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The winning show this week was Numb3rs, with Avatar coming in at a close second.

What can I say about Numb3rs except the gay continues!! All the agency scenes went thusly: Any Given Char: "Okay, I'm dealing with this Colby thing, and by the way, how are you dealing with it, David? Because you don't seem to be. And you really ought to, you guys were such a good couple."

And David used the BF word! (this would be "best friend" not "boyfriend," but it gets a 4-e squee anyway. SQUEEEE!) And angsted very prettily. Also Colby looked gorgeous (even if he jumped in the water in a blue shirt of pure sex and then we didn't get to see him wet after. You teases! We did get him in the hoodie, though, so I suppose I can forgive them. Mostly.) In fact, everyone is looking gorgeous really, or is it just me? I've decided Charlie's scruff does for me, and Don was working the black nicely. And Amita's hair is awful pretty and I still like Liz Warner.

...and now that they're working through their issues, David & Colby need to be having HOT SEX right the heck now. Please. For me? Can't you imagine them having a conversation in the break room after hours, and things get a little out of hand and David bursts out, "I didn't trust you!" and Colby counters, "Good, you shouldn't have!" and then David says, "But I should've known you better, after everything," and Colby's like, "I swore to myself I wouldn't get close, wouldn't get anyone else hurt by this," and David says, "So we weren't close, so that didn't mean anything?" and Colby says, "It meant something, David, it meant a whole lot more than it should've, and man, I'm sorry, I screwed up, I never should've let it get that far, and I knew it but I couldn't help it, I'm sorry, I'll be taking that transfer--"

And David says, "Like hell," and kisses him, hard and angry, and Colby's hands come up to David's head, strong fingers curve around the rough close-shaved dark skin, holding on, holding them close, and David's back is shoved against the window and the closed blinds rattle against the glass...

...Yeah. Like that. Only I don't want to read it, I want to see it, dangit! Sigh...

Then, Avatar, which I haven't really mentioned much before, so a few words: Fun ep even if there was a heart-wrenching lack of Zu-zu and Iroh. I hope for an ep starring them to make up for it.

One of the things I really like about Avatar (among many things; it's a fine, fine show) is that, of all the shows and anime and whatnot I've seen with kids saving the world, this might be the one in which the kids feel the most like real children. Very bright, extremely-scarily-powerful children, but children, not just in the way they bicker and have fun, but in everything. Katara is so absolutely blindly idealistic and petty and selfish at the same time, as only a fourteen year old girl can be. She's my least favorite of the main cast but I don't think it's so much that she's a bad character as that she's a good one...that maybe at that age I would've been a lot like her (if not as gutsy, even with those powers) and it's almost a little embarrassing to watch her for that.

I'm curious how children watching the show take the char dynamics. Because I'm thinking if you were 10-12 years old, you'd be more inclined to side with Aang and Katara, to want to help people, and Sokka is indeed a big heartless meanie who doesn't care. While as adults watching it can sympathize so much with Sokka, who's so young himself but is dealing with this incredible weight of responsibility and is old enough to feel it in a way the younger ones don't. Aang and Katara's idealism is praise-worthy and we all wish we could be superheroes like that, but it's not always the best way, no matter how satisfying. (and of course Sokka has the double burden because he can't be the superhero like they can, he doesn't have the magic powers, so he's determined to help in the way he can best...and that plan with the music and the fog and the stomping rock was so his, of course, because he always will be there for his little sister...)

asjfkfla;wkacjklaewdjaw!!! I love Sokka so much. For doing what he can and loving and taking such good care of his family and being the meat & sarcasm guy who is a crazy tactical genius and I love how that's developed through the series, how he's brilliant from the beginning but with all the Benders running around it takes everyone a while to notice that yeah, there are other skills that are just as important. And I love the way the psychology of all the chars makes sense, that they're so consistent and believable that you could weep from it (...seriously. I've been watching Smallville. Consistent characterizations make me tear up these days.) Avatar may be a kid's cartoon - but damn is it a good one.

Supernatural also premiered, of course! Liked the ep, generally; didn't think it as strong as last year's opener, but... mostly I was just happy to see the boys again! Sam was looking fine and Dean is still, well, Oh, Dean. He's more chipper and cheery now than we've ever seen him, it's awesome. Also I have to confess that I would go back to his hotel room with him just for his utterly rocking tape collection. Hee.

--Totally missed that the hunter was Ianto's Cyber-fied girlfriend! (wouldn't have figured it out if not for a comment on [livejournal.com profile] naye's lj. I don't think [livejournal.com profile] gnine even caught that one. Awesome.) Wouldn't mind more of her, she was cool, though that scene with the Drano...urrrrgh. Has the show's gore index been upped, or is it just that it's a premiere? I seemed to be covering my eyes more than usual (the trouble with SPN is that I completely forget it's a horror show sometimes, and then I tweak out...horror's not my genre, and I've got a terribly low gore tolerance, so...) But still...boys and their gross things. You gotta laugh. Oh, Kripke.

As for Blondie, I have no real comment...to me she wasn't even a Mary Sue so much a Deus ex Chiquita...comes in and saves the day and takes out Sins before they even get to introduce themselves (it was more "the 5 Deadly Sins and the other 2 wannabes who hang around being pretty useless") Another writer might handle her better...it was bad, even before the credits came on, we were watching the ep going, "Hmm, from the Klunkiness of the opening dialogue, Kripke must've written this one." Bless the man! He's just not a great screenwriter. I give him a break because this is his first show. ...unlike the creator of Heroes, who has no such excuse, and his dialogue can be at least as clunky and his chars aren't as likable. 'sides, Kripke is still a 16-year-old angst-whore fangirl, which will always win in my book! :P

And last but not least...wait. Yes, least. Though it actually wasn't as bad as all that, all things considered. Anyway, a few random comments on Smallville!

I think I like Kara. Why? Because from the evidence of this episode, Kara has a new Kryptonian gift that is fantastic - she cancels out the effect of Lana's love-me mutation! Think about it - throughout the episode, Clark didn't angst once about Ms Lang, or even mention her, except in the opening pre-Kara scene. Then, Lex is wanting to cut himself free of Lana, trying to excise himself of the guilt, but perhaps no longer under her spell, being smitten with his angel instead. (yeah, calling Lana brilliant and whatnot was sickening, but sadly enough the simple truth, at least compared to his own ability in this universe. Besides he was trying to flatter her into killing him.)

Also Lex is still smexy. And can draw! Cool. It's a shame he's a pathetic loser who will never, ever grow up to be the true Lex Luthor. Sorry, Lex, I still do love you, it's just, well. You're not a villain and you're never going to be. Lana is way better at being evil than you are. She just gets all the lucky breaks - like you making a clone of her, for no explained reason, that happened to be functionally braindead so she wouldn't get any blood on her hands blowing it up - and you are never going to get any, no matter what.

I don't mind Kara thus far. She's as mopey as El family tradition dictates, but having just found out her world and everyone she knows is long explodey and gone, except for the little baby who's rather much bigger now, I grant her reason to angst. And kudos to either the director or Tom Welling or both for the bit where he finds out they're cousins, that step Clark takes back was great. ("One of my species! Hot blonde of my species! Safe sex! --oh, dangit!")(though logically speaking, cousins can be distant enough genetically, and besides, if Kryptonians are as perfectly advanced as all that they might not have any dangerous recessive genes to pass on - they should go for it anyway. Last of your species, here!)

(ETA: Okay, I know it's just a TV show, comic book physics, etc. But...Krypton is 20-something galaxies away? So the planet blew up just how many hundred thousand or million years ago? Because I thought when Clark visited Swann the first time, Krypton was no longer visible from Earth, he could already see it had blown up. Am I remembering that wrong? But then how was Jor-El visiting here only a couple generations ago? ...And how fast do their spaceships travel anyway? Do they have instant inter-galactic teleportation? I'm so confused...)

I might like the new Daily Planet editor. The thing is, he's right. In the real world he'd be crazy - but this is a universe where the alien spaceships and mutant monsters are real. The DP should be reporting on such things! In a couple years they're going to have a flying man in a cape and tights plastered on their front page, so they should be ramping up to that. And yay for him calling Chloe out; she's been slacking since she got let in on Clark's cabal and deserved the smackdown. Besides, nice to have evidence Lois can actually write; even if it's out of left field, I like her enough to want to see her succeed at something. I still don't see her as Lois Lane, she's just not directed enough even if she can get obsessive, but...will take what I can get out of this show, and any char I don't despise is a good one.

...Chloe is unfortunately not in that category anymore. I don't believe that she's panicking about being a potential Belle Reve freak, and then the next minute is telling her cousin she's crazy and dumb and slipping in the mud and concussed and seeing things. She drags Lois to the hospital but she's not worried one bit about her health; it's only to keep the secret. Chloe is so impossibly selfish about Clark's secret; she wants it for herself and only herself and doesn't care what she has to do to preserve it. What makes Lois so untrustworthy? She's Chloe's beloved cousin, and she's proved herself capable of not losing her head when confronted with extraterrestrial life. If they just let her in on it, they wouldn't have to be going through such extremes to hide things from her so she doesn't accidentally break them to the paper. (not to mention Lois is going to catch up with Lex in the concussion count, if this keeps up. Can't Smallville come up with another way to keep someone from seeing something besides bonking them on the noggin!?) I don't think it's that Chloe doesn't trust Lois - it's just that she doesn't want to share her special position with Clark with anyone else.

Also why didn't Chloe tell Clark about meeting with Lex? So as not to get him moping about Lana again? But he ought to know. What if he could help Lana? Chloe's best friend, remember, Chloe? You were just crying about her last ep, don't you want your personal superhero on the job? Everyone in this show lies for no damn reason anymore. Just because they can. Drives me batty.

And after seven years, the government has finally gotten involved. Okay. At least they can't be less competent than Lex...

Date: 2007-10-07 08:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] terra-tenshi.livejournal.com
Replies (because I am just nerdy enough):

Dear Numb3rs,
YOU BROUGHT HIM BACK! Not only did you not make him an evil guy but you made him a good guy and you BROUGHT HIM BACK! AND GAVE US DAVID/COLBY FRIENDSHIPPYNESS!!! &hearts &hearts &hearts.

Your Loyal Slash Inclined Viewers

PS: Charlie, dear, buy a comb please, and maybe some gel.

Dear Smallville,
I know that given our past history and the fact that I have grown up since I started watching you I should realize that once you have set a pattern you pretty much stick with it. (Even if it is a sucky pattern.) That being said, I am trying to be optomistic about this show so please, please, please don't break my heart again this season.

The Lex Minions

PS: I will give $100 to whoever brings me Lana Lang's head on a platter.

As to the whole Avatar thing I always relate most strongly to Zuko. Stuck at the unenviable point in your life where it starts to really occur to you that just because someone is supposed to love/take care of/look out for/etc. you doesn't mean that they actually have your best interests at heart and yet you still want to believe that your parents have the magic power to make everything better. Zuko reminds me so much of my self at that age (especially with his stupidity) that I'm never quite sure if I want to shake some sense into him or give him a hug.

Date: 2007-10-07 03:34 pm (UTC)
ext_3572: (Default)
From: [identity profile] xparrot.livejournal.com
Awww, but I like Charlie's just-rolled-out-of-bed hair! ^^ The David/Colby...slash or friendship, it's just amazing. Never expected the show to give me so much and it's making me so happy!

SV...I have no faith in SV. I'm just happy it's not at the moment actually painful to watch, as several eps of last season were.

And Avatar...heh, I love and adore Zuko with all his (hysterically funny) teen angst, but as I was a pretty angst-free teen myself (junior high was hell; by 16 I was doing much better) I don't identify with him so much as feel for him. And want to give him a hug, poor confused baby!

Date: 2007-10-07 09:36 am (UTC)
ext_9839: Yuko (woo)
From: [identity profile] lukita.livejournal.com
People have been trying to get me into Avatar for awhile now, maybe I'll give it a shot if you promise me the children acts like children. =D

Artsy Lex, heh. I can't believe they brought it back up again.

I try not to think too much about the space travel since it doesn't make much sense, either Clark is older than dirt or his spaceship travels faster than light or fold space. Time travel? *shrug* Besides I think Krypton wouldn't have been visible from Earth anyway unless our telescopes are just that great.

If Lois gets enough concussion, she can join the club with Lex and they can trade stories.

Date: 2007-10-07 03:40 pm (UTC)
ext_3572: (lex - screw the rules)
From: [identity profile] xparrot.livejournal.com
Give Avatar a try! It's really quite a good show. My first impression was that it was an anime ripoff, but it's much more of a homage, done with genuine love and care. And the chars honestly do act like children - awesome, fun, and complex children; but they are utterly believable as the ages they are. And several of the voice actors are actually the age of the chars they play, which helps...what they lack in acting experience they make up in spirit.

SV needs a concussion club, badly! If only the members could remember when or where the meetings are held... XD

Date: 2007-10-07 11:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bagheera-san.livejournal.com
Television ocassionally confuzzles "galaxies" with "star systems", and so Krypton is more 20 stars to the left that than twenty galaxies away.

The way everyone save Lex just kind of tries to ignore Lana is baffling. It's not that I want them to be moping, but now that they aren't it just seems out of character. It's so perfect for pheromone!Lana theories, but I guess it's just bad writing. The same goes for Lionel: has Clark even noticed he's gone?

I think Chloe needs to quit her reporter career eventually, and move into the hero/villain field somehow. (Or she dies). It's become her passion, and considering the Wall of Weird, it always was. And now she has a power of her own. I foresee much jealousy for Chloe - both because of Lois and because of Kara (and Lana, when she returns knowing Clark's secret.)

Date: 2007-10-07 03:42 pm (UTC)
ext_3572: (lex purple)
From: [identity profile] xparrot.livejournal.com

Galaxies are star systems! Okay, that makes a lot of sense. (really, people, it's not that difficult. Maybe Kara's English learning is incomplete?)

I'm not protesting the sudden lack of caring about Lana. About time the utter lack of continuity works in our favor!

And yeah, Chloe's clearly set up to be Watchtower or a Lex competitor...ehh. At this point I just don't care about her anymore. The writing's killed her and she's not as pretty as MR, so ... :P

Date: 2007-10-07 08:46 pm (UTC)
whitelighter: (Psychic ½)
From: [personal profile] whitelighter
So, I hopped on over here from Psychfic (*waves a sign with the name 'Eevmew' on it*), being the [insert metaphor here] that I am, and noticed something.

We seem to have a lot of the same interests. Would you mind terribly if I friended you?

Date: 2007-10-08 03:44 am (UTC)
ext_3572: (psych fun)
From: [identity profile] xparrot.livejournal.com
Heya! I never mind friending, go right ahead, welcome to the madness, and feel free to dive in and comment anytime!

good luck with your own Psych-fic, too. Even if I still don't believe you did that to Shawn(a)! XD

Date: 2007-10-08 04:02 am (UTC)
whitelighter: (The Monstrosity)
From: [personal profile] whitelighter
Oooh, I sure will!

Heh heh, thanks. I'm not quite so sure I believe I did that to him/her (it?). But it's still ridiculous amounts of fun anyway. XD
(Did you see that chapter 2 is up on Psychfic?)

And dude, I feel awful because I've missed all the new episode of Avatar this season and I'm not even sure I want to read what you've said about it yet, since I don't know when I'll get the chance to actually see the episodes. D:

Date: 2007-10-07 09:38 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] miss-tress.livejournal.com
Krypton was no longer visible from Earth
And in Skinwalker Kyla talks about the wolf constellation and how Numan's people came from the eye of the wolf but you couldn't see the eye anymore.

And it seems that it took about 3 years to get from Krypton to Earth since Clark wasn't the little baby that was put in the ship when he got there and Kara seemed to know that she wouldn't be looking for a baby when she got there.

But that three years of growth over the trip doesn't explain why she seemed to stop growing once she crashed on Earth. Maybe a more advanced stasis system kicked in when she couldn't get out?

Date: 2007-10-08 03:49 am (UTC)
ext_3572: (clex - so your place?)
From: [identity profile] xparrot.livejournal.com
Ahah, I forgot about Kyla's tales, but yeah. Okay. So it was fairly recent. [livejournal.com profile] bagheera_san said that Kara probably meant "star systems" not galaxies, which makes more sense.

3 years to get to Earth...hmm, though if Clark was traveling near light-speed he could've been aging slower (actually I think recent physics might be disproving Einstein on this, but not sure on the details). So it might've taken quite a bit longer, and Jor-El came by rather farther in the past (did Jor-El have FTL and Clark's baby carriage did not?)

And yeah, Kara must've been in stasis. She was flying in a rather different style of ship. Maybe Jor-El was a cheapskate who could only afford the low-end model?

Date: 2007-10-08 04:01 am (UTC)
ext_34824: (Default)
From: [identity profile] miss-tress.livejournal.com
Maybe Jor-El was a cheapskate who could only afford the low-end model?
Or maybe he wanted Clark to grow some during the trip. I mean, would the Kents have found him if he hadn't gotten out of his ship and peeped at them in the truck?

3 years to get to Earth
And to bring the movies into this, we know Clark was gone for 5 years in Superman Returns so that puts it at about 2.5 years there and back and that's pretty close to 3 years when we're talking about space travel in a comic book world.

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