frigging cute it's almost painful. It's not for everyone - it's corny and shallow and obvious, but if you like cute made-family teams being cute together while dealing with unabashedly implausible scifi artifacts, you owe it to yourself to watch this show.

It does have a couple other points to recommend it. Not only does it have more major female characters than male for a good part of the show, but the central partnership is a male and a female agent, both young and white and attractive, who bicker but love working together and love each other and have ABSOLUTELY ZERO UST. Their relationship is sibling-esque all the way without any hint of romance; they're genuinely happy and supportive for their partner whenever they find romance elsewhere. Meanwhile to make up for the lack of sexual chemistry there, it is positively bubbling between the female agent and H.G. Wells. Who is a (canonically bi) woman. Played by the preternaturally gorgeous Jaime Murray of Hustle. (She's also kind of an arch-villain, sometimes, depending, which tension only ups the femslashiness (very deliberate femslash; at her introduction she was briefly paired with Pete, but since then it's Myka who she has all the intense interactions with.))(And while I don't think that 'ship has actually gone canon, H.G./Myka is the most popular pairing in the fandom by an order of magnitude...)

But mostly it's just adorable action-comedy with lots of hugs and goofy scifi peril to the characters in every episode (I swear, every single ep has at least a moment of h/c or worry with someone). It reminds me more of SFC's old Invisible Man than perhaps any other show I can think of; it's a show that knows exactly what it is, and is very happy to be that, with no ambitions to take itself more seriously. And since I adored I-man, and am a sucker for cute teamy h/c, yeah, am enjoying the heck out of W13!
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I was going to read The Hunger Games (it's been on my list - by which I mean my bedroom floor) for months now - but then I remembered my uncle had lent me the Percy Jackson books so I figured I should read those first (they're reasonably fun and do some cute things with Greek myth, but halfway through the 3rd book I can't say I'd recommend them, the stories are on the repetitive side and the characters haven't grabbed me) and then I remembered that the last Artemis Fowl book was supposed to be in the works.

I looked it up and lo! It came out last year! So, since I couldn't wait for shipping, that became my first actual purchase for my Kindle (my collection is pretty much entirely fanfic and public domain books) and gave me a delightful afternoon's reading. Overall, loved it as much as I've loved the rest of the series, even if the ending got me a bit. Erm. Tense. (...meaning I probably will have to reread it, as I started speed-reading to find out how it worked out and I tend to miss details when I put the pedal to the floor) The Artemis Fowl series has to be one of the most consistent series I've ever read - while the story and characters change and evolve enough to keep it interesting, it keeps to its core elements from first book to last (and my impression is that the author's voice remains constant, too, though I'd have to go back and reread to be sure. Which I might well do.) Meaning if you don't care for the first book, I wouldn't bother reading the rest. On the other hand if you enjoyed it, yes, buy all the books and buckle up because it's a romping ride all the way through!

Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian continues and concludes the tradition of the series in grand style. And by tradition I mean Eoin Colfer's uncanny ability to write to my personal fiction kinks like he's got a direct line to my id. These books maybe more than any others I regret not existing when I was a kid, because as much as I enjoy them now, they would've been closing on a religious experience to my young un-kink-jaded self. I mean, The Last Guardian has mutual attempted self-sacrifice in a fantastic take on the old sucker-punch scenario, Holly attempting to knock Artemis out to make the world-saving sacrifice herself, only to have Artemis pull a fast one on her anyway and knock her out (you can't blame Holly, it's Artemis!) Do you know how many times I'd have reread that as a small thing? (at least three or four times more than I'm going to reread it now... :D)

Also Artemis and Holly's best-friendery is oh so delicious, and stays firmly as friendship (while not ruling out the possibility for more developing). Plus Artemis's baby brothers are begging for their own sequel series. Which I don't think there are any plans for, though...

Colfer has said he intended for the series to be a trilogy that then he had more ideas for, but he's decided it's time to move on, and I entirely respect his choice to end on a high note. At the same time, if he does happen to get a new idea to pick up on any of the loose threads dangling about that world, I will be be there with bells on!
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Just saw it again - if anything it's better a second time! (also we just went out for shawarma for dinner and it was delicious, so thank you for the rec, Tony Stark!)

nothing but squee & flailing )

Speaking of Loki - TOP SECRET for [livejournal.com profile] tomomichi's eyes only, everyone else can move along, nothing to see here...Loki theorizing )
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The longer I go without posting, the harder it is to remember all the things I've watched and listened to that I wanted to post about, and thus the more I hesitate to make a post at all. So, in the interests of clearing my journal palate, a list in no particular order, chronological, importance, or otherwise:

  • Watched Thor a few days ago to prepare for the upcoming Avengers movie and rather enjoyed it. Which isn't to say it's good; it's rather a terrible movie and my friends who hated it are quite justified. I liked it anyway! Thor was a big ol' sweetheart (even if regrettably clothed for too much of the movie), Loki was scarcely a respectable trickster but made up for it by being the most woobie woobie who ever woobied (he made s1 SV!Lex look hard-hearted and unsympathetic), the romance was so laughably pastede-on-yay that it hardly even could irritate (why didn't they give him like a month on earth and develop the relationship in a montage? It would've taken all of two minutes and been 100% more believable), and I personally thought Asgard was beautifully designed, very Final Fantasy-esque architecture-what's-architecture-we-have-computers!

  • Watched the 2 seasons of Lost Girl - hey you guys, you should totally be watching this! It's not a great show but it's fun and cute and most importantly it has Kenzi, who is made of amazing and hilarity and awesome outfits. It reminds me of early Angel: tS in tone and theme except that it's in Toronto instead of LA and Angel is a brooding young succubus instead of a brooding old vampire and doesn't brood as much as she'd like because she has Kenzi, who makes brooding difficult. And there is adorable f-f friendship and f/f romance (and m/f; Bo is bi, but really so, not just kisses-guys-for-love-and-girls-for-titillation.) And m-f friendship as well, and werewolves and sirens and all other manner of wacky fae, and Canadian actor bingo, and an outrageous bodyswap ep. And did I mention Kenzi?

  • Watched the new Sherlock as it came out but tragically missed that fandom train. I have reasons but I'm honestly not sure if they're why my squee-tickets never arrived, or if it's the lack of squee which makes me critical. Either way, I am sad not to be joining the fun. Le sigh!

  • Not fanning on Sherlock has not kept me from fanning on the actors, mind, because Martin Freeman is kind of fantastic and I can't wait to see him in The Hobbit, and Benedict Cumberbatch is Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • Especially because Benedict Cumberbatch is also Martin! I spent rather more time than I expected or preferred on planes and in airports this holiday season (thank you, global warming, for your thoughtful gift of ice, snow, and more ice and snow) which allowed me to listen to all of Cabin Pressure, which is more hysterical than a radio comedy about a charter airline has any right to be. Also more cute and lovable. Plus, Douglas! (Who originated Javert and I really want to know if that's the recording of Les Mis I'm familiar with. Certainly he has the voice for it! Roger Allam and Anthony Head having a relaxed&authoritative pilot-off is a gift to all fangirls...)

  • Have started watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - only a couple eps in and still getting used to Miki playing Roy Mustang, but looking forward to seeing more!

  • Finished posting my Ben 10 fic; still have to post the epilogue of Tiger Hunt, if only I can write the last scene...

  • Still haven't moved over to Dreamwidth though I keep meaning to - have been trying to get all my fic off my journal and onto AO3 before I do, and still need to replace some stories with links, but as of now I believe all my fic is on AO3, from my very first stuff to present day!
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So I am 100 pages into Memory!

Recent thoughts, in no particular order and with no regard for coherency:

spoilers for this and the books before )

Okay now must go read more!
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So when that list of SF books went around, I mentioned I'd never read Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan books, upon which someone kindly (evilly) linked me to the free e-book versions. So I popped them on my Kindle and started reading. Really enjoyed Cordelia's stories (insanely awesome (awesomely insane) female character FTW!), and Cordelia & Aral's mature, incredibly supportive romance and relationship (het OTP FTW!) Then I started reading Warrior's Apprentice.

Then I told my brother to read them. And my roommate. And [livejournal.com profile] gnine (that was a week and a half ago. She's finishing Cryoburn as I write this. Have I ever mentioned my sister's marathoning abilities are unbelievable?)

I knew the series was award-winning scifi, and I knew it had to have good characters from the number of fangirls who liked it. I'd also heard tell of h/c (Bujold is totally an h/c fangirl, whether or not she would use the term herself. She's also a whumper - there's quite a bit of 'hmm, the plot seems to be slowing down - time to beat on the hero!' but there's some sweet moments as well.) What no one ever mentioned was how funny the books can be. Some of them moreso than others; the whole series is incredibly manic depressive (just like its hero) - bouncing between hilarious and tragic within a few pages. ...Which, I've come to realize, is pretty much my favorite kind of fiction (see Gintama!) (Not that the Vorkosigan books are parody; they're pretty straight action/hard scifi/mystery. But they keep making me unexpectedly laugh out loud. And that's definitely a good part of how hard I've fallen for them...)

I could go on about how much I adore Miles and his amazing ability to take absolutely anything and run with it (to infinity and beyond, to legend! Also bankruptcy!) and all the snowballing escapades this gift gets him into, and how much I love how he's maybe the only genre hero I've ever read with a really solid, functional, caring relationship with both his parents (so much love for Cordelia & Aral, I don't even. And I love how Miles is so completely their son, Aral's mastery of strategy and Cordelia's unstoppable will in one package seemingly too small to contain it). Not to mention all the Dendarii, and Gregor, and Ivan (Ivan! <333) - but I'm about halfway through Brothers in Arms and it was a terrible place to stop, so I'm going back to reading now.

But thank you, everyone who recced them - and if you haven't read them yet, definitely give them a go!

(Ah, also, I'm reading in chronological order, so please please please no spoilers for Brothers in Arms or even vague references to any books after - I'm pretty much unspoiled and am enjoying not having any clue what's going to happen to Miles next!)
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13+ minutes of animation - yeah, that was worth the couple months' wait. Especially since I'm going to have to watch it half a dozen times to grasp what the hell happened (is happening? will happen? was to have happened?)

(kitty doggy ears!!!!! ...I might've teared up a bit.)

on pirates

Sep. 8th, 2011 04:37 pm
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Have been catching up on the One Piece anime with the bro (and [livejournal.com profile] gnine now that she's here visting). And yeah, the anime is but a weak reflection of the manga (the pacing is usually off since they're stretching the manga as far as it can go, so it takes forever for anything to happen; and the art is all over the place, ranging from decent to hardly watchable - what I wouldn't give for the whole series to look like Strong World) but it's still OP. We're almost through Marineford, which I especially appreciate animated because it got hard to follow in the manga, though yeah, I wish the animation was up to the EPIC. (The scope of that battle is unbelievable; I can't think of anything like it--definitely not in fight shounen, with its usual orderly one-to-one hero and opponent ratio. Maybe some of the cross-series events in American superhero comics? But even those tend not to go down in one place, with so many fighters of insane strength and powers - and that's not even getting into the emotional side, both the personal stories and the world-changing significance of the war.)

I love the way OP shifts gears - the first time it happens is in Arlong Park, when you start to realize that this fun little kid's adventure series has more to it than shiny action and silly antics; and it keeps upping the ante as it goes, changing and expanding and widening its scope, both breadth and depth, while never losing its original heart (or absurdity!) (That's something manga tends to do better anyway. Supernatural started out this small, personal show about two brothers, and then tried to expand into an epic about saving the world, but it couldn't handle the expansion; it never quite succeeds in making you care about the fate of the planet, beyond what that means to the Winchesters and their little family. While as series like Babylon 5 and Avatar: TLA do a fantastic job with epic, universe-spanning stories, but they present as such from the get-go; they're about one-of-a-kind heroes in one-of-a-kind situations, making history. But fight shounen often start small and personal and scale up into saving the universe - Dragonball started out as the story of a girl looking for wish-granting magic balls for lack of anything better to do. OP develops into something more complicated than most, however, between its increasingly huge cast and lack of a single dominant villain to defeat, and with its weird mix of obvious protagonists and antagonists but increasingly complex morality - you usually know who you're supposed to be cheering for, but they're not always on the same side...)

(...and now I want a good Marineford/Ace & Luffy vid to Shinedown's "Diamond Eyes". There's a few OP AMVs to it on youtube already (it's hard not to see it, with the refrain of "the story is just beginning/I say goodbye to my weakness/so long to the regret/and now I see the world through diamond eyes"), but nothing quite like what I'm picturing. Does anyone have any recs for OP AMVs? Especially in the mood for action - would love something as fantastic as ManyLemon's Sail On with later footage.)
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The last week was pretty spectacular - [livejournal.com profile] gnine was here, because [livejournal.com profile] naye and [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper were also coming to town, and we gathered together for several days of wild fangirling and squee and general hijinx. So much fun, I can't even say! (Even if [livejournal.com profile] skuldchan sadly couldn't make it, so we missed the opportunity to tease her and [livejournal.com profile] naye about being overly adorable)(okay, we got in a little teasing anyway, because seriously, adooooorable! XD) (And [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper's husband happened to hit it off with my bro; they spent most of the time jabbering in computer-geek lingo at least as incomprehensible as our fangirling and playing Go.) So yes, definitely have to do it again sometime!!

There was White Collar squee, and Highlander DVD extras (multiple takes of the Comes a Horseman car confrontation are all the more interesting when [livejournal.com profile] gnine & I still have the original scene memorized. Eheheh.) We also inflicted a bit of Gintama on [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper (she laughed! Though we didn't get to either the drama or the real crack...next time!) And she in turn subjected us to Sanctuary: The Tesla Edition (on the one hand, omg such a bad show; the writing makes SGA look like...well, not Shakespeare, but Star Trek, at least? OTOH, Tesla is indeed made of snarky swishy vampiric awesome. Plus Amanda Tapping! And Chris Heyerdahl! And Peter Wingfield!! I would so be watching the show anyway if it were all about them and less about pretty young people who can't act.)

Now I have to settle back into regular life. ...And catch up on the last Homestuck update. (in which OMG spoilers!! )
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As threatened! And because I can't be the only one who's been noticing the growing number of fic on AO3 and wondering what was up with that (I got it confused with Homestar Runner for a good couple months there...) and then if/when you do look it up, you end up on MSPaint Adventures baffled (or possibly worse, the MSPA Wiki, which in my experience is terrifying to the uninitiated.)(And then I spent two hours on it last night when I ran out of new pages...)

The brief explanation: [mostly spoiler-free, provided you don't click the links; I mention a few future things but trust me, there's a lot going on and I'm not giving any of the surprises away.] Homestuck is the latest and longest-running story on MSPA (unrelated to previous adventures, none of which I've read.) It's nominally a webcomic, insofar as you have to call it something; it might be easier to think of it as a detailed walk-through to an illustrated text adventure game that doesn't actually exist. It's not particularly interactive (with the exception of a few fun little RPG-style flash mini-games); it's not a game but an unusual narrative device, with the story being told mostly through text-adventure style descriptions and commands, and chat logs.

This got long, so I'm cutting to spare you. )

So, that's Homestuck. If you're still not sure, I'd suggest going to the beginning and starting to read. The opening is mostly nonsense; the story takes a bit to get going, and you can skim until you get to the first chat logs. I'd recommend going through to the end of Act 1 before you really decide how you feel - that's only a fraction of the full work, but it'll give you a decent impression. (Oh, and I'd try looking at it in different browsers, or else turning off fonts - for some reason the primary fixed-width text is bolded weird and hard for me to read in Firefox, but looks fine in Chrome.)

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Jun. 7th, 2011 04:58 pm
xparrot: Chopper reading (wtf wings)
Okay, in some short time from now I will make an honest attempt to pimp Homestuck, because I think actually quite a lot of you might enjoy it for a variety of reasons. But that will wait until I'm entirely caught up, which I'm not yet, because Act 5 is looooooong. (also that this page made me laugh hysterically for a minute straight says things about my sense of humor, none of them complimentry.)

Right now I just have to mention that at present, a good 50% of my Homestuck reading experience is me going (sometimes aloud):





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