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Animal sighting today that I never expected! I was coming back from picking up takeout, and as I was pulling into the driveway I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Glanced over, and sitting on top of the gate of our backyard fence, staring straight at me, was a bobcat - must have been 30 pounds (at a guess; it looked about three times the size of our ten-pound house cat.)(Indoor kitty, thank goodness!) and it stayed in place long enough for me to see that its black-tipped tail was longer than I expected. After a few seconds it jumped off into the backyard, then up and over the fence and into the row of trees dividing us from our neighbor.

I didn't quite have time to grab my phone to snap a pic...especially what with hyperventilating from excitement. I know bobcats are pretty common everywhere, but all growing up in rural New England I never caught a glimpse. Definitely never thought I'd see one here - we're in the suburbs, a more wooded neighborhood to be sure, and there are forested parks nearby, but there are houses or driveways on all sides here. One of our neighbors saw a coyote in the common drive earlier this summer, but no one's mentioned wildcats.

We've had a lot of (very tame though technically wild) bunnies around here, but haven't seen many in the past month or so...guess I know what's happened to them!

Now I can't stop peeking into the backyard, just checking...

on presents

Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:32 am
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*yawn* Kitties woke me at 7 AM, a couple hours before I had to be up - they'd somehow gotten into a bag of Christmas ribbons and bows, and Anna was coming and depositing bows on my chest. Christmas ribbons are surprisingly loud when pushed into your face by an eager kitty. After the second or third one I staggered out of bed to find the bag and stash it in the closet where I thought it had been all along (how they found it now, months later, is one of those feline mysteries.) I should consider myself lucky that they weren't just eating the bows (Anna especially loves eating shiny things and plastic. We have to be very careful about not leaving plastic bags around because she will, given the chance, tear them up and devour them. Unsurprisingly her digestive track does not appreciate such avant garde gourmet.)

...Also am lucky that we don't have mice. Or tarantulas. Because I suspect Anna would want to share those spoils with me as well, and that would be a much less adorable way to wake up.

In mostly unrelated news, in the pre-cat morning I was dreaming that I was reading/playing Homestuck. It actually made significantly more sense...

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